Will Your Aquarius Man Be Jealous And Possessive?

Updated February 23, 2023
Will Your Aquarius Man Be Jealous And Possessive?

Are Aquarius men jealous and possessive? Many of them are not. Even if he gets jealous, he’ll likely hide his emotions.

Aquarius men value independence and freedom. They try not to be too jealous or controlling in their relationships.

Jealousy is not a typical Aquarius trait. Aquarius men try not to let their emotions rule them, and they honestly have better things to do than be unnecessarily jealous over their partner.

Aquarius men tend to be laid-back and relaxed in relationships. They like to have their freedom and want their partner to be independent and able to have time to themselves.

Your Aquarius man might get jealous and possessive sometimes, but he won’t act on it. He’s unlikely to become controlling or take his emotions out on anyone else.

He Values Independence & Freedom

Are Aquarius men jealous? Many of them are not. They value freedom and independence far too much to ever truly be jealous.

Air signs like Aquarius tend to be free spirits. Aquarius men also prefer to be with people who are as independent as they are.

There’s honestly no reason for an Aquarius man to get jealous, at least in his mind. He won’t get possessive because he wouldn’t like it if you were possessive over him.

He won’t get jealous if you hang out with male friends because he thinks it’s your right to hang out with whomever you want.

Your Aquarius man is unlikely to get jealous even if you’re ignoring him because he’ll take the time to do something alone. He’ll assume you need space, not that you’re doing anything wrong.

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He’s Not Usually Jealous

Can you make an Aquarius man jealous? He might get jealous now and then, but he’s typically not a jealous person at all.

Jealousy isn’t a typical Aquarius male trait. Aquarius men are friendly and social, so why would they get jealous if their partners were also friendly toward other people?

Your Aquarius man will likely talk himself out of any jealousy he does feel. Aquarius men are sometimes just too rational to become genuinely jealous. If your Aquarius man logically knows there’s no reason to be jealous, he won’t be.

It’ll be an uphill battle if you want to make your Aquarius man jealous. Aquarius men can be incredibly tolerant, even when it comes to their partners flirting with other people. You’ll really have to try to make him jealous.

He’s Not Typically Possessive

Are Aquarius men possessive? Most of the time, they are not. They do not think of anyone as being “theirs.”

Aquarius are independent, freedom-loving people. They aren’t too concerned with material possessions and don’t want to possess another person.

Your Aquarius man wants you to be your own person. He doesn’t want to be “yours,” and you won’t be “his.” You are separate people even if you’re in a relationship.

Aquarius men want equality in their relationships. They do not want to keep their partner from seeing other people and likely won’t feel possessive even if their partners are out with other men.

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He Doesn’t Want To Control You

Are Aquarius men controlling? They can be in some ways, but most Aquarius men have no desire to control their partners.

Aquarius men might like to control their emotions and specific aspects of their lives, but your Aquarius man won’t want to control you.

An Aquarius man thinks being jealous and possessive is controlling. He won’t appreciate it if you act that way toward him, and he won’t act that way toward you, either.

Even if your Aquarius does get jealous about something, he won’t use that as an excuse to lash out or control you. He’ll try to deal with his emotions differently.

He Hides His Emotions

An Aquarius man’s insecurities rarely get the best of him. Even if your Aquarius man does feel jealous sometimes, he’s more likely to hide it than act on it.

Jealousy is a normal emotion. Everyone gets jealous sometimes, even if they aren’t typically jealous people. When your Aquarius man feels jealous, he will probably ignore it.

Aquarius men like to have justification for their emotions. They typically seem aloof and distant, especially if they’re feeling down. They don’t want their feelings to control them at all.

Your Aquarius man won’t discuss his jealousy with you unless he thinks it’s justified. He doesn’t want to bother you with irrational thoughts, so he’ll hide his jealousy until it goes away.

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He Can Move On Quickly

Even if your Aquarius man does get jealous, he’s unlikely to dwell on it. Aquarius men tend to get over things quickly. They don’t sit around stewing in their feelings of jealousy.

Your Aquarius man might temporarily be jealous if he knows you’re talking to an ex, but he’ll get over it. If he trusts you and nothing is going on, he won’t care if you talk to him.

An Aquarius man might just be hiding his feelings sometimes, but other times he legitimately will stop feeling jealous after a short time. He has no desire to sit around and make himself miserable over nothing.

If your Aquarius man can’t quickly move on from his feelings of jealousy, he’ll do something about it. He’s unlikely to act out irrationally, though. He’ll try to deal with things and move on.

He’s Laid-Back & Relaxed

If you want to make an Aquarius man jealous, know it won’t be easy. He tends to be pretty relaxed in relationships and has no desire to act on the jealousy he does feel.

Aquarius men can be wild and rebellious sometimes, but they aren’t typically over-emotional. Your Aquarius man doesn’t want to make himself feel bad by always being jealous.

Instead of being possessive when you hang out with male friends, your Aquarius man will do something alone. If you ignore him, he’ll brush it off and enjoy the time alone.

It can be challenging to make an Aquarius man jealous because he probably won’t see any issue with most of the things that typically make people jealous.

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He Wants To Trust You

If your Aquarius man loves you and is in a committed relationship with you, he likely trusts you. He wants to trust you because there’s no point in being in a relationship with someone if he can’t!

Your Aquarius man wants you to have your own life outside of him. He’s not going to get jealous of your friends because he wants you to be able to hang out with people who aren’t him.

An Aquarius man isn’t going to get jealous just because you’re out with other people and you’re not replying to his messages. He likely won’t message you in the first place because he wants to give you space to have fun.

Even if an Aquarius man gets jealous, he’ll try to talk himself out of it. He doesn’t want to be suspicious or irrational. If he genuinely thinks you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, that’s one thing, but he won’t typically act mistrustful for no reason.

He’s Not Clingy

Will ignoring an Aquarius man make him jealous? It’s unlikely it will. Aquarius men tend to be “lone wolves,” and they like having time to themselves.

Aquarius men are not clingy at all. They like to have independence from their partners and tend to do many things by themselves or with other friends.

Your Aquarius man won’t get jealous if you hang out with other people because he also wants to hang out with other people. He’s not going to get jealous of your male friends because he likely has female friends.

Ignoring an Aquarius man isn’t the best way to get his attention most of the time. He might start to miss you if you ignore him for a long time, but he honestly won’t notice at first.

Your Aquarius man will think you’re taking some time for yourself, and he’ll respect that. He’s not going to get jealous or demand you spend time with him.

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Has Moments Of Jealousy

An Aquarius man in love might feel jealous now and then, especially if his partner spends a lot of time with an ex or former crush. That doesn’t mean he’ll act on that jealousy, though.

A jealous Aquarius man won’t act like a Scorpio or Taurus man. He might acknowledge that he feels jealous and may talk to you about it at some point, but he won’t get angry. He won’t blame you for making him feel jealous, either.

Your Aquarius man might feel jealous now and then, but that doesn’t mean he thinks you’re doing anything wrong. He might be okay with you hanging out with an ex because he trusts you, and he might be friends with some of his exes as well.

You might be surprised if your Aquarius man tells you he’s jealous about something. If he’s talking to you about it, that typically means he thinks his jealousy is justified or he’s having trouble dealing with it. Just talk things through with him, and the jealousy will go away.

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