9 Tricks To Hurt Sagittarius Man (Use At Your Own Risks)

Updated March 19, 2023
9 Tricks To Hurt Sagittarius Man (Use At Your Own Risks)

Hurting a Sagittarius man is easy, even if he pretends it’s not. He’s more emotional than he lets on.

Like all fire signs, Sagittarius men hate being controlled and don’t like it when people they care about insult or talk down to them.

Many Sagittarius men are self-assured and confident, at least on the outside. They try to look on the bright side and may let minor insults go, especially if they’re from people they don’t care about.

If your Sagittarius man cares about you, he’ll care about your opinion of him. He’ll be incredibly hurt if you think he’s selfish, immature, and reckless instead of focusing on his positive traits!

Be careful about hurting a Sagittarius man, though, as he can often lash out unexpectedly or immaturely when upset. Don’t try to hurt him unless you’re prepared for that!

1. Don’t Acknowledge His Successes

Sagittarius men can be a little boastful at times. When they care about someone, they want to impress them! Yours will likely tell you each time he has success, at work or otherwise.

When he does this, do not acknowledge his success. Act unimpressed when he finishes an art piece he’s been working on or when he gets a promotion at work.

Make it evident that you don’t care about his victories. Don’t offer him congratulations or compliments. He’ll be incredibly hurt to find that you ignore it any time something good happens in his life.

One of the signs a Sagittarius man is hurt by your failure to acknowledge his successes is that he might stop telling you about them in the first place. He’ll start looking for acknowledgment elsewhere.

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2. Ignore His Talents

Sagittarius men might not crave attention like Leo men, but they love getting attention from the people they care about! Your Sagittarius man will be hurt if you constantly ignore him.

Ignoring your Sagittarius man’s skills and talents will also upset him. If he’s particularly proud of something he’s created and you insult it or say he’s untalented, that will hurt his feelings.

If your Sagittarius man is an expert in a particular field, or if he’s exceptionally talented in a specific skill, he might expect you to go to him when you need help related to that. He may be hurt if you go to someone else.

When you ignore your Sagittarius man’s talents, he’ll feel like you never focus on his positive traits. If you also insult him all the time, he’ll be especially hurt!

3. Constantly Lie

One of the things Sagittarius men value in relationships is honesty. If a Sagittarius man doesn’t have honesty in his relationship with you, the relationship likely won’t last long!

Your Sagittarius man will be incredibly hurt if he finds out that you constantly lie to him. A single white lie or lie by omission might be forgivable, but he’ll feel like you don’t care about him when you lie all the time.

If you tell your Sagittarius man that you’re with a friend, but you’re really with an ex, that might make him suspicious. He’ll be hurt by the lie rather than the fact that you’re with your ex.

Your Sagittarius man might start to feel like he doesn’t know you when you lie all the time. That will hurt him deeply, especially if he loves you.

What happens when a Sagittarius man is hurt by your lies? If you lie too often, he’ll stop trusting what you say! Be careful if you want to keep him in your life.

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4. Betray His Trust

Sagittarius men tend to be honest and value honesty in others. If your Sagittarius man considers you trustworthy, he’ll feel betrayed to find out that you aren’t.

If your Sagittarius man tells you something in confidence and you tell other people, he’ll feel like you betrayed his trust. He’ll feel betrayed if you constantly go behind his back and do things you’ve promised not to.

How do Sagittarius men act when hurt? Many will try to pretend like everything is fine. Your Sagittarius man might act like it doesn’t bother him when you betray his trust, but it will.

Be careful about making a Sagittarius man mad and hurting his feelings by betraying his trust. If you do so too often, he’ll stop forgiving you. He doesn’t want someone around who constantly tries to hurt him.

5. Try To Control Him

What irritates a Sagittarius man more than anything? Sagittarius men are free spirits and hate it when others try to control them.

If your Sagittarius man loves you, he likely trusts you to respect his freedom and his boundaries. If you show that you don’t, he’ll be incredibly hurt.

It hurts when someone he loves tries to control him because a Sagittarius man doesn’t think that someone who cares about him would try to do that. He trusts the people in his life to respect his independence.

When you hurt a Sagittarius man by trying to control him too much, he’s likely just to cut you loose. Be very careful about trying to control or hurt him on purpose if you don’t want to lose him.

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6. Be Unreliable

The thing about being reliable is that Sagittarius men can be more flexible than others about what they consider reliable vs. unreliable. If a Sagittarius man thinks you are unreliable, you’ve definitely messed up.

Sagittarius men are free spirits, so they understand that plans change and things come up. If your Sagittarius man is counting on you for something, he’ll be hurt when you don’t follow through.

Sagittarius men aren’t always considered to be the most loyal or reliable people, but they come through when it matters. Your Sagittarius man will be there for you in an emergency or when you genuinely need him.

If your Sagittarius man can’t rely on you to be there for him in the same way, he’ll be incredibly hurt! He’ll feel like his feelings are one-sided or like you don’t respect him the same way he respects you.

7. Question His Intentions

When a Sagittarius man cares about you, your opinion of him will matter. He might not care if others question his intentions, morals, or anything else, but he’ll care when you do.

One way to hurt your Sagittarius man is by constantly questioning his intentions whenever he does something for you.

Sagittarius men can be amiable, generous, and honest people. They have their dark side, but the majority of the time, they at least think they have good intentions.

When your Sagittarius man gives you a gift, he’s likely doing so to show he cares about you. He wants to give you the gift just because, and he doesn’t expect anything in return.

If you always act like he has an ulterior motive or act suspicious of him, he’ll be hurt!

If you tell your Sagittarius man that you think he’s a liar or that he has hidden motives behind everything he does for you, he’ll become hurt. He may also start to doubt himself and wonder if everyone thinks this way about him.

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8. Tell Him He’s Selfish

If you want to hurt a Sagittarius man, tell him he’s selfish. Sagittarius men can legitimately be selfish at times, but they don’t think of themselves that way at all.

Sagittarius men can be generous, and this is how they think of themselves. They do not believe that they are self-absorbed or self-focused, even though they certainly can sometimes be.

Hearing from a loved one that they are selfish will hurt their feelings.

At first, when a Sagittarius man is sad about you saying he’s selfish, he might try to push the feeling down. He may try to look on the bright side and convince himself you’re just in a bad mood or that he really isn’t selfish.

If you legitimately want to hurt him, give specific examples of his selfishness. Tell him that other people think he’s selfish too. Point out people in your life who you feel are selfless and far more generous than he is.

9. Criticize His Values

What happens when you hurt a Sagittarius man? He won’t always let it get to him too much. If you criticize his values, though, that might upset him for a while.

Sagittarius men tend to be incredibly optimistic people. They try to be non-judgmental, and they do their best to have solid values.

Many Sagittarius men pride themselves on their values. They can be flexible and may adjust values when presented with new facts but tend not to change them at the drop of a hat.

If you act like he does or like his values aren’t valid, he’ll be hurt.

Don’t just make an off-hand comment about his values one time. He might ignore it. When a Sagittarius man is hurt, he might try to retreat from you or pretend like everything is fine.

The key to really hurting him is to display the same behaviors consistently. He won’t be able to ignore it when you criticize him and his values any time he sees you.

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