9 Tips To Make a Leo Man Jealous (Beware!)

Updated August 30, 2023

Making a Leo man jealous isn’t that hard. You should be careful when trying to make him jealous, though!

Your Leo man might not take kindly to the fact that you’re trying to make him jealous on purpose. Try to be subtle if you’re doing this.

If a Leo man cares about you, it’ll be easy to make him jealous. He’ll want attention from you, and he will likely be jealous when you ignore him in favor of others.

You’ll be able to make your Leo man jealous by talking about your crush, discussing your ex, or comparing him to others. Beware, though! This might upset him.

If you’re trying to make a Leo man jealous to get his attention, flirt with others in front of him, go to parties and don’t invite him, or post photos of yourself with other men.

1. Party Without Him

Are Leo men jealous? Many of them are! They can’t help but be jealous sometimes, especially if they feel like they are being left out.

You can make your Leo man jealous by going to parties without him. If you and your mutual friends go somewhere and don’t invite him, he’ll probably become jealous when he sees how much fun you’re all having!

If your Leo man always sees photos of you out at events, he’ll become jealous of your active social life! He’ll become incredibly jealous if he feels like you’re excluding him.

Leo men are incredibly social people. They love being the center of attention and enjoy going out as often as possible. Your Leo man will start to wonder why you never invite him to things, especially if you invite other people.

This is more likely to make him jealous if you invite him sometimes. Make sure he knows you like him, then exclude him from a few events. That will make him jealous.

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2. Flirt In Front Of Him

How do you make a Leo man jealous? If your Leo man is interested in you, all you have to do to make him jealous is flirt with others in front of him.

Ignoring a Leo man so you can flirt with other people will likely make him incredibly jealous. He’ll start to wonder why you’re not flirting with him.

Be careful if you’re in a relationship with your Leo man! If you flirt with others in front of your Leo boyfriend, that might make him angry.

If you’re casually dating your Leo man, or you two are just friends right now, flirting with others in front of him is a great way to get his attention.

He’ll likely become jealous and may want to do anything he can to ensure you flirt with only him in the future.

3. Post Pictures With Other Men

Post photos of yourself with other men if you want to get a Leo man’s attention. If these are already men you know he’s competing with, that will be even better!

Your Leo friend who has a crush on you will become jealous when he sees that you’re constantly out with other men. This might make him finally ask you out if he’s been hesitating for some reason.

Posting pictures with other men will make your Leo boyfriend jealous too, but be careful. Try not to be overtly flirtatious in the photos, or you might make him doubt your loyalty!

A few innocent pictures with your attractive male friends will likely make your Leo man jealous enough to keep things interesting.

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4. Talk About Your Ex

When a Leo man is serious about you, he’ll become incredibly jealous whenever you talk about your ex, especially if you start comparing your Leo man to him.

Even if you have a completely platonic relationship with your ex, your Leo man will likely become jealous whenever you talk to him.

An insecure Leo man might start to wonder if you’re going to go back to your ex. He might become jealous of your friendship, especially if he doesn’t typically stay friends with his exes.

As long as you’re just talking to your ex, this shouldn’t upset your Leo man too much. It will make him jealous, though.

5. Don’t Pay Attention To Him

What makes a Leo man jealous? Leo men are notorious for being attention-seekers. If you pay attention to everyone but him, your Leo man will likely get jealous!

Your Leo man will understand when you can’t always pay attention to him. He likely has other friends and people who will give him attention.

If he is looking for your attention and you won’t pay attention to him, he’ll likely become jealous of whatever you are paying attention to.

Your Leo man will usually be obvious when trying to get your attention. He’ll message you a lot or approach you multiple times at a party. When he does that, don’t give him the attention he wants.

Should you ignore a Leo man completely? That’s not usually a good idea. Ignore him for a while, but pay attention to him again once you’ve made him jealous.

If you never pay attention to him, he’ll become hurt and think you don’t like him.

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6. Focus On Others

If you’re out with a Leo man and want to make him jealous, make it incredibly obvious that you’re focusing on other people, not on him.

When you’re at a party with your Leo man, walk off and talk to other people. If you arrive at the party separately, ignore him when he arrives and focus on the conversation you’re having.

If you’re in any group chats with your Leo man, focus on replying to everyone but him. Make it clear that you’re paying attention to the conversation but choosing not to converse with him.

Your Leo man will understand if you don’t focus on him 100% of the time, but he will likely become jealous if you refuse to focus on him when he thinks you should.

If you constantly focus on other people and don’t focus on your Leo man, he’ll likely become hurt. Be careful with this one if you are in a relationship because he might start to doubt your love for him.

7. Set Up Competition

How do you get a Leo man to chase you? Try setting up some competition between him and some other men.

You can set up the competition by going on dates with others if you aren’t in a serious relationship with your Leo man. Make it clear that you have other options.

Comparing your Leo man to others will also set up a competition between him and them. He’ll likely create a competition all on his own if you’re always saying nice things about certain male friends of yours as well.

If your Leo man thinks he might lose you to someone else, he’ll become jealous! He may also step up and make his interest in you clear.

Are Leo men possessive? Some of them can be. If your Leo man thinks of you as “his,” he’ll definitely become jealous when he sees other men vying for your attention.

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8. Talk About Your Crush

Should you make a Leo man jealous? It’s usually not a good idea to make your Leo partner jealous on purpose. That might upset him and cause problems you aren’t prepared to deal with.

Making a Leo man jealous before you’re in a relationship might make him go after you, though. It can be a great way to make him chase you if he’s been hesitant.

If you suspect that a Leo man has a crush on you that he hasn’t revealed yet, you can make him jealous by talking about your crush.

Tell your Leo friend all about some guy you like. Even if you don’t really have a crush on someone else, make something up. You can also talk about the things you like about your Leo man but don’t let on that you’re talking about him.

If your Leo man thinks you have a crush on someone else, he’ll become incredibly jealous of whoever this mystery person is.

9. Compliment Others But Not Him

One of the easiest ways to make a Leo man jealous is to compliment other people in front of him without praising him as well.

Your Leo man will notice if you always seem to have kind words for others but never for him.

If you compliment someone on their new haircut and your Leo man also got a new haircut recently, he’ll wonder why you haven’t complimented him. He may start to wonder if you don’t like it.

Your Leo man will definitely get jealous when you compliment other people and not him! He may start to compare himself to the people you’re always complimenting as well.

Your Leo man will notice if you never say anything nice to him. This is another thing you should be careful with, though. He’ll start to think you don’t like him if you never have anything nice to say about him.

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