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Understanding Why Your Capricorn Man Stopped Texting

When a Capricorn man stops texting, he may have innocent reasons like being busy at work. Yet when he abruptly stops texting and doesn’t respond, he’s avoiding you. A Capricorn man who intentionally stops texting you has reasons for his decision. He reacts to being upset by setting boundaries through action. Capricorn men are practical,… […]

9 Reasons Why Your Capricorn Man is Slow To Commit

If your Capricorn man is slow to commit, try not to worry about it too much! If he’s putting effort into your relationship, he’s likely just waiting for the right time to commit. Capricorn men don’t like to rush into things. Your Capricorn man wants to be sure that he can commit to your relationship… […]

10 Hints Your Capricorn Man is Serious (These Never Fail)

A Capricorn man in love with you makes it clear by setting a solid foundation for your future. He doesn’t rely on eloquent words of love to show you he’s interested. Your Capricorn man moves slowly in love. He shows you when he’s serious about you by focusing on materialistic matters. His specialties are career… […]

10 Secrets To Kiss a Capricorn Man (The Way He Likes)

It’s best to let your Capricorn man take the lead. Go at his pace and let him initiate a kiss if you want to kiss him how he likes. If you initiate, ask to kiss him! Set the mood and keep things private when kissing a Capricorn man. He usually doesn’t enjoy PDA, and he… […]

8 Clear Hints Your Capricorn Man is Not Interested

When a Capricorn man is not interested in a romantic relationship, he ignores you or acts polite but not friendly. If he thinks you like him, he works harder to give you a hint. You may wonder how to know if a Capricorn man is not interested. They don’t keep their feelings a secret. They… […]

Ignoring Capricorn Man To Make Him Chase You? Yay Or Nay?

You can make a Capricorn man chase you if you limit your contact with him. Sometimes, ignoring him sometimes makes him chase you. Your Capricorn man becomes more interested when you ignore him. He likes it when he must work for your attention. Less is more for a Capricorn man. You can pull on his… […]

10 Signs Your Capricorn Man Cares (Obviously Or Not)

You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for signs a Capricorn man is obsessed with you. He doesn’t get swept off his feet. He falls in love but remains grounded. You can miss the signs a Capricorn man cares about you because he is subtle. He acts like he wants to be friends when he wants… […]

Will Your Capricorn Man Be Jealous And Possessive?

Can you make a Capricorn man jealous? Your Capricorn man doesn’t easily fall prey to jealousy. He can be possessive in a relationship because he’s territorial. Yet he doesn’t get carried away with jealousy when he’s in love. Capricorn is far from being the most jealous and possessive zodiac sign. It takes a lot to… […]

What To Expect When Your Capricorn Man Gets Mad?

If a Capricorn man is mad about work or something else that has nothing to do with you, he might withdraw. He’ll isolate himself and try to calm himself down instead of expressing his emotions. If he’s mad at you, he might lash out. He may confront you about his anger so you can work… […]

How To Force Your Capricorn Man To Send a Text Response

Trying to overtly force a Capricorn man to do anything is a mistake. He is stubborn and insists on having his way. He needs control and resists being influenced by others. But if you know how to appeal to a Capricorn man’s personality, you can make him reply without being manipulative. You mustn’t let him… […]