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Ignoring Pisces Man To Make Him Chase You? Yay Or Nay?

You likely won’t be able to make your Pisces man chase you just by ignoring him. You may make him think that you’re not interested if you do that. He might get upset or start to believe you’re not interested. Using different strategies is better if you want a Pisces man to chase you. You… […]

You Broke Up With Your Pisces Man. What To Expect?

After breaking up with a Pisces man, you can expect him to be emotional. Pisces men don’t take breakups well. They can be sentimental. Your Pisces man may resort to escapism when he can’t handle his pain and grief. He may drink more or delve into fantasies and illusions. Pisces men are notorious for trying… […]

How To Deal With Your Pisces Man’s Silent Treatment

A Pisces man’s disappearing act is more common than you may think. Why do Pisces give the silent treatment? Pisces are sensitive and introverted. They shut down when overwhelmed. When a Pisces man ignores your text, he may be hurt and nursing his emotional wounds. He may be lost in a creative project or deep… […]

8 Secrets To Get Your Pisces Man Back (These Work!)

You can get a Pisces man back after a breakup if you take a gentle, romantic approach. Your Pisces man secretly wants to return; he hates change. But he needs reassurance of your devotion and loyalty. Your Pisces man can be shy and vulnerable. Proceed slowly and take risks showing your feelings. Your Pisces man… […]

Will Pisces Men Play Hard to Get? (Don’t Be Surprised)

It’s common for Pisces men to send mixed signals, play hot and cold, and generally be confusing when it comes to romance. Pisces men don’t always make sense to the people around them. Your Pisces man might be playing hard to get, but you may also just not understand his actions. He might think he’s… […]

10 Clear Hints Your Pisces Man is Not Interested

Your Pisces man might be more subtle if he doesn’t want you to know he’s not interested. He won’t go out of his way to see you but will be kind if he has to interact with you. A Pisces man who doesn’t like you will be way more obvious about his lack of interest.… […]

10 Signs That Your Pisces Man Loves You Deeply

Pisces men are gentle, nurturing, and emotional. They are romantic and love being in relationships. Pisces men bring a spiritual aspect to their partnerships. They don’t do anything halfway. When a Pisces man falls in love with you, he falls madly in love. The signs a Pisces man is in love with you are evident.… […]

9 Hints Your Pisces Man is Ready For Commitment

A Pisces man can be afraid of commitment because he’s so sensitive. He doesn’t want to be hurt and may hesitate in love until he’s sure of your intentions. Your Pisces love interest can show signals he’s ready for a commitment. If you know what to look for, you can read a Pisces man like… […]

9 Tricks To Make Your Pisces Man Obsessed (Spot On!)

Pisces men sometimes have obsessive personalities, so it might not be too difficult to make one obsessed with you. If he enjoys being with you, it will be easy to make him obsessed with you. A Pisces man wants a sensitive, emotionally open partner. He also looks for people who are creative and expressive. Show… […]

10 Tricks To Make Pisces Man Miss You (Flawless!)

Whether you’re trying to make a Pisces man miss you after a breakup or want your Pisces partner to miss you more when you’re not around, you should pull back a little. A Pisces man won’t miss you if you’re always around, either physically or emotionally. Stop opening up as much, give him some space,… […]