Gemini man

9 Secrets To Flirt With Your Gemini Man in Texts

Many Gemini men love to flirt, so you won’t have to worry about coming on too strong. If you’re worried, start light and joking before getting too seductive. Get creative when flirting with your Gemini man in texts. Send photos, compliment him, and tell him all your fantasies, but do so in a way that… […]

9 Tricks To Hurt Gemini Man (Use At Your Own Risks)

If you and your Gemini man are close, shutting him out, talking bad about him behind his back, and spilling his secrets to others are all things that will hurt his feelings. You’ll upset your Gemini man if you don’t follow through on commitments too. If you try to control him or make him feel… […]

Will Your Gemini Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

Gemini men don’t typically try to upset people on purpose. They hate conflict and always try to keep the people around them happy. That doesn’t mean they always think before they speak, though! If your Gemini man upsets you, he will likely apologize as soon as you tell him you’re upset. Pay attention to how… […]

How To Force Your Gemini Man To Send a Text Response

Gemini men are constantly doing a million things at once. They love to chat and can be good about replying, but you must ensure your message stands out from the rest he’s receiving! Get your Gemini man’s attention with your message. Send him something intriguing, funny, or engaging. Ask him about himself or ask a… […]

Secrets To Make Your Gemini Man Talk About Feelings

Your Gemini man is guarded when it comes to sharing sensitive feelings. He doesn’t want to seem vulnerable. He shuts down when his feelings are too much to handle. But if you are careful, you can get a Gemini man to talk about his feelings. Use an indirect approach. Never ask probing questions, and avoid… […]

9 Clear Hints Your Gemini Man is Not Interested

A Gemini man flirting with you or chatting with you isn’t always a sign of interest, but if he avoids you and never initiates contact, that’s a definite sign he’s not interested. When he’s not interested, your Gemini man will seem bored around you, never text back, or actively ignore you whenever you’re around. His… […]

Will Your Gemini Man Be Jealous And Possessive?

A Gemini man may surprise you because he doesn’t respond to situations that make other men jealous. You may question if he cares about you because he seems indifferent. Your Gemini man staves off jealousy for a few specific reasons. He may fall in love with you, but he doesn’t get attached. He doesn’t fall… […]

9 Tricks To Make Gemini Man Miss You (Flawless!)

You can make a Gemini man miss you if you understand his unique personality. Gemini men are chatty and intellectual. They miss your humor and the sound of your voice. You can make a Gemini man want to be with you if you study his astrological profile and learn what makes him tick. He isn’t… […]

Your Gemini Man Became Distant? Here’s What To Do!

You may wonder why is a Gemini man acting distant. He seldom goes quiet, and when he does it is a red flag in your relationship. You must work to nurture your relationship with a Gemini man when he backs away from you. When a Gemini man pulls away, he may be bored. Give your… […]

10 Tricks To Stop a Gemini Man Ignoring You

A Gemini man might ignore you as a test sometimes. Other times, he wants space. He also might not be ignoring you on purpose! Don’t let it get to you, regardless of why your Gemini man is ignoring you. Have some fun without him. Flirt with others, dress up, and post all over social media… […]

Gemini Men Show Affection in These Odd Ways…

A Gemini man might express affection by teasing and making fun of you. He may also text at odd hours or call you randomly. If you think he’s being annoying, he’s probably just trying to show he cares! Your Gemini man will send you articles he thinks might interest you. When he cares about you,… […]

Understanding Why Your Gemini Man Stopped Texting

If a Gemini man never initiates contact, he is not interested in you. But if your Gemini man is talkative and suddenly goes quiet, he’s ghosting you for a different reason. A Gemini man who suddenly stops texting may not be angry with you. Some reasons for his silence are benign and not personal. He… […]

10 Secrets To Kiss a Gemini Man (The Way He Likes)

The last thing you want is for your Gemini man to become bored when kissing you. You can entice a Gemini man and make him fall for you when you kiss him the way he likes. Blend kissing a Gemini man with music to his ears, either with a special playlist or by whispering to… […]

How To Deal With an Angry Gemini Man (Detailed Guide)

Gemini men don’t like being angry. You can make a Gemini man get over his frustration with you if you make him laugh and stay calm. Don’t feed into his anger by arguing with him. You’ll never win a debate against a witty Gemini man. He pivots when you back him into a corner. You… […]

You Broke Up With Your Gemini Man. What To Expect?

If a Gemini man doesn’t want to end your relationship, he might ask to stay friends or may even want a second chance. He might make some changes so that he can be a better partner to you. A Gemini man may also accept the breakup and move on. It’s common for Gemini men to… […]

The Complete Guide To Dressing For Your Gemini Man

Dressing for a Gemini man isn’t as much about what you wear as how you wear it. Even if you’re wearing something others consider over the top, your Gemini man will love it if you seem confident. You can change things up when dressing for a Gemini man. You don’t always have to stick to… […]

Detailed Guide To Successfully Dating a Shy Gemini Man

Are Gemini men shy? Many are not, or at least they’re good at hiding it if they are. Your Gemini man might be shy in certain situations or nervous regarding relationships. Not all Gemini men are extroverted. They might like socializing, but some prefer to do so with people they already know! If yours is… […]

9 Signs Your Gemini Man Cares (Obviously Or Not)

Gemini men tend to be generous toward the people they care about. They’ll always make time for their loved ones and ensure their needs are taken care of. Your Gemini man will open up more when he cares about you. He’ll also be an excellent listener and will offer support whenever you need him to.… […]

9 Hints Your Gemini Man is Ready For Commitment

Gemini men say all the right things, but they aren’t ready to commit until they show signs of their devotion. Gemini men need to see that you respect their space and freedom. When your Gemini man is ready for a commitment he doesn’t just talk about love. He shows his desire by becoming more consistent.… […]

10 Ways To Play Mind Games With Your Gemini Man

Playing games with a Gemini man who isn’t playing them with you can be risky. It’s usually best to avoid them unless you’re using them to get back at him. You can play mind games with a Gemini man by making him feel stupid. Bring out his jealous side, be unpredictable and hard to pin… […]

A Quick Guide To Make Your Gemini Man Laugh

Making a Gemini man laugh shouldn’t be too difficult if you already have a good sense of humor. Just joke around like you usually would, and you’ll figure out the best jokes for making him laugh! Your Gemini man will love it when you’re silly and playful with him. He’ll find it funny if you… […]