Sagittarius man

10 Secrets To Get Your Sagittarius Man Back (These Work!)

Sagittarius men get over relationships quickly. Once they’ve decided they’re ready to move on, it’s easy for them. If you end things, he might take you back later, but it’ll be more challenging if he breaks up with you. You need to show your Sagittarius man that you’ve changed. Be a better version of yourself… […]

9 Surefire Tips To Make Your Sagittarius Man Text You

If you want a Sagittarius man to reply to your text message, you should send him something that requires a reply. Ask him a question, ask for his opinion about something, or say something specific that will initiate a conversation. Don’t be too clingy with your Sagittarius man, via text or in real life. Try… […]

The Complete Guide To Dressing For Your Sagittarius Man

Your Sagittarius man might love it when you wear his favorite color or dress in clothes that show off your figure, but he’ll only like those things if your true personality is also shining through in your outfits. You want to stand out from the crowd and appear unique when dressing for a Sagittarius man.… […]

Will Your Sagittarius Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

Your Sagittarius man is not likely to apologize to you for several reasons. He doesn’t waste time on formalities like apologizing. Other times, he doesn’t take responsibility when he does something wrong. As the philosopher of the zodiac, a Sagittarius man is adept at rationalizing. He underestimates his mistakes and focuses on the future. Sagittarius… […]

9 Secrets To Kiss a Sagittarius Man (The Way He Likes)

Many Sagittarius men like to take the lead, so if you’re unsure how to kiss a Sagittarius man, let him initiate. Follow his lead, at least at first. As you grow more confident, give in to your whims. Your Sagittarius man will love it when you’re spontaneous, passionate, and enthusiastic, regardless of how exactly you’re… […]

9 Clear Hints Your Sagittarius Man is Not Interested

If a Sagittarius man seems bored around you, he’s probably not interested. He’ll likely avoid you, ignore your text messages, and be physically distant when you are around. A Sagittarius man won’t make plans with you if he’s not interested. He’ll never invite you out or reach out to chat with you, either. Your Sagittarius… […]

9 Tricks To Hurt Sagittarius Man (Use At Your Own Risks)

Many Sagittarius men are self-assured and confident, at least on the outside. They try to look on the bright side and may let minor insults go, especially if they’re from people they don’t care about. If your Sagittarius man cares about you, he’ll care about your opinion of him. He’ll be incredibly hurt if you… […]

Are You Chasing a Sagittarius Man? Will It Work? Well…

Should you chase a Sagittarius man? Most of the time, the answer is no. You should usually try to make him chase you instead. Sagittarius men love the chase. They like a challenge and prefer to take on a dominant role in relationships. Chasing a Sagittarius man might make him feel like you’re trying to… […]

10 Secrets To Flirt With Your Sagittarius Man in Texts

You can appeal to a Sagittarius man’s desire for passion and romance by using specific texts that trigger his desire. Sagittarius men are often distant in relationships. You must learn to speak his language to flirt with him through text. Don’t come on too strong. Avoid being emotional. Sagittarius men aren’t like other men. Their… […]

9 Tricks To Make Your Sagittarius Man Obsessed (Spot On!)

The trick to making your Sagittarius man obsessed is constantly exciting and challenging him without making him feel like you’re rushing or trying to control him. Sagittarius men are attracted to bold, confident women who have both an intellectual and wild side. They want someone who can keep them stimulated and who will go on… […]

Your Sagittarius Man Became Distant? Here’s What To Do!

Don’t panic when a Sagittarius man becomes distant. Men born under the sign of the Archer must roam free. They need breathing room in relationships. Your reaction to a Sagittarius man becoming distant will ultimately determine whether he returns. They crave freedom and independence. If you are serious about a Sagittarius man, you must learn… […]

9 Ways To Play Mind Games With Your Sagittarius Man

If you want to mess with a Sagittarius man, call him out. Compete with him and question him constantly. Don’t let anything slide, even the most minor of mistakes. Test your Sagittarius man’s boundaries. Don’t fully push past them, but make sure he knows that you can if you want to. Bring down his mood… […]

10 Tricks To Stop a Sagittarius Man Ignoring You

When a Sagittarius man disappears, then reappears, you may question his intentions. Understanding how to respond when a Sagittarius man ignores you can save your relationship. Sagittarius men are fiercely independent. They follow their instincts in love and may disconnect from you periodically. You must understand why he becomes distant. Usually, a Sagittarius man ignores… […]

10 Tricks To Make Sagittarius Man Miss You (Flawless!)

Most women don’t know how to treat a Sagittarius man in a relationship. You can’t expect a Sagittarius man to react like other men. Making a Sagittarius man miss you requires strategy. Sagittarius men are individualistic. They miss you the most when you are detached and pursue your interests. Romantic gestures and persistent pursuit won’t… […]

8 Secrets To Make Your Sagittarius Man Commit

A Sagittarius man’s commitment issues are the biggest complaint from women who love him. Men born under this sign are passionate and generous but avoid commitment. They freeze up when you need them the most and disappoint women by backpedaling when the relationship gets serious. You can be perplexed by his paradoxical nature. Sagittarius men… […]

9 Secrets To Sexually Please Your Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are incredibly adventurous in the bedroom. If you want to please one sexually, you should be too! Be spontaneous, unleash your wild side, and mix things up for your Sagittarius man. Be open about your preferences. Never shy away from telling your Sagittarius man what you want. He’ll be more pleased when you… […]

How To Deal With Your Sagittarius Man’s Silent Treatment

Your Sagittarius man might be giving you the silent treatment to be passive-aggressive, but he might also legitimately want space. Either way, don’t get angry or overreact. Remain calm and be patient. Give your Sagittarius man some space. You can reach out to him once, but don’t push him beyond that. Remain optimistic and wait… […]

Does a Sagittarius Man Come Back? (How To Pull Him Back!)

Whether or not a Sagittarius man will come back can depend on why things ended in the first place. If he no longer feels connected with you, he won’t bother trying to have a relationship again. If you want to win a Sagittarius man back after a breakup, you’ll likely need to show him that… […]

Detailed Guide To Successfully Dating a Shy Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men tend to be more emotionally shy than anything else. Your shy Sagittarius man might still be social but shy away from things like emotional intimacy. Keep this in mind when dating him! Encourage your Sagittarius man to open up more. Be friendly and flirtatious with him, but don’t rush anything. Let him lead… […]

You Broke Up With Your Sagittarius Man. What To Expect?

Your Sagittarius man will likely respect your decision when you first break up with him. He may act like it’s perfectly fine. He’ll travel, go to parties, and start hooking up with new people quickly. A Sagittarius man won’t always be fine after a breakup, though. He’ll hide his feelings, and likely won’t reach out… […]

Understanding Why Your Sagittarius Man Stopped Texting

Everyone woman who loves a Sagittarius man knows the pain of suddenly being ghosted by him. It’s part of Sagittarius’s nature to stop texting abruptly. You may feel crushed when your Sagittarius man goes quiet. Yet he doesn’t think twice about wandering off on his own. Sagittarius men are independent. They disappear and resurface all… […]