Will Your Pisces Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

Updated March 17, 2023
Will Your Pisces Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

A Pisces man’s apology isn’t usually hard to come by, though he might not always offer a verbal apology.

Pisces men are prone to feeling guilty, and they hate upsetting others. If your Pisces man knows he upset you, he’ll try to make it up to you.

Pay attention to how your Pisces man behaves after he upsets you. He might not always outright say, “I’m sorry,” but he’ll likely act like he’s sorry.

Pisces men genuinely do not want to hurt the people they love. If your Pisces man upsets you, he’ll be incredibly remorseful. He typically won’t just apologize and leave it at that. He’ll show you how sorry he is.

Your Pisces man might do extra favors for you, bring you gifts, and do other things to try to make things right with you. He’ll prove to you that he’s sorry.

He Hates Upsetting Others

The best way to make a Pisces man apologize is to let him know that he’s upset you. Pisces men hate upsetting the people they love!

Whether you’re his friend or partner, your Pisces man doesn’t want you to be upset. He will apologize instead of just letting you sit around being angry with him.

Pisces men are far too empathetic to ever want to hurt someone on purpose. While a Pisces man might make a mistake and upset you sometimes, that is honestly never his intention.

Your Pisces man will gladly apologize to you when he’s upset you. He legitimately wants you to be happy, and he will do what he needs to do to cheer you up and fix things.

Leaving a Pisces man alone and ignoring him after he’s upset you will likely make him feel worse. He doesn’t want to upset you, and he doesn’t want you to ignore him. He will apologize to you to avoid that.

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He’ll Feel Guilty

Will a Pisces man feel guilty when he’s upset you? He definitely will! Even if it was an accident, he will feel incredibly guilty about his actions.

If you want to confront a Pisces man and make him feel bad for upsetting you, you don’t need to do much. He’ll feel guilty all on his own.

It is really easy to make a Pisces man feel guilty. He’ll be overwhelmed with guilt when he realizes he’s upset you. He’ll feel terrible that he did something to hurt you.

A Pisces man might not necessarily feel guilty about his actions. If he upsets you, he will feel guilty about the consequences of those actions.

One of the reasons Pisces men are good about apologizing is that it helps alleviate their guilt. Your Pisces man will feel better knowing he at least tried to make things right with you.

He’ll Show Genuine Remorse

Will a Pisces man apologize when he’s upset? He typically will. He’ll show genuine remorse as well. He won’t just quickly apologize and move on.

You will definitely know if your Pisces man feels guilty for upsetting you! He’ll express how guilty he feels through his words and actions.

Your Pisces man will make it evident that he regrets hurting you. He might say he feels about what he said or did and will usually seem just as upset as you are about the whole situation.

Pisces men can sometimes go a little too far when showing remorse. Your Pisces man might become depressed or insist that he’s a bad person for upsetting you, even if you’ve forgiven him already.

Your Pisces man will likely show remorse by taking responsibility for his actions. He won’t insist that you had a misunderstanding or that you’re being too sensitive. He’ll understand that you’re hurt and that he’s the reason why.

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He Might Apologize Indirectly

How does a Pisces man apologize? He might not always actually say, “I’m sorry.” Sometimes, he’s more indirect.

Pisces men often apologize with their actions instead of words. Even when they do verbally apologize, you won’t always hear them say sorry.

Your Pisces man isn’t giving an indirect apology because he’s not sorry or because he’s too prideful to apologize. Some Pisces men think that saying, “I’m sorry,” is meaningless or empty.

A Pisces man might give gifts, offer favors, and do other actions to prove he’s sorry. He may also compliment you if you’re upset because he said something insensitive.

If your Pisces man upsets you and he’s extra affectionate or considerate afterward, that means he’s apologizing indirectly. He’s doing his best to show you he’s sorry.

He Might Give You Gifts

Will a Pisces man say sorry? He might not always give you a verbal apology, at least not directly. One way you’ll know he’s sorry is that he’ll start bringing you gifts.

Your Pisces man might bring you chocolate, flowers, or other stereotypical apology gifts, but that’s not all he’ll do.

A Pisces man will likely try to give you thoughtful gifts when he’s apologizing too. He’ll get you something he knows you need or an item you’ve mentioned wanting.

Your Pisces man likely won’t only give you gifts to show you that he’s sorry. This is just one of the ways he’ll express remorse and try to make things up for you. Pisces men often apologize in multiple ways at once.

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He’ll Apologize With Favors

If your Pisces man has upset you, he might try to make it up to you by doing some favors for you. This is one of the ways he’ll indirectly apologize even if he hasn’t said he’s sorry.

Your Pisces man might do some extra chores around the house, whether or not you live together. He might come over and offer to tidy up. He’ll take over and do it for you if you usually do a task like the dishes or laundry.

If your Pisces man starts suddenly asking to do things for you, he’s trying to apologize. If you get messages asking if you need anything from him, he’s sorry for upsetting you.

Even if you insist that you don’t need your Pisces man to do anything for you, he’ll try to find something he can do to show you he’s sorry. It’s usually better to let him do the favors for you, even if you’ve already forgiven him.

His Apologies Are Sincere

If a Pisces man tells you he’s sorry, directly or indirectly, the apology is typically a sincere one!

Your Pisces man will legitimately feel sorry for upsetting you even if he doesn’t necessarily understand what he did wrong or why what he said or did upset you. He’ll be sincerely sorry that you’re upset.

Pisces men are compassionate and empathetic people. It will hurt him knowing that you’re hurt. He will genuinely want to make it up to you and cheer you up.

Your Pisces man will listen to you if you need to explain how he upset you. He might offer an explanation for why he did or said whatever upset you, but he typically won’t try to shift the blame to you.

Even if you Pisces man doesn’t actually say the words, “I’m sorry,” trust that he is sincerely sorry. Everything he’s doing and saying is sincere and is his way of trying to show you he doesn’t want to upset you.

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He’ll Prove He’s Sorry

How do Pisces men say sorry after hurting someone? Typically, they will do whatever they need to do to prove they’re sorry.

Your Pisces man wants you to trust that he’s legitimately sorry. He doesn’t just want to say sorry and brush things under the rug!

A Pisces man might prove he’s sorry by changing his behavior. If he says something insensitive, he’ll do better in the future and watch what he says more carefully.

If he upset you because he was careless and forgot an important date like an anniversary, he will not forget next time an important occasion comes up!

Your Pisces man will legitimately try not to make the same mistake twice. He will do his best to show you that he’s really sorry and that he wants to be better to you in the future.

He’ll Try To Make Things Right

When a Pisces man upsets you, he’ll usually try to make things right. He believes that apologies are about more than just saying you’re sorry.

You won’t typically hear a Pisces man making excuses for why he did what he did. He might explain to you what happened, but he’ll understand that his actions hurt you regardless of his intentions, and he’ll want to fix things.

How he makes things right will depend on what he did. If he insulted you in front of other people, he’ll likely apologize to them as well. If he forgot your birthday, he’ll take you out as soon as possible to make up for it.

If there is something specific you need your Pisces man to do before you can forgive him, tell him! Most of the time, he will be more than happy to do what you need.

Your Pisces man wants you to forgive him, and he wants you to be happy. He won’t just apologize. He’ll go above and beyond to cheer you up.

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