10 Signs That Your Scorpio Man Loves You Deeply

Published May 26, 2023

A Scorpio man’s love signs tend to be obvious. If he genuinely loves you, he won’t be able to hide it.

Scorpio men might be good at hiding their emotions, but even they can’t hide the fact that they love someone deeply.

When a Scorpio man loves you, he’ll show you in many ways. Even if he hasn’t said he loves you yet, the fact that he cares about you deeply will be undeniable.

A Scorpio man who loves you will be protective and supportive of you. You will be a top priority in his life, and he will focus on ensuring your needs are met.

Your Scorpio man will tell you his secrets and spend quality time with you. He’ll open up to you and be emotionally vulnerable. He’ll be more affectionate with you than anyone else too.

1. He Tells You His Secrets

How do Scorpio men show love? A Scorpio man will show that he loves and trusts you by telling you his deepest secrets.

Telling secrets, in general, is one of the ways a Scorpio man expresses love. He’ll show his friends, family, and partners he loves them by sharing secrets, but he’ll typically reserve certain secrets only for the people closest to him.

If you know all your Scorpio man’s secrets, he loves you deeply! If he tells you things he’s never told anyone else, that’s a sign that he trusts you and believes you’ll be in his life forever.

A Scorpio man wouldn’t tell you certain things if he didn’t care about you. His secrets are important to him, and he keeps some things close to his chest. If he tells you these things, he loves you.

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2. He Spends Quality Time with You

A Scorpio man in love will want to spend quality time with you. Being around you will make him happy, regardless of what you two are doing.

If a Scorpio man goes out of his way to spend time with you, he cares about you. He loves you deeply if he’s constantly trying to squeeze in time for you, even when he’s busy!

Your Scorpio man will always have time for you when he loves you. While he might have to prioritize work or other responsibilities sometimes, he won’t go long without hanging out with you or chatting on the phone.

If quality time is your love language, your Scorpio man will try even harder to spend time with you. He’ll ensure you two can enjoy one another’s company in the way you like best.

3. He’s Protective of You

One of the signs a Scorpio man loves you deeply is that he will be protective of you. Even if he knows you can stand up for yourself, he’ll still defend you if needed.

A Scorpio man being protective isn’t a sign that he thinks you’re weak. He knows you don’t need to rely on him, but he’ll still protect you because he loves you and doesn’t think you should do everything alone.

If someone is bothering you, your Scorpio man will gladly make them go away. If you don’t want to “cause problems” by asking someone to leave you alone, your Scorpio man will gladly handle it.

Your Scorpio man will protect you even when you’re not around. If someone says something rude about you, he’ll defend you and set the record straight. He won’t let anyone spread rumors or lies about you!

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4. He’s Supportive of You

How do Scorpio men act when they are in love? Your Scorpio man will likely be incredibly supportive of you as another way of showing he cares.

While being emotionally vulnerable can be difficult, a Scorpio man will be emotionally supportive when he loves you. He’ll be there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on!

Your Scorpio man will also be supportive of your goals. If you ever need encouragement, he’ll gladly motivate you and help you work through things. If you need help, he’ll be there to help too.

A Scorpio man who loves you will be supportive and encouraging without you asking. If you do tell him that you need some support, he’ll be there, but he’ll also offer support without you needing to say a word.

5. He Gets Jealous

The dark side of a Scorpio man’s love is his jealousy. The more he loves you, the more likely he will get jealous now and then.

A Scorpio man getting jealous doesn’t mean he’ll react poorly to that jealousy, though. If he genuinely trusts you, he can put aside his jealousy.

Your Scorpio man might not be able to help but get jealous sometimes. If you spend time with another man or chat with an ex, he’ll feel jealous, even if he doesn’t act on it.

A Scorpio man who loves and trusts you will talk to you about his jealousy and control it instead of lashing out. If he tells you he’s jealous, that’s a sign that he cares and he’s just trying to be open and honest.

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6. You’re a Top Priority

How does a Scorpio man say he loves you? Even if he’s not ready to say those three words yet, he’ll show you he loves you by making you a top priority.

You might not always be the #1 priority, but you’ll be up there when a Scorpio man loves you. He’ll only put other things or people before you when he has to.

A Scorpio man might need to prioritize work sometimes, but he’ll drop everything if you need him in an emergency. He won’t leave you alone when you genuinely need him.

Your Scorpio man will also think of your needs before his own. While he might need to prioritize himself occasionally, he’ll think of you before making significant decisions or doing anything that might affect you.

7. He’s Emotionally Vulnerable

When a Scorpio man says, “I love you,” he means it! If he is vulnerable with you and willing to say that he loves you, he cares about you deeply.

Scorpio men might be just as emotional as any other water sign, but being emotionally open and vulnerable can be difficult. If your Scorpio man is willing to open up to you, that’s a sign he cares.

A Scorpio man’s weakness in love is sometimes his difficulty opening up. It’s hard for him to trust people, especially if he’s been hurt in a past relationship.

If your Scorpio man is emotionally vulnerable with you, he loves you. It might be challenging for him sometimes, but he will be open and vulnerable anyway because he cares about you and wants to connect with you.

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8. He’s Focused on Your Needs

A Scorpio man who loves you deeply will be in touch with your needs. You might not always need to ask him for something because he’ll know what you need!

Your Scorpio man will be in tune with your emotions when he loves you. He’ll be able to tell when you’re sad, and he’ll likely know what you need to cheer up. If he doesn’t, he’ll ask what he can do to make you feel better.

A Scorpio man will do his best to meet your needs when he cares about you. He would never let you struggle, especially when he can help you out!

9. He’s Intensely Loyal

A Scorpio man who loves you is one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Scorpio men are highly reliable and devoted to the people they care about most.

Loyalty is essential in any relationship with a Scorpio man. He will show his loyalty to you in multiple ways, too.

Your Scorpio man will always be reliable. He’ll follow through if he says he’ll do something for you! He’ll never break a promise to you if he can help it. You can always trust his word.

A Scorpio man who loves you will always be faithful too. He would never dream of betraying you and ruining your relationship. If he says he’s committed to you, you can trust that he means it.

You’ll never have to doubt your Scorpio man’s loyalty when he loves you. He’ll be dependable and honest, and he’ll prove his devotion to you every single day.

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10. He’s Physically Affectionate

A Scorpio man’s love language tends to be physical touch. Many Scorpio men don’t seem physically affectionate, but they definitely are with the people they love! This is one of their favorite ways to express love.

Scorpio men might not hug strangers or acquaintances in greeting, but they will be physically affectionate toward close friends and partners. If your Scorpio man is physically affectionate with you, he cares!

You can tell how strongly he feels when a Scorpio man kisses you. He will put all his love and passion into each kiss. You’ll never have to wonder if he loves you!

A Scorpio man who loves you deeply will be physically affectionate with you in ways he isn’t with anyone else. He’ll hold your hand and snuggle up close, even if he keeps others at a distance.

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