9 Reasons Why Your Capricorn Man is Slow To Commit

Updated February 21, 2023
9 Reasons Why Your Capricorn Man is Slow To Commit

Many Capricorn men are slow to commit. They aren’t necessarily afraid of commitment, though. They like to think things through before diving in.

Capricorn men take relationships and commitment seriously. A Capricorn man wants to be confident he’s committing to the right person.

If your Capricorn man is slow to commit, try not to worry about it too much! If he’s putting effort into your relationship, he’s likely just waiting for the right time to commit.

Capricorn men don’t like to rush into things. Your Capricorn man wants to be sure that he can commit to your relationship and prioritize it before he makes any long-term decisions. He also wants to be sure you’re the one.

If your Capricorn man has any doubts, he won’t commit. He’ll either take the time to clear those doubts or move on.

1. He’s Not Focused On Romance

Sometimes, a Capricorn man’s commitment issues are a sign that he’s not focused on romance at this point in his life.

If you’ve been casually dating a Capricorn man for a while and he won’t commit, it might be because he doesn’t want to. Your Capricorn man might not care about romance right now.

Ask your Capricorn man about his last few relationships. If they were all relatively short ones, the reason might be that he’s not interested in a long-term relationship right now.

If your Capricorn man doesn’t want a relationship, he will typically be upfront about that. Pay attention to what he says when you ask about commitment. If he tells you he’s not ready or doesn’t want to, you should listen to him.

Most of the time, your Capricorn man won’t try to lead you on. If he wants something casual, he’ll tell you. You need to take what he says seriously.

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2. He Doesn’t Trust Easily

Why are Capricorn men slow to commit? One reason is that they don’t trust easily. If your Capricorn man doesn’t trust you completely, he will not commit to you.

Capricorn men take trust very seriously. They want to be sure that whoever they commit to is trustworthy and will remain so throughout their entire relationship.

Your Capricorn man wants to know that he can rely on you and trust you to tell him the truth and remain faithful to him if he commits to an exclusive relationship with you.

It can take a Capricorn man a long time to build trust with someone. Even if he wants to trust you, he won’t automatically. He needs you to show him that he can trust you.

Show your Capricorn man he can trust you by always following through on promises, keeping plans you’ve made, and doing things you say you’ll do. Tell him the truth, and be genuine with him.

3. He Takes Relationships Seriously

One of the reasons why Capricorn men won’t commit too soon is that they take relationships very seriously. Your Capricorn man won’t commit to you if he doesn’t think he can follow through on that commitment.

Capricorn men are not impulsive. They don’t typically get into relationships just for fun and won’t commit based on temporary infatuation.

Your Capricorn man wants to know that your relationship has a good chance of lasting before he commits to you. He won’t want to move in together, get engaged, or take any other serious steps too soon.

A Capricorn man doesn’t want to commit to a relationship that’s doomed to fail. He respects commitments and will try to make things work if he commits to you. That’s why he doesn’t want to be too hasty about committing in the first place.

If your Capricorn man is taking his time in your relationship, let him. You’ll be better off just waiting until he’s ready. Once he does commit, he’ll be all in.

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4. He Wants To Be Certain About You

Do Capricorn men take it slow in relationships? Many of them do! They want to be sure about the person they’re dating before they take any significant steps.

If your Capricorn man doubts your compatibility, he won’t commit to you. He’ll take time to get to know you better and alleviate his worries, or he’ll end things if he can’t get rid of his doubts.

There is no use trying to make your Capricorn man commit if he’s uncertain about you or your relationship. If he feels he doesn’t know you well enough or can’t trust you yet, you need to overcome that hurdle.

Your Capricorn man might be uncertain about you for various reasons. He’ll be hesitant if he knows you weren’t faithful in a past relationship. If you’ve never had a serious relationship before, that will also make him unsure.

5. He Thinks Things Through

Capricorn men think through every decision they make. They are not spontaneous or reckless at all. If a Capricorn man commits to you, he’s likely thought about it a lot before doing so.

Your Capricorn man will likely consider all the pros and cons of your relationship before committing. He’ll think through the logistics of moving in together before bringing the idea up to you.

A Capricorn man genuinely wants his relationships to last. If you two have incompatibilities or any issues, he’ll think those through before committing. He’ll see if they can be resolved or if they’re things he can learn to live with.

How do you know when a Capricorn man is ready to commit? He’ll likely let you know. Once he’s thought things through and decided he’s ready to commit, he will.

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6. Change Is Difficult For Him

Do Capricorn men have commitment issues? Many are slow because they genuinely want to commit to the right person. However, some are also slow because change can be difficult for them.

Many Capricorn men find a sense of stability in their routine. Your Capricorn man probably has a certain way he likes to keep his home, a specific schedule he follows, and a good idea of what his priorities are.

Committing to a relationship and taking specific steps in that relationship will change things in your Capricorn man’s life. He has to be ready for those changes before he can commit.

Don’t rush your Capricorn man. He’ll get used to the necessary changes required to commit to your relationship if he genuinely wants to be with you. Just give him time.

7. He’s Focused On Other Things

Your Capricorn man might not be ready to commit to a serious relationship right now if he’s focusing on other things in his life.

Even if he likes you and enjoys spending time with you, a Capricorn man won’t take significant relationship steps like moving in together or getting married if he is more focused on going to school, his career, etc.

When Capricorn men commit to a relationship, they want to prioritize that relationship. Your Capricorn man might be unable to prioritize you the way he wants if he’s focused on building his career and becoming successful.

If you notice that your Capricorn man is constantly busy with work and seems to prioritize that over your relationship, he’s not ready to commit to you.

Your Capricorn man doesn’t want to move in together and never be home. He doesn’t want to get married and end up divorced because he can’t prioritize you over his job.

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8. He Doesn’t Know If You’re Ready

Are Capricorn men slow to commit? Many of them are. Sometimes, a Capricorn man will be slow to commit because he’s unsure if he’s ready. Other times, he’ll hesitate because he doesn’t know if you are ready.

If you’ve never been in a serious relationship before, your Capricorn man might hesitate before committing to you. He’ll want to be sure that you’re ready to commit for the first time.

If your Capricorn man thinks you’re immature or not ready for a serious relationship, he won’t commit to you. If he likes you, he might stick around to see if you’ll become ready, but he won’t make any serious commitments.

Even when a Capricorn man is serious about you, he won’t commit to you if he doesn’t think you’re prepared for a commitment.

9. He Wants To Know You Better

Dating a slow Capricorn man can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you’re ready to commit. He might simply be waiting until he knows you better, though. If that’s the case, open up and help him get to know you more!

If your Capricorn man isn’t committing and you want him to, help him learn more about you. It might just be too early in your relationship right now.

Take the time to share your interests with your Capricorn man. When he asks questions about you, don’t be evasive. Be open and honest with him.

The more you open up to your Capricorn man, the more comfortable with you he’ll be. Once he feels he knows you well, he’ll start seriously considering a commitment.

Your Capricorn man doesn’t want to commit to you and discover something major years later. Make sure he knows as much about you as possible.

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