How To Deal With Your Capricorn Man When He’s Upset?

Updated May 6, 2023

When a Capricorn man is upset, you may not know it initially. As an earth sign, they are adept at hiding feelings.

But if you are perceptive, you notice his subtle cues. Managing an upset Capricorn man takes skill.

You can avert a crisis in your relationship if you understand how to deal with a Capricorn man who is upset with you. Men born under this sign can downplay feelings.

You don’t always know when a Capricorn man is mad. But if you miss his warning signs, your relationship will suffer.

Give a Capricorn man space to adhere to his routines when upset. Nothing makes him feel better faster than normalcy and predictability.

Give Him Space

The first thing you must do when a Capricorn man is upset is to give him breathing room. When you give space, your Capricorn man feels relieved. He may vent to friends, but he gets over being upset.

Be patient, and your Capricorn man will be himself again quickly. If you try too hard to soothe a Capricorn man when upset, you only prolong his discomfort.

Capricorn men don’t like it when women make a fuss over them. They prefer being left alone so they can use logic to work through their hurt feelings.

You may want to help your Capricorn man get over being upset with you, but this backfires. Give a Capricorn man space when he is in a bad mood. He comes around eventually.

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Encourage His Routines

If you want to be encouraging, help your Capricorn man stick to his routines. He feels secure when he has a schedule. Letting him get back to his routines as quickly as possible alleviates his stress.

If you pull him out of his routines to make him process his feelings and open up to you about why he is upset, your Capricorn man gets angry. He resents the disruption.

Leave him alone to return to work or finish a project. Your Capricorn man needs the distraction and normalcy of his regular habits and routines. You can help him get over a bad mood by not interfering.

Encouraging a Capricorn man to stick to his routines helps him feel in charge. He feels like he is in control, and this helps your Capricorn man overcome whatever has been bothering him.

Massage His Shoulders

If you have a close connection with your Capricorn man, he may let you massage his shoulders when upset. A neck or upper back massage helps your Capricorn man relieve tension.

Capricorn men are always tense, even on a good day. They carry around stress in their muscles. When your Capricorn man is upset with you, test the waters.

Ask if he wants you to rub his shoulders and help him destress. If he is open to this, give him a platonic, nonsexual massage. If you use a massage to seduce an angry Capricorn man, it will make matters worse.

Respect your Capricorn man’s boundaries. If he is not in the mood for physical contact, don’t pressure him. Your Capricorn man can be more sensitive than he appears. Give him space and attempt this tactic another time.

If you’re wondering what to do when a Capricorn man is angry at you, first ask if he wants to be alone. If he doesn’t want you to leave, ask him if you can give him a back rub. Give him a chance to decline if he is not ready.

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Take Him To Dinner

Depending on why he is upset, your Capricorn man may let you take him to dinner as a gesture of reconciliation. You can regain his trust and get on his good side again if you nurture his appetite.

A Capricorn man who is mildly upset likes being pampered in this way. A sad Capricorn man is open to this tactic. If he’s anxious or frustrated with his job, he may also let you treat him to a meal.

But if your Capricorn man is angry with you, he may not be receptive to this tactic. When your Capricorn man is mad at you, he needs time to cool off. He may appreciate your gesture but is not ready for this tactic yet.

A Capricorn man angry with you is not ready to sit across a table and have dinner together. He needs to cool off before he can have a date with you. You can make a Capricorn man angrier if you try to push him into a meeting.

What makes a Capricorn man upset is when others disrespect his autonomy. He wants the final say and becomes overwhelmed if others infringe on his space.

Play Soothing Music

You can make a Capricorn man relax when you play soothing music. If your Capricorn man is upset and doesn’t want to talk about what’s bothering him, give him space. Put on a relaxing music playlist for yourself when he’s around.

If he goes to his room to sulk, cue up serene music in a nearby room. Don’t play music too loudly, but ensure he can hear your playlist. Without being direct, you can influence his mood through ambient music.

Use this tactic when a Capricorn man is upset but doesn’t want you to intervene. He responds well to the music and doesn’t feel pressured to open up and talk about his feelings.

Women often say, my Capricorn man is mad and ignoring me, what can I do? Playing music in earshot can help him calm down enough to have a conversation or move on and release his frustrations.

When a Capricorn man is sad, he can be uplifted by time spent with you. You can make a Capricorn man cheer up and return to his normal self when you treat him to a comforting meal.

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Work On a Project Together

Working relaxes a Capricorn man. When he is upset or stressed, working on a project with him can help balance his mood. He may not want to talk about what is troubling him, but a Capricorn man always wants to tinker in his workshop.

Help him fix the car or repair things around the house. Being productive takes his mind off his stress. Fixing things and working on projects to improve his comfort and security is cathartic for him.

Joining him in these tasks helps to repair your relationship with a Capricorn man. Your Capricorn man can get over a bad mood if you assist him as he cleans a spare room or works on his budget.

Let him choose the project and follow his lead. Don’t use this as an opportunity to bring up your list of tasks you want him to do. A Capricorn man who is upset needs to feel in control. Selecting something practical to work on helps him feel secure.

A Capricorn man unhappy in relationships can benefit from working on a shared project with you. You can help him strengthen his connection with you and repair the baseline in the relationship this way.

A Capricorn man mad at you can ease up when you work on a practical project with him. Capricorn men love having assistance with difficult tasks. They want to be in charge but they love having help.

Don’t Pressure Him

Never pressure a Capricorn man when he is upset. If he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings, he won’t change his mind just because you keep asking. He needs to come around when he’s ready.

Never give him ultimatums. Capricorn men will undermine a relationship before they succumb to pressure. He may never want to talk about his feelings.

You must be flexible and find other methods to help your Capricorn man work through his bad moods. Talking is only one strategy but it is usually one that doesn’t work well for inhibited Capricorn men.

A Capricorn man unhappy in marriage can be hard to please. You must work on appealing to his desire for security. Don’t pressure him to open up. Capricorn men don’t let their guard down when you push them.

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Offer Him Help

When a Capricorn man is upset, offer to lend a hand. Ask if there is anything you can do for him. Asking if he needs help is too general and easy for him to divert and avoid.

You can soothe an upset Capricorn man by offering solutions. If you have a specific offering such as helping him clean, organize, and clear out his office, make a specific plan.

Let your Capricorn man set boundaries. If he is open to your help, your Capricorn man wants to set the pace. He doesn’t like being told what to do. You can encourage a Capricorn man by offering to help him but don’t overwhelm him.

When a Capricorn man is upset you can make him come around if you offer to help him with practical tasks. Capricorn men can be stressed because they take on too much work. Help him by encouraging him to delegate tasks to you.

If you’re wondering what to do when a Capricorn man is stressed, the best thing you can do is let him take the lead. Show him you are willing to help but let him give insight into what he needs.

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