Are Cancer Men Cheaters? (You Might Be Surprised)

Updated August 20, 2023

Do you have to worry about a cheating Cancer man? Cancer men seem too good to be true.

Cancer men rarely cheat. They are among the most faithful men in the zodiac.

Cancer men are not typically cheaters. They are loyal and can be caring and affectionate. Cancer men cling to you when in love.

They don’t have eyes for other women. Cancer men are so loyal you can’t discourage them when they are obsessed with you. They are unlikely to cheat.

Do Cancers cheat on their partners? A Cancer man in love can’t get enough of you. Cancer men put their focus on the woman they love. They have no time left to pursue an affair.

They Are Loyal

Can a Cancer man be trusted? Cancer men are loyal to a fault. They don’t usually cheat and hold onto a relationship. Cancer men never turn their backs on friends and lovers. They have no reason to cheat.

A romantic relationship gives a Cancer man a full plate. A Cancer man is devoted to love and dedicates all his attention, time, and money to showing his love for you.

Your Cancer man doesn’t think of other women. It never occurs to him to cheat. He has no space in his heart or mind for other women. Cancer men fall in love quickly.

They go to extremes to prove their love. A Cancer man can’t manage an affair. He is too devoted and focused on his love interest to let other women enter his mind.

If you are wondering about a married cheating Cancer man, he is the exception that doesn’t prove the rule. You may encounter an unfaithful Cancer man, but he is subject to unusual circumstances that are not normal for this sign.

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They Are Faithful

Are Cancer men faithful in love? Cancer men are faithful to one woman in relationships. They are not duplicitous. Your Cancer man stands by your side through ups and downs. You can count on him to be faithful.

Cancer men take romance seriously. They don’t usually cheat because it is in their nature to be faithful and devoted. Your Cancer man is committed to you and won’t betray your trust.

If a Cancer man loves you, you’re in luck. He doesn’t play games with you and shows his faithful side. If another woman tries to tempt him, he can easily ignore her and focus on you.

You can trust him with female friends. Cancer men stick to their word. If he is in love with you, he’s faithful. He wouldn’t risk hurting you or losing his connection to his family because of cheating.

You may wonder, is my Cancer man cheating on me? Men born under this sign can be loyal and faithful. They are the least likely to cheat. You seldom have to worry about the potential for a Cancer man to cheat.

They Crave Security

Cancer men desire security and stability. They don’t cheat because they don’t want to rock the boat. They love being with one person and setting down roots in a romantic relationship.

You can trust a Cancer man to be faithful because he wants the security of establishing a close and loving relationship. Your Cancer man would rather make you obsessed with him than risk damaging a relationship with you.

He doesn’t want to damage the safe and loving relationship he’s built with you. A Cancer man needs the predictability and security of his relationship with you. He doesn’t risk damaging his connection with you.

If you are wondering how to know if a Cancer man is cheating on you, he usually doesn’t hide it well. Cancer men are too emotional to hide or keep secrets. When he cheats, a Cancer man usually gives himself away.

Men born under this sign value security and emotional stability. They can’t maintain an affair because they are too cautious and need a solid foundation in love.

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They Are Reliable

Cancer men are reliable in love. You can be sure a Cancer man will not cheat because they don’t take risks. They are cautious and reliable. They don’t want to cause drama and chaos.

Cancer men get attached in love easily. They set their sights on a specific woman and will not waiver once they are in love. Cancer men are reliable and honest.

They are among the most sincere and consistent men you will meet. Cancer men don’t play mind games or run around with other women behind your back. They focus on making you happy and creating security at home.

They want to start families, not pursue other women. Cancer men are trustworthy and are usually the last to betray you or break your heart. When a Cancer man lies to you, it is usually to keep the peace.

He seldom lives a double life and maintains a secret love. He is too transparent and emotional to keep up appearances while cheating on you.

They Seldom Cheat

Cancer men are unlikely to cheat, yet anything is possible given the wrong combination of circumstances. Cancer men seldom cheat, but this is not a guarantee.

The best way to cheat-proof your relationship with a Cancer man is to nurture his emotions. Cancer men can be insecure and seek emotional comfort in relationships.

Your Cancer man will not cheat if he feels secure and knows you care about him. You can easily make a Cancer man fall in love with you and stay focused on you. Cancer men are attentive and loyal as long as they don’t feel neglected.

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They Cheat When Depressed

Cancer men are steadfast and loyal in love. Yet certain circumstances can trigger them to be unfaithful. Although rare, a Cancer man may cheat when he sinks to new lows of depression.

Cancer men can be moody. Their highs and lows are extreme and can keep you on your toes, wondering what mood he will be in next. When a Cancer man is depressed, he is susceptible to temptation.

Depression is common for Cancer men, yet cheating is not. Although he may lose control of his inhibitions when depressed, infidelity remains rare for a Cancer man.

A Cancer man caught cheating opens up and explains his needs. Though his infidelity is a crisis, it can also be a chance to heal a strained relationship with a Cancer man.

They Cheat When Desperate

Cancer men can also lose their good discretion when desperate. They cheat when they feel like all options are bad. If a Cancer man feels abandoned in love, he doesn’t want to cheat.

Yet he may reach a point of desperation. He doesn’t want to betray your trust but becomes desperate enough to seek an emotional connection with someone. Cancer men never cheat simply for sexual gratification.

In rare occurrences when Cancer men cheat, they are desperate and eager for emotional validation. They may feel lost and alienated. Cancer men seek affirmation and reassurance.

A Cancer man cheating on his wife can send warning signs that he feels desperate and alienated. Usually, he shows red flags long before getting to the point of infidelity.

A Cancer man who reaches a low point and feels desperate and neglected is in a vulnerable spot. He wants to find comfort and connection. If he’s cheating, he doesn’t want to give up on you but feels unfulfilled in the relationship.

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They Can Be Insecure

Cancer men can be insecure. They are notorious for second-guessing themselves. Your Cancer love interest doesn’t want to be unfaithful. Yet they can be insecure and sets the foundation for him to go astray.

When a Cancer man feels unappreciated and unloved, he may get closer to cheating. Your Cancer man never wants to be unfaithful, but when he feels insecure he may cheat.

A Cancer man may initially attempt to talk to someone new to satisfy his emotional disconnection. Yet if he feels insecure, he may use his connection to other women to fulfill a space he feels emotionally.

Most Cancer men are not confident but they seek your approval and attention long before cheating. If your Cancer man seems needy, don’t ignore him. You can catch him before he falls to the point of infidelity.

Cancer men can be insecure to the point of sabotaging their relationships. You may wonder why he would risk a relationship for an indiscretion. Cancer men only cheat when they have become desperate. They otherwise don’t take chances.

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