10 Tricks To Hurt Cancer Man (Use At Your Own Risks)

Updated August 24, 2023

Hurting a Cancer man is easy, especially when you know what you’re doing. Beware, though! Hurting him has consequences.

A Cancer man can forgive you for accidentally hurting his feelings. He’ll be less forgiving if he knows you’re doing things on purpose, though.

Your Cancer man will be more hurt when you do certain things if you two are close. A stranger definitely won’t be able to hurt his feelings the way a close friend or partner can.

A Cancer man will be hurt if you refuse to support him. Ignoring his needs and not listening when he talks to you will also hurt his feelings. Playing on his insecurities will upset him too.

Being unreliable will hurt a Cancer man. You will hurt him deeply if you constantly stand him up, betray his trust, and take advantage of his generosity.

1. Be Unsupportive

One quick way to hurt a Cancer man’s feelings is to be unsupportive of him. If you claim to care about him, he’ll expect some support when he needs it.

When a Cancer man is hurt, he might go to his friends and partner for support. Even if you’re not the one who initially hurt your Cancer man, he’ll feel even more hurt if you refuse to support him when needed.

Be unsupportive of your Cancer man’s dreams, and you’ll upset him. He won’t expect you to be entirely on board with all of his ideas, but he will be hurt if you act like he can’t reach his dreams and refuse to support him.

A Cancer man who can’t rely on you for emotional support or support in general won’t stick around forever. If he’s the only one offering support in your relationship, he will leave, so be careful!

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2. Ignore His Needs

One of the fastest ways to hurt a Cancer man is to ignore his needs. He’ll be especially hurt if he’s communicated his needs to you and you refuse to meet them.

Cancer men are used to taking care of other people. Your Cancer man might try to take care of himself most of the time, but he will need help sometimes. He will be hurt if he is open and tells you his needs, and you ignore them.

If your Cancer man loves you, he’ll be especially hurt when you ignore his needs. If you don’t give him the love and affection he desires, he’ll feel like you don’t care about him.

A Cancer man can be forgiving when you fail to meet his needs, but he has his limits. You’ll ruin your relationship if you’re purposely ignoring him or just too selfish to pay attention to anyone but yourself.

3. Don’t Listen To Him

A Cancer man will be upset if it’s clear that you never listen to a word he says. You’ll hurt him deeply if you can’t pay attention to him, even when he genuinely needs to tell you something.

Your Cancer man won’t expect constant attention from you. He’ll try to be understanding if you’re too busy or distracted to listen to him sometimes. His patience will run dry if you constantly ignore him, though.

A Cancer man will feel as if you don’t care about what he thinks if you never listen to him. If you constantly interrupt him or walk off while he’s talking, he’ll think you don’t like him.

If your Cancer man is trying to open up about something important and you won’t listen, you will hurt him deeply. You’ll discourage him from opening up in the future, and your relationship will likely suffer because of this.

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4. Betray His Trust

Betraying a Cancer man’s trust will hurt him more than almost anything. He’ll be deeply upset if he thinks he can trust you and you prove him wrong.

Being unfaithful in a relationship will betray a Cancer man’s trust, but you don’t need to go that far to hurt him.

Your Cancer man will be hurt if he finds out you’ve been gossiping and talking about him behind his back. If you tell others his secrets, he’ll feel foolish for trusting you enough to tell you them in the first place.

What happens when you hurt a Cancer man and betray his trust? He might forgive you the first time, but his forgiveness will dry up if you continue to betray his trust. Be careful about doing this if you don’t want to lose him.

5. Refuse To Apologize

How does a Cancer man react when hurt? He’ll likely become moody, though he won’t always tell you you’ve hurt his feelings. If he does try to talk to you, and you refuse to apologize, he’ll be even more hurt.

If a Cancer man hurts your feelings, he will apologize. Even if it was an accident, he will feel sorry for upsetting you and do what he can to make things right.

If you can’t apologize to your Cancer man, he’ll feel you don’t care about him. He will think that your pride is more important than he is, and your relationship will suffer.

How long will a Cancer man stay mad at you when you upset him? Most of the time, an apology will make him feel better right away. If your goal isn’t to hurt your Cancer man, apologize whenever you accidentally do!

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6. Be Unreliable

Cancer men can be incredibly patient, especially with the people they love. Your Cancer man might not expect perfect punctuality from you, but he will want to know he can rely on you when it matters.

A Cancer man will be hurt if he finds out you’re unreliable. If you’re reliable to others, but he can’t rely on you, he’ll be even more hurt.

Your Cancer man wants to know you’ll be there for him in an emergency. He wants to feel he can go to you when he needs help. He’ll be upset if he reaches out and finds that he can’t rely on you.

A Cancer man can forgive you for being unreliable once or twice, especially if you weren’t doing it intentionally. If you prove to be consistently unreliable, you’ll hurt him too much, and he’ll no longer trust you.

7. Stand Him Up

If you have a date planned with a Cancer man and fail to show up, you’ll hurt his feelings! He’ll be upset whether this is your first date or you two have had a regular date night for months.

This is one of the quickest ways to hurt a Cancer man, even if you two aren’t that close. If your Cancer man was looking forward to a date with you and you can’t even be bothered to show up, you’ll make him feel insecure.

A Cancer man won’t be mad if you have to reschedule or cancel a date, especially if you’re sick or there’s an emergency. He might be disappointed, but he won’t be upset. He will be upset if you can’t bother reaching out to cancel, though.

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8. Play On His Insecurities

Upsetting a Cancer man is easier if you two are close because you’ll likely know his insecurities. If you play on those, he’ll become incredibly upset.

If your Cancer tells you that he’s insecure about his appearance, and then you constantly criticize how he looks, he’ll be incredibly hurt! He will know you’re doing it on purpose because he told you he already felt bad about his looks.

If you play on his insecurities, a Cancer man will feel you took advantage of his trust. If you pick at what he already feels bad about, he’ll think you don’t love him.

Distancing yourself from a Cancer man will play on his insecurities and upset him. Don’t do this if you’re not trying to hurt him because he will be upset if you distance yourself without explaining why.

9. Criticize & Insult Him

Constantly criticizing and insulting a Cancer man will hurt his feelings. Even if you’re not playing on a pre-existing insecurity, he’ll be upset that you would say such rude things to him!

How do you know a Cancer man is hurt by your words? It should be obvious. Cancer men tend to be sensitive and don’t hide their feelings well.

If you constantly criticize your Cancer man, you’ll hurt his feelings, even if you’re trying to be helpful.

Even if you think you’re offering good advice or valid criticisms, making a Cancer man cry is what you’ll end up doing instead of helping.

A Cancer man won’t expect you to only say nice things to him. He will expect you to be kind, though, and to offer criticisms only when necessary.

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10. Take Advantage Of His Generosity

What hurts a Cancer man more than anything? He can forgive a lot, but he’ll be devastated to find out that someone he thought loved him is taking advantage of his generosity.

Some Cancer men are used to others taking advantage of them. They tend to be generous and caring, and it’s common for people to take from them and never give anything back in return.

If your Cancer man finds out you’re only dating him because he pays for everything, he’ll end your relationship. He will be incredibly hurt, and it will likely take him a long time to get over that hurt.

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