The Complete Guide To Dressing For Your Aries Man

Updated August 18, 2023

If you want to dress for an Aries man, you don’t have to go too overboard. You can look good for him while still being comfortable and casual.

Be yourself, be confident, and flaunt your best features if you want to attract your Aries man and get his attention.

Aries men typically love fit women, so wear clothes that show off your best features. If you’ve got toned arms, show those off! You don’t have to wear anything too revealing, though.

Relaxed outfits and casual styles are fine when dressing for an Aries man. If you two are doing something active together, such as hiking, it’s essential to dress for the occasion and be comfortable.

When dressing up, flaunt your best features! You can wear bold accessories and catch your Aries man’s eye by wearing his favorite color.

Show Off How Fit You Are

An Aries man’s ideal woman is typically fit and can keep up with his high energy levels! If you have a fit body, show it off for him.

You don’t necessarily need to wear tight clothing all the time to show off how fit you are. If you’ve got toned arms, wear sleeveless tops. If you have muscular calves, wear shorts or skirts that highlight them.

Regardless of the occasion, you can always make an excuse to show off your fit body. Highlight all your best features and make sure your Aries man can see how athletic you are.

Dressing appropriately if you go to the gym with your Aries man is also important if you want to show him how fit you are. Wear breathable and comfortable clothing, not clothing that just looks good!

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He Prefers Casual Styles

If you want to dress for an Aries man, you can typically wear casual styles most of the time. He prefers comfort before anything else and won’t expect you to dress up all the time.

Your Aries man will love it if you look good, of course, but you don’t need to dress up all the time. It will be more special when you do if you’re typically fairly casual.

If you and your Aries man are sitting at home or going to see a movie, you can dress comfortably. Wear your favorite t-shirt and a pair of jeans. You don’t need to overdo it.

Your Aries man will often dress casually and might feel out of place if you don’t. He may feel you’re overdoing it if he takes you to a casual party and you’re dressed up more than anyone else there.

He Likes Relaxed Outfits

What clothes attract an Aries man? Most of the time, you don’t need to get too fancy. You can wear more relaxed outfits when dressing for your Aries man.

Your Aries man will love knowing you’re comfortable dressing comfortably around him. When you two are at home, you can walk around in pajamas or one of his shirts. That will be enough to make him happy.

Your Aries man wants you to be comfortable and relaxed. No matter how good you look, it won’t matter if you’re uncomfortable!

It’s better to wear a nice pair of sneakers when you’re out with your Aries man than to walk around in heels that make you uncomfortable. If you’re obviously in pain and not relaxed, your Aries man will notice.

You can typically follow your Aries man’s lead regarding how you should dress. If he puts on a simple, relaxed outfit to go somewhere, you can too. He doesn’t expect you to dress up if he doesn’t.

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Wear His Favorite Color

One of the easiest ways to dress for an Aries man is to wear his favorite color! He’ll love seeing you in it. This will show that you know him well and consider him when getting dressed.

The colors associated with Aries tend to be bright shades of red. You’ll definitely get his attention if you show up to a date in a beautiful red dress!

An Aries man’s favorite color might not necessarily be red, but that is always a safe color to wear if you aren’t sure of his preferences. Once you do find out his favorite color, try adding it to your outfit when you can.

You can use it more sparingly if you aren’t particularly a fan of your Aries man’s favorite color. Instead of wearing a dress or shirt in his favorite color, try wearing a hair clip, adding some eyeshadow, or getting a bracelet in that color.

Comfortable Fabrics

What attracts an Aries man? Your Aries man will love it if you wear soft, comfortable fabrics that feel good if he brushes up against you.

Aries men tend to be incredibly affectionate with the people they care about. If you’re wearing scratchy and uncomfortable fabric, it won’t be as satisfying to sit close to you or hug you.

This is about your comfort just as much as it is about his. He wants to be able to touch you without brushing up against something that doesn’t feel good!

Your Aries man also wants you to enjoy yourself regardless of what you wear. If you’re out hiking with him and the fabric of your shirt isn’t breathable, you’re going to overheat and become miserable.

If your dress is so tight that you’re uncomfortable or you hate how a fabric feels against your skin, your Aries man will notice, and he likely won’t enjoy your date as much, knowing that you’re uncomfortable.

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Be Yourself

When attracting an Aries man with your clothing, you should still dress for yourself! He’ll like it more when you’re confident with your clothing. He doesn’t want you to try to appeal to him at the cost of your comfort.

Don’t worry too much about what you think your Aries man wants. You don’t need to follow trends or fashion “rules,” either. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

Your Aries man will like it if you wear his favorite color, but wear yours too! If you love wearing high heels and are comfortable in them, go ahead and wear them for a date. If you don’t, you don’t have to.

Let your personality shine through in the clothing you wear. You can show your Aries man that you’re trying to attract him, but don’t do that at the cost of your preferences. He doesn’t want that.

Dress For The Occasion

When dressing for an Aries man, ensure you’re also dressing for the occasion!

Your Aries man won’t be impressed if you wear your best outfit to go hiking, just like he won’t be impressed if you show up to a nice restaurant in sweatpants.

If you’re going to a professional event with your Aries man, dress professionally. You don’t need to show off your body if the situation doesn’t call for it!

Even if you aren’t always sure what to wear for an Aries man, be sure you are dressing appropriately for whatever you two are doing. If he’s taking you on a date, ask what you’re doing, so you’re not caught off guard.

If your Aries man wants to surprise you, he’ll still be happy to tell you how you should dress. You can even show him your outfit ahead of time to make sure it’s appropriate for whatever you’re doing.

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Wear Bold Accessories

It’s great to wear statement pieces when dressing for your Aries man. Don’t wear anything too flashy, and you don’t need to wear loads of accessories, but wear something bold that will catch his eye!

A luxurious gold necklace will catch your Aries man’s eye. He is often impressed by things that appear expensive, so don’t be afraid to get a bit fancy.

He will also love it when you wear accessories in bold colors. A bright red hair band or bracelet is a great statement piece, especially when paired with a simpler outfit.

Accessories are also great for incorporating your Aries man’s favorite color! If he loves orange, but you don’t normally like it, try wearing some orange earrings or high heels with your outfit.

Flaunt Your Best Features

The best outfits to wear to attract an Aries man are ones that flaunt your best features. Regardless of what style of clothing you wear, look for pieces that fit you well.

You can wear clothing that is both comfortable and well-fit. Find silhouettes that show off the best parts of your body. Don’t make it too obvious if you are trying to hide a certain area.

You can flaunt the features you like best, but you can also show off the parts of your body that your Aries man loves! If he thinks you have great legs, wear short skirts or skinny jeans so that he can see them.

Flaunting the best parts of yourself will help increase your confidence if you’re usually self-confident. Showing off the parts of your body that your Aries man likes will also ensure you get a few compliments, which will likely help your confidence.

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