How To Turn Your Aries Man On? A Detailed Guide

Updated February 17, 2023
How To Turn Your Aries Man On? A Detailed Guide

If you want to turn an Aries man on, be prepared to unleash your fiery and passionate side. He’s energetic, so you’ll need to keep up with him!

Sometimes, let your Aries man lead. Other times, take over and focus on him and his pleasure.

Aries men tend to be impulsive in the bedroom. Even if your Aries man has a few things he typically likes to do, he’ll probably let his spontaneous side out. Try to go along if you want to turn him on.

Before you two enter the bedroom, offer your Aries man a massage or discuss your fantasies. Telling him what you want him to do and teasing him a bit will get him riled up.

Make sure you can keep up with your Aries man in the bedroom! He often has a lot of stamina.

Let Him Lead

Aries men often like to take on a dominant role in the bedroom. This won’t be true 100% of the time, and your Aries man may let you take the lead sometimes, but he’ll be turned on when you allow him to take control.

Your Aries man will love it when he knows you trust him enough to take the lead. When you allow him to set the pace and decide what you two do, at least at first, he’ll be incredibly turned on.

Make it clear that you are allowing him to take the lead too. He’ll love it more when he knows you could take over and do what you want but that you’re letting him take over.

One of an Aries man’s turn-offs is when his partner never wants to let him lead. He’ll feel like his partner is controlling or only interested in her pleasure if she can’t let him be dominant.

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Be Fiery & Passionate

To turn your Aries man on, you need to be passionate! Fire signs are incredibly passionate people. They love it when their lovers are too.

Unleash your fiery side when you’re having sex with your Aries man. Just give in to pleasure, follow your whims, and don’t worry too much while you’re having sex with him.

Make it clear how attracted you are to your Aries man. Touch him all over, tell him how much you enjoy the things he’s doing, and just let loose around him.

Aries men need passion in the bedroom. He won’t be pleased if you just lay back and let him do everything! He might like being dominant, but he wants to see and hear how passionate you are. Don’t just keep quiet.

If you’re usually quiet and reserved, your Aries man will be incredibly turned on to see your passionate side. He’ll love knowing that you reserve that side of yourself for him, and it will always get him riled up just thinking about it.

Match His Energy

Aries men are incredibly energetic people. They’re the type to get up early in the morning and go to the gym before work, then come home after working all day and immediately start on household chores.

This energy will be present in the bedroom as well! Whether you two are having a quickie or you’re in for a marathon, your Aries man will be lively and energetic.

You must match his energy if you want to turn your Aries man on. He’ll be turned off if you seem bored or like you’re running out of steam.

Your Aries man will love it when you’re able to have sex with him as often and as long as he likes. He’ll understand if you don’t want to have sex all the time, but he’ll love having passionate and energetic sex when you do.

Even if you can’t 100% match his energy all the time, your Aries man will be extra turned on when you do, and he’ll love knowing that you’re at least trying.

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Incorporate Some Power Play

What turns an Aries man on? While an Aries man might like to take the lead and be dominant, he also loves it when his partners incorporate a little power play into their sex life.

It’s, of course, essential to establish boundaries before doing this in the bedroom. Your Aries man doesn’t want to push you too far accidentally, and he doesn’t want you to push past his boundaries, either!

Push back a little when your Aries man starts to take control. Fake as if you’re fighting him on it a bit, even though he’ll know that you’re eventually going to “give in.”

Your Aries man will love pushing back when you are more dominant. Let him! Have fun seeing who can come out on top and get a little competitive.

Talk About Your Fantasies

How do you turn an Aries man on? One thing that might rile him up before you two even get to the bedroom is if you talk about your fantasies.

Many Aries men like dirty talk. If you start telling your Aries man what you want him to do to you or what you want to do to him, that will turn him on.

Don’t be afraid to divulge all your fantasies to your Aries man. Even if they aren’t all feasible, your Aries man will love hearing them!

He’ll get turned on before you even touch him when you tell him all the sexy things you think about.

If you want to turn an Aries man on through text, message him about your fantasies. This is a great way to get him riled up before you two even see each other.

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Let Him Be Impulsive

What an Aries man wants to hear sometimes is that you’ll let him give in to his whims. He’ll be incredibly turned on if he can be impulsive without worry while you two have sex.

This is another reason you must establish clear boundaries before having sex with your Aries man. He’ll feel safe letting his impulses guide him when he knows what not to do during sex.

You can be impulsive with your Aries man too. It will turn him on when he knows you are just running on instinct. He’ll find sex far more satisfying when you two fulfill your physical urges.

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is one of an Aries man’s turn-ons. He’ll love it if you can surprise him a bit in the bedroom.

Fire signs like Aries enjoy mixing things up in the bedroom. An Aries man doesn’t want to have the same sex with you each time. He wants you to let loose.

Send your Aries man a sexy text out of the blue, or initiate sex when he’s not expecting it. Your Aries man will love it when you let your spontaneous side out, especially if you’re not usually like that.

Be spontaneous in the bedroom and do whatever feels good. As long as you’re respecting boundaries, go with the flow. If you think your Aries man might like something, do it!

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Offer Him A Massage

If you want to know how to touch an Aries man and turn him on, offer him a massage! This will make him feel good, help him relax, and prepare him for more involved bedroom activities.

A massage is a great way to start a long, passionate evening in the bedroom. You can start massaging your Aries man while you two watch a movie or do another more innocuous activity.

One of an Aries man’s favorite body parts to have massaged is his head and shoulders. He carries a lot of tension there, and having you relieve that tension will turn him on.

You can use massage oil or even wear something sexy while giving your Aries man his massage. Make it clear that you want him to feel good and that you’re just getting him ready for more involved activities later.

Focus On Him

Sometimes, attracting an Aries man is about focusing on him instead of what you’re doing or how you look. It will turn your Aries man on when you make it clear that you only want to focus on his pleasure.

Seducing an Aries man will sometimes involve putting his needs before your own. He’ll take care of you, too, but the idea that you want to focus on him completely will turn him on.

Some Aries men can be a little self-focused. Your Aries man will be incredibly turned on when you show him that you actually don’t mind when he’s focused on himself because you want to focus on him too.

Explore your Aries man’s body and do everything you know he likes. Take your time and really make sure that he’s enjoying the experience.

Some Aries men can be in a rush at times, but he’ll be turned on when you make him slow the pace down a bit.

Show your Aries man how much you love him and how well you know him. When you know exactly how to please him, he’ll be incredibly turned on.

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