Gemini Men Show Affection in These Odd Ways…

Published May 18, 2023

A Gemini man’s affection tends to be plentiful, especially if you know to look out for the odd ways he sometimes expresses love!

While a Gemini man might be affectionate in the “usual” ways sometimes, he’ll also show he cares in a variety of other ways.

A Gemini man might express affection by teasing and making fun of you. He may also text at odd hours or call you randomly. If you think he’s being annoying, he’s probably just trying to show he cares!

Your Gemini man will send you articles he thinks might interest you. When he cares about you, he’ll learn about your interests, and he’ll want to share his interests as well!

A Gemini man will invite you everywhere and may do things like show up at your house uninvited or suddenly appear at an event he knows you’ll be at.

He Makes Fun Of You

How do Gemini men show affection? Some of the ways they show affection seem odd. For example, a Gemini man who cares about you might tease and make fun of you.

Teasing is a sign of affection from a Gemini man. One of the signs a Gemini man likes you is that he will start to pick at you and make fun of you a little.

When a Gemini man makes fun of you, it’s usually all in good fun. He’s not trying to hurt your feelings or insult you. He’s trying to play around and be friendly!

You’ll know a Gemini man is teasing to be affectionate because he will avoid saying anything that would hurt your feelings. If he does cross a boundary, he’ll do his best to make you smile again!

Your Gemini man will love it when you affectionately tease him as well. This can be a fun way for you two to swap banter and show love for each other.

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He Texts At Odd Hours

How does a Gemini man express love? If your Gemini man constantly texts you, especially at odd hours, it’s because he enjoys talking to you. This is definitely one sign of affection from him!

Your Gemini man will likely be incredibly chatty when he likes you. He’ll want to talk to you as often as possible, especially if you’re as talkative as he is.

If your Gemini man texts you at 1:00 am because he saw a funny video he thought you might like, that’s a sign he cares. You’re the first person he thought of when he saw the video, and he couldn’t wait to share it!

A Gemini man might text you even when he knows you’re asleep. He’ll want to ensure he doesn’t forget whatever he wanted to tell you. Try not to get annoyed when he does this. It’s just because he cares!

He Sends You Articles

Does your Gemini man constantly send you random articles about various topics? Coming from him, this is a sign of affection!

Gemini men love learning new things. They are constantly seeking new knowledge, so reading articles about various topics is not unusual for them.

If your Gemini man sends you a news article, he thinks you’d be interested in reading it. If he sends something from a magazine about a topic you enjoy, it’s because he saw it and thought of you!

A Gemini man sharing knowledge with you is a sign he cares. If he’s constantly sending you links to articles or even giving you newspapers and magazines to read, he’s trying to share knowledge with you.

Sharing knowledge in other ways is also a sign of affection from a Gemini man. If he tries to teach you something, it’s not because he thinks you’re unintelligent. He just cares about you!

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He Makes Art Of You

One of the signs a Gemini man loves you is that you will inspire his art. It’s a sign of affection if he creates art, either of you or for you. When a Gemini man loves you, you’ll be his muse.

When your Gemini man sketches a drawing of you while you two are hanging out, that’s a sign he cares! He loves you, and he was inspired to create art of you.

A Gemini man might write poetry for you when he loves you too. It might be about you, but he may also write things based on your interests and other things you enjoy.

If your Gemini man tells you you inspire him to create things, he cares about you! Even if he creates art that is strange or doesn’t make sense to you, it’s still a sign of his affection because you inspire him.

He Calls You Randomly

A Gemini man randomly calling you is also a sign of affection. Gemini men love to chat. If your Gemini man always calls and texts you, he loves talking to you!

Gemini men are the type to call “just because.” A Gemini man might call you without having any specific topic in mind. If he wants to hear your voice, he’ll call without having any particular reason why.

If your Gemini man texts you at odd hours, he might call you at odd hours. He’ll try to be respectful, though. He’ll text instead of calling if he knows you’re sleeping or at work.

Your Gemini man will love it when you can have a random conversation with him. If he calls you just because he misses you or wants to chat, talk to him! Tell him about your day or what you’re doing, and he’ll love it.

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He Shows Up At Your House

If you’re dating a Gemini man, he might randomly show up at your house sometimes. He’s not trying to be rude or inconvenience you when he does this. He cares about you and wants to see you!

If a Gemini man gets the impulse to visit you, he’ll probably follow his whims. He won’t always double-check to make sure that you’re free. He will just show up!

A Gemini man in love won’t be able to help himself if he gets the urge to see you. He might want to take you somewhere randomly, but he’ll also be happy to hang around or even help you do chores if you’re busy!

Don’t be surprised if your Gemini man shows up at your house “just because.” He likely enjoys spending time with you! He won’t be upset if you’re busy, so don’t worry about telling him you can’t hang out if you really can’t.

He Invites You Everywhere

How do you know if a Gemini man is in love with you? He’ll want you around all the time. He will likely spend more time with you than anyone else and will be sure to invite you any time he goes anywhere.

A Gemini man who cares about you will want to spend time with you. If you’re always the first person he invites when he needs a plus-one to an event, it’s because he loves you!

Your Gemini man will likely invite you everywhere, but he won’t be offended if you have to say no sometimes. He is just offering and wouldn’t want you to feel pressured to say yes if you have something else going on.

Do try to say yes sometimes, though. Your Gemini man loves having you around if he invites you to go everywhere he does!

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He Learns About Your Interests

One of the ways to know when a Gemini man is in love is that he will be interested in the things you care about. A Gemini man will show affection by learning about your interests.

If your Gemini man starts researching specific things you’re interested in, it’s because he cares! He might also be interested in your hobbies, but he’ll want to learn more about them because he cares about you.

Your Gemini man will always listen when you want to talk about something you care about, even if it isn’t an interest of his. He’ll remember the things you tell him too! This is a sign that he genuinely cares about you.

What makes a Gemini man feel loved? He will love it when you also show interest in the things he likes. If you learn about his hobbies or ask questions about his interests, he’ll know you care about him.

He Acts Ridiculous Around You

Do Gemini men like physical affection? Many of them do, but that’s not the primary way they show love. If your Gemini man acts ridiculous and goofy around you, that’s likely one of the ways he shows he cares!

Your Gemini man might do silly things like play fight with you to show affection. If he acts a little childish and nudges your shoulder or pretends to punch your arm, it’s a sign of love.

A Gemini man will be silly and joke around a lot when he cares about you. He won’t care about putting on a serious face or trying to seem “mature.” He’ll let you see his childish side.

The more ridiculous a Gemini man is around you, the more comfortable he is. You’ll see many different sides of him, but being silly is one of the ways he’ll show you he cares.

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