How To Please Your Gemini Man in Bed (Original Ideas)

Updated August 26, 2023

If you want to please a Gemini man in bed, let him see your wild side! That will really turn him on.

Don’t hold back if you want to please your Gemini man. He’ll be more satisfied when you’re spontaneous, wild, and kinky.

Gemini men tend to be adventurous and spontaneous in bed. If you want to please your Gemini man, you should be too! Try new things, get wild, and don’t be afraid to get kinky too.

Your Gemini man will love it when you talk dirty to him, praise him, and tease him in the bedroom. It will turn him on when you tell him what to do, but he also likes to take turns controlling things.

Laugh with your Gemini man in the bedroom. Just have fun, and don’t take things too seriously. He’ll love that.

Be Kinky

A Gemini man’s sexuality can be a little crazy! He tends to be kinky and loves it when his partners are too. Being kinky is one of the easiest ways to please a Gemini man in bed.

Be open about your kinks when you’re with a Gemini man. He won’t judge you and will likely be down to try them out!

Your Gemini man might be fine with more vanilla sex sometimes, but that won’t always be enough for him. He likely has a few kinks, and there will be new ones he wants to test out too.

Be kinky if you want to please your Gemini man. Even if you’re not the most kinky person, open up and try new things with him! He’ll appreciate it, and it will turn him on.

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Talk Dirty

If you want to know how to turn on a Gemini man, talk dirty to him. This is one of his favorite things to do in the bedroom.

This is a great way to start riling your Gemini man before you two even make it to the bedroom. If you’re apart, you can text him some seductive and dirty things to drive him wild.

If you’re not sure how to talk dirty in a way your Gemini man will like, listen when he talks dirty. He likely will so pay attention to what he says!

You can start by telling your Gemini man some things you’d like to try with him. Tell him what you want to do to him or what you’d like him to do to you. As you do this more and more, dirty talk will become easier.

Do Something New

What do Gemini men like to do in bed? Gemini men tend to be incredibly adventurous. If you want to please your Gemini man, you should be up for trying new things with him!

Let your Gemini man see your adventurous side in the bedroom. If you always do the same things, he’ll get bored! Mix things up if you want to please him, and keep pleasing him.

A Gemini man’s likes and dislikes are constantly changing. Even if your Gemini man loves a particular position or kink, that doesn’t mean he’ll always want to do that.

Your Gemini man will likely suggest new things to try. If you show him that you’re willing to try new things, he’ll find that incredibly attractive. If you suggest new things, he’ll be even more pleased!

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Be Spontaneous & Wild

What attracts a Gemini man? One trait Gemini men are attracted to is spontaneity. Your Gemini man will be incredibly pleased if you are spontaneous and wild in the bedroom.

While you should talk over certain things regarding sex, your Gemini man will also appreciate a certain level of spontaneity. You can follow your whims and surprise him in bed sometimes.

Sex doesn’t always need to be slow or gentle when you’re with a Gemini man. He’ll want to see you be wild and uninhibited. Seeing you enjoying yourself and being free in the bedroom will rile him up.

A Gemini man will let you know if he doesn’t like something. Don’t worry about going overboard or being too wild. He’ll have a great time when you just let loose sexually.

Praise Him

Praise is one of a Gemini man’s turn-ons. He will love it when you compliment him and tell him everything he’s doing right in the bedroom.

When you’re having sex with a Gemini man, take the time to tell him what you enjoy about sex with him. Praise and compliment him. If you’re enjoying something, don’t stay quiet about it!

Your Gemini man will feel appreciated when you praise him in the bedroom. The praise will also turn him on and encourage him to continue doing the specific things you enjoy most.

A Gemini man will likely praise you too. If he likes something, you’ll know right away! He can be incredibly vocal in the bedroom and will love it when you are too. Don’t worry about overdoing it or sounding silly. He’ll love the praise.

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Role Play

Another specific thing many Gemini men love in the bedroom is role-playing. Your Gemini man will love being spontaneous, but he’ll also love planning out some scenes with you sometimes too.

Role-playing lets a Gemini man show his creative and dramatic side. He’ll love pretending to be somebody else in the bedroom occasionally. Something as simple as wearing a special outfit in the bedroom will turn him on!

You don’t need to role-play constantly, but a Gemini man will love it when you do!

Some sexual role-play can be very involved. It will take some planning. That’s not always the case, though. You can be more spontaneous with this, too, especially if you have some outfits ready.

Laugh with Him

If you’re dating a Gemini man, you know he has a good sense of humor. He loves to laugh a lot, and that isn’t any less true in the bedroom!

Sex isn’t always a serious thing for a Gemini man. Even if he feels a strong, intimate connection with you, that doesn’t mean he’ll always focus on intense, emotional sex.

You can joke around with your Gemini man in the bedroom. Start a tickle fight or make some jokes while you two have sex.

Your Gemini won’t be turned off if you’re silly during sex. He’ll find it attractive and likely enjoy sex with you even more!

If your Gemini man laughs with you during sex, he’s having a good time. He’ll love letting loose and enjoying himself in many ways with you.

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Tease Him

If you want to know how to attract a Gemini man, tease him. He’ll love it when you do this in and out of the bedroom. Don’t always give him what he wants right away.

Teasingly kiss your Gemini man, then pull back from him. Start doing something he likes, then move on before he’s truly satisfied.

Your Gemini man will love it when you give him a strip tease or make him work for what he wants. Make things a little challenging in the bedroom. That will turn him on!

You can also start teasing your Gemini man via text or when you’re out in public. Play footsie with him under the table at dinner. Whisper dirty things in his ear and tell him what he can expect later, then make him wait.

Tell Him What to Do

Your Gemini man will love it when you boss him around in the bedroom. He won’t always want you to tell him what to do, but he’ll be turned on when you do sometimes.

If you like something specific in the bedroom, tell your Gemini man to do it! Let him know what you want. He’ll appreciate it when you’re bold and direct.

Sometimes, your Gemini man will want you to take control completely. He’ll do it without question if you tell him to do something.

If your Gemini man is stressed out or having a bad day, taking control can help him relax. Just tell him what to do, and he’ll gladly do it if it means he doesn’t have to think for a while.

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Take Turns Controlling Things

If you want to know how to drive a Gemini man wild, take turns controlling things. While he will love it when you tell him what to do and take on a more dominant role, he’ll want to be dominant sometimes too.

Sometimes, your Gemini man wants you to be in control. He’ll listen when you tell him what to do and be happy to follow your lead. That won’t always be the case, though.

Pull back a little if your Gemini man seems like he isn’t having a good time when you’re taking the lead. Tell him that you want to do what he wants, and be willing to follow his lead.

Your Gemini man will be pleased when you two can take turns being dominant. Sometimes, he’ll want to be in control. He’ll love calling the shots. Other times, he’ll want you to call the shots, and he’ll be happy to follow along.

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