10 Secrets To Kiss a Libra Man (The Way He Likes)

Updated August 26, 2023

Knowing how to kiss a Libra man and make him fall in love with you sets you apart from other women. Libra men are helpless romantics.

Libra men wish women understood the way they like kissing. You must know how to sweep him off his feet with a romantic kiss.

Do Libras like kissing? As the romantics of the zodiac, Libra men love kissing. But you must kiss a Libra man the way he likes.

Knowing how and when to kiss a Libra man can make the difference between making him fall in love and scaring him away. A Libra man is particular about his kissing style.

Kissing a Libra man can spice up your romance. You can soothe a Libra man’s nerves with the right kiss. Kissing can make a Libra man fall for you.

1. Kiss After a Toast

One of the best times to kiss a Libra man is after a toast. Libra men love enjoying their favorite alcoholic beverages on a romantic date. They love pleasure and are good-natured.

When you are on a date with a Libra man, raise your glass and make a toast to harmony and justice or some of his other favorite things. After the toast, kiss your Libra man, and he’ll be excited.

You can excite a Libra man by setting the mood for celebration and optimism. Libra men love positivity and are thrilled when you set the scene for love and romance and then kiss.

A Libra man loves kissing as part of a celebration. He commemorates special milestones with a kiss. He feels passion and excitement when you kiss him after making a toast.

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2. Kiss To Romantic Music

Another way to set the tone for a powerful kiss is to play romantic music. Libra men are influenced by their surroundings. Make a romantic playlist that is perfect for a Libra man.

Libra men love feeling like heroes in a romance movie. Kiss him when his favorite love song is on the radio. Set the mood with songs he loves on a playlist in the background.

Take advantage of a synchronistic moment when a love song comes on the overhead speaker at the grocery store or restaurant and surprise him with a long, passionate kiss. Libra men get into the mood with the help of their favorite music.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man cry tears of joy, kiss him during his favorite romantic music. Write a song for your Libra man and kiss him when he listens.

3. Kiss Passionately

You may not have the perfect music playing, but you can always impress your Libra man when you kiss him the way he likes. How does a Libra man kiss? He loves dynamic kissing.

Libra is the sign of the scales. He loves balance and harmony, and kissing is no exception. Kiss a Libra man passionately, but alter your style to give him a sense of balance.

Start with soft kisses and become more intense and passionate. Kiss dramatically, then slow down. You can melt a Libra man’s heart when you kiss him intensely.

You can seduce a Libra man in bed when you kiss him passionately, followed by slow, soft kisses. Alternate these two forms of kissing, and you will make your Libra man go wild with desire.

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4. Don’t Be Sloppy

You may kiss a Libra man passionately, but don’t be sloppy when you kiss a Libra man. He is image conscious and cares about hygiene and tidiness.

The key to kissing a Libra man is to act like you’re losing control without becoming sloppy. When your kissing becomes intense, back off and slow down, this helps you avoid messy kisses.

Keep breath mints handy, and don’t be shy about using mints or gum on a date with a Libra man. A Libra man is sensitive to taste and smell when kissing.

What scares a Libra man is the thought of being controlled or dominated by a woman. Be mindful of balance, and you can avoid scaring him away. Harmonious, soft kisses also help you avoid being sloppy when you kiss a Libra man.

If a Libra man loves you, he may overlook an occasional sloppy kiss. But you will be better off avoiding sloppy kisses with a Libra man. A shy Libra man won’t give you direct feedback, but he may avoid you.

5. Kiss His Neck

One of the best ways to make a Libra man’s heart melt is to kiss his neck. Libra men have specific sensitive areas on their bodies. Kiss his neck to arouse a Libra man.

When you kiss a Libra man’s neck, use a range of intensities. Be dynamic and switch from soft kisses to a more aggressive kissing style. Avoid kissing the same area for too long.

Kiss a Libra man on the sides of his neck. He loves balance and needs symmetry when kissing. Remember to kiss the front of a LIbra man’s neck gently.

One area women often forget about is the back of a Libra man’s neck. Kiss the back of his neck along his hairline, and you can drive a Libra man wild.

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6. Kiss His Earlobes

Another place Libra men love being kissed is their earlobes. You can kiss any part of a Libra man’s ears and turn him on. He is sensitive to sounds and loves it when you kiss him while whispering in his ears.

Yet when you kiss his earlobes, you can intensify a Libra man’s pleasure. He may fall in love when he sees how instinctively you understand his desires.

Kiss a Libra man’s earlobe on each ear to create balance. Libra men are sensitive, so don’t kiss one area for too long without taking a break and moving to another part of his body.

Kiss a Libra man’s earlobes, and you can help him open his heart. You can help him lower his guard and show his vulnerable side when you kiss this sensitive area of his body.

7. Kiss His Hands

Kiss a Libra man’s hands innocently, and you can warm his heart. Your Libra man loves it when you pay attention to his hands and fingers.

Kiss your Libra man’s palms and the backs of his hands. Pay attention to both of his hands to ensure balance. When you kiss a Libra man’s hands, you can surprise him.

He doesn’t expect you to pay attention to his hands. When you kiss his hands, a Libra man will feel like you are attentive to his desires and pleasure.

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8. Kiss Symmetrically

Libra is the sign of the scales, and as such, he craves balance and symmetry. You can thrill a Libra man by kissing him with attention to harmony.

Keep symmetry in mind when you kiss a Libra man. Balance fast and slow kissing. Kiss the right and left sides of his body equally. Don’t linger in one area for too long.

Kiss a Libra man in symmetrical patterns. You can thrill a Libra man if you pay attention to balance and kiss him with equal attention to different parts of his body.

Sleeping with a Libra man too soon is a problem for most women. Libra men need balance and harmony. Pay attention to different parts of his body when you kiss him but make him wait and anticipate an intimate relationship.

9. Kiss During a Movie

Kiss a Libra man during a movie, and you appeal to his desire for romance and the arts. He loves enjoying films, and his artistic nature comes out when he watches a movie.

Don’t kiss him during important parts of the plot he’ll get frustrated. Kiss a Libra man during a romantic part of a movie to enhance his mood.

You can kiss a Libra man during a movie and distract him from the film. It is best to kiss a Libra man briefly during a movie. Frequent kisses throughout a film are best for a Libra man.

What kind of woman does a Libra man like? He falls for women who appreciate the arts and romance the way he does. Show him you are into him and enjoying a movie by kissing him at key moments.

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10. Kiss Under The Stars

Stroll under the full moon with your Libra love interest and kiss him under the stars. A Libra man loves kissing at night. Encourage him to make a wish on a star and then kiss him.

Kissing under the stars makes a Libra man feel connected to you and the universe. He feels a romantic thrill when you kiss him under the stars.

Libra men have a sense of aesthetics. Their romantic nature is tied to their love of art and image. Kiss him in a picturesque setting, and you can entice a Libra man.

If you kiss a Libra man on the first date, wait until you are outdoors walking to your car. Kissing him under a starry sky helps a Libra man get lost in the moment.

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