How To Deal With an Angry Libra Man (Detailed Guide)

Updated August 28, 2023

Try to remain calm if your Libra man is angry. Help him work through things, be understanding, and validate his feelings.

Your Libra man likely won’t lash out when angry. However, he will appreciate the opportunity to vent and talk about his feelings.

Libra men don’t often get angry. When they do, they try to keep things inside. They rarely lash out, though learning how to express their anger is good for them.

Let your Libra man know that it’s okay to express his anger. Validate his emotions and be compassionate. Help him work through things if necessary, or just be there to listen to him vent.

If your Libra man is angry at you, apologize! He likely won’t remain mad long. He’ll appreciate it when you take the time to help him calm down and relax anyway.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

If you want to know how to deal with a difficult Libra man, keep your emotions in check.

Libra men typically try to behave rationally. Many ignore their “negative” emotions and don’t usually lash out. However, their anger can explode if they ignore it for too long.

If your Libra man acts irrationally or becomes a little dramatic when angry, just stay calm. He needs to work through his emotions. Getting upset with him won’t help anything!

Your positive, calm energy can make a Libra man feel better. When he’s upset and needs to vent, knowing that you can be a calming presence will make him more likely to go to you when angry.

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Apologize If Necessary

If you aren’t sure what to do when a Libra man is mad at you, try apologizing! This is usually the easiest way to calm him down.

An apology can go a long way with a Libra man. If you argue, apologize once you’ve both had time to calm down. If you say something to hurt his feelings, tell him you’re sorry and do better in the future.

Do Libra men forgive easily? Many of them do. Your Libra man doesn’t want to hold a grudge and stay mad at you. He’ll likely forgive you without an apology for minor things, too.

You should apologize either way, though. Let your Libra man know that you care about him and didn’t mean to upset him. That will calm him down and show him that you respect his feelings.

Listen to Him Vent

While apologizing to a Libra man will make him feel better when he’s angry at you, listening to him will usually be the best thing to do if he’s mad about something else.

Your Libra man usually isn’t looking for you to fix his problems. He’s a good problem solver, especially regarding interpersonal issues. He’s diplomatic and likely already knows how to fix an issue he’s having with someone else.

When your Libra man vents, just listen. He will ask for advice if he wants it. If he doesn’t, just let him know that you’re listening. Validate his feelings and show him he’s not wrong for feeling angry.

Sometimes, venting will be all a Libra man needs to calm down. This will help him work through his anger. He’ll know you care about him when you’re willing to listen, too!

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Be Compassionate

The best way to handle a Libra man when he’s upset is with compassion. Always try to be kind and caring when interacting with your Libra man.

Show concern for your Libra man if he’s acting angry and out of character. Instead of getting irritated with his behavior, be kind to him.

Show sympathy for your Libra man’s anger, especially if he’s upset about a situation that is out of his control. Don’t judge him for his emotions, even if you’re the one he’s mad at.

Compassion will show your Libra man that you love him. When you are sensitive to his feelings, he’ll know you care about him. If you are calm and kind, you can help him talk through things and calm down faster too.

Being compassionate after an argument with your Libra man might be challenging. Try anyway! This will help you two work through things instead of getting into another fight.

Try to Be Understanding

Try to be understanding when your Libra man is mad. Put yourself in his shoes and try understanding where he’s coming from. Understanding his emotions will help you bond with him, and you’ll be able to help him better.

Being understanding after fighting with a Libra man is essential. Think about the argument you had. Try to see things from his point of view so that you can better understand why he’s angry.

You might not always understand why a Libra man is angry. This can be challenging if he’s upset about something that doesn’t bother you at all. Try to understand anyway.

Talk to your Libra man. Ask him to explain if you genuinely can’t understand why he’s upset. Talk through things with him until you better understand why he feels the way he does.

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Be Warm & Affectionate

If your Libra man is upset about something, be warm and affectionate. Offering some affection after an apology will help your Libra man feel better!

Affection can always cheer a Libra man up, whether he’s mad at you, someone else, or a specific situation. A reminder that he’s loved is sometimes just what a Libra man needs to work through his feelings.

Sometimes, getting a hug after a hard day can make a Libra man feel better. Holding his hand while he talks about his feelings will also help him work through things.

Your Libra man will feel loved when you’re affectionate toward him. If he’s upset after an argument, physical affection and a reminder that you still love him will help him calm down and eliminate lingering negative feelings.

Validate His Feelings

What makes a Libra man angry? Libra men try not to get mad about the small stuff. If your Libra man is angry, validate his feelings! He’s not just being overdramatic or getting mad for no reason.

You might not always understand why your Libra man is angry. Something that upsets him might not bother you at all. You should still validate his feelings, though.

If you try to brush your Libra man’s anger aside, he’ll stop going to you about his feelings. He might start to bottle things up more, resulting in him lashing out later.

Remind your Libra man that anger is a perfectly valid emotion. It’s not wrong or shameful. You can help him work through his anger in positive and productive ways but don’t make him feel bad for being angry in the first place.

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Help Him Work Through Things

Libra men sometimes need help working through their anger. They aren’t always used to acknowledging that they are angry in the first place!

If your Libra man is angry, don’t try to distract him. Don’t encourage him to ignore his anger. Instead, help him figure out how to work through it.

There will be times when it’s easy to resolve a Libra man’s anger. If he’s angry at you, you two can work things out. If he’s mad at a friend, he might be able to work through things with them.

Other times, a Libra man might be upset about something he can’t control. Encourage him to talk things over in that case. Even if he can’t solve the problem, he can still discuss his emotions.

Once he’s worked through things, he can relax or distract himself. Your Libra man should acknowledge his feelings first, though!

Do Something Fun Together

A Libra man should talk through his emotions and try to work through his anger instead of ignoring it. If he distracts himself and ignores his feelings, he’s more likely to lash out.

After talking things over, you should do something fun with your Libra man! He might need some cheering up, especially if he’s upset about something he can’t fix right now.

Go to a party or have some drinks at the bar with your Libra man. Take him out for a fun date night, and just enjoy yourselves.

Doing something fun with your Libra man after a fight will help you both calm down. This is a great way to get rid of any lingering anger or resentment after you’ve apologized and talked through things.

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Help Him Relax

How long do Libra men stay mad? Your Libra man likely won’t stay mad for long, especially if the issue he’s angry about gets resolved.

If your Libra man is angry about something he can’t fix, help him relax. If he still seems tense after an argument and you’ve already apologized for upsetting him, he might need some help calming down and relaxing.

Sometimes, doing something fun will help a Libra man relax, but not always. If he doesn’t seem up for socializing or going out, stay home and hang out together.

You can offer your Libra man a massage or something else to take his mind off things. Enjoy some good food or wine together. Watch his favorite television show or movie with him.

Relaxing can help a Libra man rid himself of any lingering tension he feels. After you’ve talked through things with him, just enjoy yourselves for a while.

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