How To Deal With Your Libra Man When He’s Upset?

Updated March 10, 2023
How To Deal With Your Libra Man When He’s Upset?

An upset Libra man considers calling off the relationship. Libras go to extremes in love.

You must make the right moves to soothe a Libra man’s feelings when he is upset with you. Never take chances with a Libra man.

Like their symbol, the scales, Libra men can be erratic in love. When they are happy, your romance seems perfect. But that changes when a Libra man is upset.

Knowing how to soothe his nerves and restore harmony in your relationship when a Libra man is upset with you is an essential skill. You must have a plan ready for his low moods.

How you react when a Libra man is upset with you can make or break your relationship. Be prepared to play peacekeeper rather than going on the defensive when he’s mad.

Validate His Feelings

Give your Libra man the support he needs when he is upset with you. Even if you think he is overreacting, your Libra man wants to be seen and understood. He may overreact if he’s upset but validate him anyway.

Your Libra man can vacillate between serenity and anxiety. He may read too much into your words or actions. Rather than focusing on defending yourself, listen to his concerns first.

Let your Libra man know you empathize with his feelings. Don’t escalate the argument trying to prove that he’s wrong and you’re right. If he’s upset, he wants to be validated and soothed, not challenged.

You can correct the record after you tend to his hurt feelings. Your Libra man is more sensitive than he lets on. You can reassure him the relationship is worth saving if you validate him rather than judging or becoming confrontational.

A Libra man angry at an Aquarius woman can trigger all the wrong reactions. An Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Taurus woman make the mistake of focusing on facts but ignoring his feelings.

When a Libra man is upset, he needs emotional validation before he can deal with the details of the situation. Slow down and connect with him emotionally.

If you want to know how to annoy a Libra man, disregard his feelings. It won’t take long for a Libra man to become frustrated with you if you don’t validate him.

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Make Him Laugh

One of the best ways to diffuse a tense situation with a Libra man is to make him laugh. You must understand his subtle cues so you can use this strategy effectively.

If you try to use humor with a Libra man when he’s too deep in an upset mood, he thinks you’re making light of his hurt feelings. Validate his feelings first.

Take the time to reflective listening so he knows you are attentive and compassionate. Make him feel heard and understood. Once you have a Libra man’s trust, or if he is not too upset, break the tension with humor.

A Libra man needs comedic relief. Yet Libras are sensitive to timing. They crave balance and can misread your intentions if you try to make them laugh at the wrong time.

Read his signals and use this strategy when he is receptive to humor. Avoid making him laugh when he is depressed, sad, or hurt. Attend to his feelings first, then cheer him up by telling jokes.

Never joke at your Libra man’s expense. He must be in the right mood to understand your intention. He can take a joke when he’s upset if he sees you are trying in good faith to lift his spirits and not belittle him.

The dark side of a Libra man in a relationship emerges when he’s upset with you. One of the best ways to help him express his shadow side is to use your sense of humor to de-escalate him.

Balance His Emotions

Your Libra man needs your help to balance his feelings. When he is upset, empathize with him, but maintain your cheerful disposition. If you match his feelings too closely, he is repelled by you.

If your Libra man is depressed, don’t get as down in a low mood as he is. He will become too overwhelmed by your heavy feelings and emotional needs. Instead, keep a positive outlook but show him you relate to him.

When your Libra man is anxious, you must stay calm. If he is angry, show compassion and remind him of your optimistic, cheerful nature. If he is sad, offer empathy and comfort without getting absorbed by his feelings.

If you are an empath, your Libra man appreciates your understanding. Yet he feels suffocated by your overwhelming feelings. He can’t tolerate your heavy emotions in addition to his.

How long do Libras stay mad? He can be angry and resentful for a long time if you don’t follow the necessary steps to de-escalate him. Just because he looks calm again doesn’t mean he’s over the argument.

Libra men are people-pleasing and try to hide their frustrations. But they inevitably show they are upset and their conflicts have not been resolved. When a Libra man is hurt, you may not know it until much later.

You must balance his feelings so that he comes back to the center rather than going to extremes emotionally. You can help him restore his serenity and perspective.

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Practice Active Listening

Master the art of active listening when your Libra man is upset. You can ease and comfort him if you use this tactic. Active listening is a skill that counselors develop.

But you need not be a professional helper to employ this strategy. When your Libra man is upset, listen intently. Reflect his message and ask for clarification.

Your Libra man appreciates the undivided attention you give him. Active listening emphasizes making brief statements to show your Libra man that you hear him, and understand what he is saying, as you focus on giving him space to express his feelings.

Learning this skill requires practice. You may be tempted to jump in and correct him or explain yourself. Yet when you practice active listening, make him the center of your focus.

A Libra man angry at an Aries woman usually feels unheard and invalidated. Aries women are eager to fix the problem and have difficulty giving a Libra man what he wants.

Rather than getting an Aries man to be happy, you’re better off actively listening to him. Let him see you are interested in understanding what belies his anger. Your Libra man needs compassion when he’s upset.

Practice active listening if you want to know how to make a Libra man regret losing you after a breakup. He will want to be around you and rethink his hasty decision to break up with you.

Play Relaxing Music

You can prepare a Libra man for conversations when he’s upset if you set the tone first. Before confronting him or getting lost in complicated topics, play relaxing music.

Your Libra man won’t respond well to discussions about why he’s upset if you don’t take the time to help him de-escalate first. He must settle his nerves before he’s open to discussing why he’s upset.

He needs empathy and understanding as he expresses his feelings, yet he won’t open up if he’s too tense. Make a relaxing playlist featuring some of his favorite songs.

Libra men must decompress before talking about why he’s upset. Never skip this step. He needs to unwind, and listening to music helps him relax. Your Libra man becomes more receptive when he listens to relaxing music.

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Be Affectionate

You can help a Libra man calm down when he’s upset with you and encourage his emotional connection if you are affectionate. Massage his shoulders and rub his back when he’s anxious.

A sad Libra man responds well to silent cuddling. You can lift his mood without saying a single word. When he’s depressed, he may not want to talk, but he shows his love through affection and hugging.

If your Libra man is angry, you can encourage him to express himself and vent his frustration if you hold his hand. An angry Libra man isn’t in the mood for full-body affection.

Yet simple displays of connection and affection work well for an angry Libra man. He likes making contact with you. Simple gestures of affection help him release his anger and frustration.

Show Sensitivity

Your Libra man can be encouraged to release anger and agitation when he sees your sensitivity. Remind him of your empathic and gentle nature. An upset Libra man’s heart softens when you take a compassionate approach.

You can help your Libra man find his center and ground himself. Never judge him, instead, let him see you are sensitive and caring. Libra men get upset but are less likely to hold a grudge if you are gentle and kind.

Let your Libra man know you empathize with his feelings even if you don’t agree with his perspective. Speak softly when a Libra man is upset. Let him vent, and then use affection and a gentle touch to coax him out of his low mood.

When a Libra man is sad, you can soothe and nurture him. Your sensitivity and willingness to connect with him help uplift him. Gradually, his mood shifts, and he resumes his cheerful nature.

If you’re wondering how to know when a Libra man is done with you, pay attention to his response to your compassion. He shuts down and goes cold when he is through with the relationship.

Will a Libra man apologize if he overreacts? When he sees how sensitive you are, a Libra man settles down. He becomes more rational and eventually apologizes because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

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