10 Secrets To Catch a Pisces Man’s Attention

Updated August 27, 2023

If you want to get a Pisces man’s attention, you need to stand out from the crowd!

Be creative, quirky, and unique. Show off your own personal style and get your Pisces man to see how interesting you are. That will get his attention.

Pisces men are drawn to creative, compassionate women who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Show your Pisces man what makes you unique if you want him to notice you.

Wearing bright colors and being trendy is a quick way to catch a Pisces man’s eye. However, you need more than looks to get your Pisces man’s attention!

Talk about your dreams with your Pisces man. Be compassionate and patient toward him. Show genuine interest in him and make him feel special. That will catch his attention, and keep it!

1. Be Compassionate

You must be compassionate if you want to know how to attract a Pisces man. If you’re rude or insensitive, he’ll be turned off.

A Pisces man will notice you if you’re always a caring and compassionate person. If you two have mutual friends, he’ll likely hear about what a kind person you are from them!

Do your best to help out others when they need it. You’ll get your Pisces man’s attention when you’re someone that others can rely on.

Your Pisces man will notice if you’re kind to everyone around you. If you’re sensitive to the needs of others, he’ll pick up on that!

Don’t just act compassionate when your Pisces man is around. Of course, he’ll appreciate it when you’re nice to him, but he’ll notice when you’re genuinely kind to everyone.

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2. Show Him Your Sensitive Side

If you want to know how to get a Pisces man to chase you, show him your sensitive side. Let him see that you could be the caring, loving partner that he needs.

You’ll be able to hold a Pisces man’s attention longer when he knows that you have a softer side. Let him see it even if you don’t always show it to others!

You’ll get your Pisces man’s attention if you try to talk to him about sensitive and emotional topics. He will gladly listen to you and offer support, even if you two aren’t close yet.

You’ll get his attention if you can open up and be vulnerable with a Pisces man early on. He’ll appreciate it when he can be vulnerable with you too. This will ensure that you keep his attention for a long time.

3. Be Creative

Talk about art if you want to know what to say to a Pisces man to get his attention! Pisces men are creative and love it when others also appreciate creativity.

A Pisces man’s ideal woman has a creative side. Even if she’s not an artist by trade, she thinks creatively and values art. If you are an artist, that will catch your Pisces man’s eye!

Show off your artistic pursuits when your Pisces man is around. If you’re in any group chats with him, send pictures of the things you create. If he follows you on social media, post about your art there too.

Your creativity will quickly get a Pisces man’s attention. You’ll hold his attention if you show interest in his creative pursuits, too, so be sure to ask if he also makes art!

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4. Talk About Your Dreams

When attracting a Pisces man, talk about your dreams! He’s all about dreams and fantasies. Talking about yours will get his attention.

Your Pisces man wants to hear about the dreams you have at night and also your hopes and dreams for the future. You will always get his attention easily if you’re the type who has wild dreams while you sleep, though!

If you want to know what to text a Pisces man to get his attention, text him and say you had a dream about him. He’ll respond so he can hear all about it!

Talk animatedly about the dreams you have. You will get your Pisces man’s attention if you talk about them like you’re telling a story. You’ll hold his attention for a while, too.

5. Be Quirky & Unique

If you want to know how to catch a Pisces man’s eye, show him what makes you unique. He’ll be drawn to you if you’re a little quirky.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself around a Pisces man. If you have certain traits that others think are odd, show those to him! He’ll likely appreciate them.

Talk about your crazy hobbies and just be yourself. You’ll get your Pisces man’s attention more easily when you are confident in yourself, no matter how weird some of your traits or interests are.

Even if you don’t think there’s anything that makes you unique, there is! Find what it is and let your Pisces man see that. Being a little quirky will always catch a Pisces man’s eye, especially if you’re openly yourself.

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6. Be Patient with Him

You’ll get his attention if you can be patient with your Pisces man. Pisces men can be chaotic and unpredictable at times, so they’re used to people losing their patience with them.

Show your Pisces man you can be patient even if he is late for a group hangout. He’ll notice if everyone else gets irritated with him, but you don’t!

If your Pisces man is ever having trouble with something and everyone else has given up trying to help, show him you’re patient. Continue trying to help him. He’ll appreciate it!

Sometimes Pisces men need some extra patience. When your Pisces man knows that you can be patient with him, he’ll notice you more. You’ll go from being a casual acquaintance to a close friend, or more, in no time.

7. Wear Bright Colors

Getting a Pisces man’s attention is sometimes as easy as wearing bright colors! Bold colors will always catch his eye, especially if you wear his favorite color.

You’ll usually need more than your clothes and looks to keep a Pisces man’s attention, but bright colors are always an excellent way to get his eye quickly at a party or other event you’re both at.

Many Pisces men like ocean tones, so try wearing a vibrant green or a bold, bright blue the next time you see him.

This is a great way to get a Pisces man’s attention regardless of your relationship.

A Pisces acquaintance will notice you when you walk into the room. Your Pisces partner might do a double-take when you show up for date night in bright colors, too!

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8. Be Trendy

What attracts a Pisces man? If you’re trying to catch his eye, you can easily do so by wearing trendy outfits.

Being trendy is about more than following all the latest fashion trends. It’s about creating trends and standing out from the crowd. You’ll get your Pisces man’s attention if you wear outfits that turn everyone’s heads.

Your fashion is an excellent way to show your Pisces man that you’re a little quirky, too. This is a great way to show him how unique you are!

Get creative with your fashion, and you’ll catch your Pisces man’s eye. He’ll notice if you show up wearing an exciting color combination or a mix of patterns that don’t usually “go” together.

Being trendy is an easy way to get your Pisces man to look your way. Once you’ve got his attention, focus on other ways of standing out to keep his attention.

9. Make Him Feel Special

What keeps a Pisces man interested? You’ll get his attention by looking good and being interesting. You’ll keep that attention by making him feel special.

Don’t just focus on yourself when trying to get your Pisces man’s attention. He’ll notice your bright outfit or kind nature, but he might not stick around if you don’t make him feel good.

Compliment your Pisces man. Listen to him and show genuine interest in what he’s telling you. Actively engage when he’s talking about something, especially if he’s telling you about a topic he cares about!

When you make a Pisces man feel special, he’ll notice you. He’ll want to be around you more. You won’t have to continuously get his attention because you’ll already have it.

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10. Joke Around

If you can make a Pisces man laugh, he’ll notice you! Don’t be too serious when you’re around, and you’ll catch his eye.

Joke around when you interact with your Pisces man. You can also tell jokes at a party, and he’ll likely notice, especially if everyone else is laughing!

Pisces men can get along with nearly anyone but don’t always like to be around overly serious people. If you are charming and funny, he’ll notice you!

You’ll hold his attention when you joke around and can easily make a Pisces man laugh. When he sees you’re beautiful, intelligent, creative, and funny, he’ll want to be around you more!

Pisces men like a wide variety of humor. Try out whatever you like best, or switch things around when you’re with him. You’ll find something to make him smile.

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