Will Your Scorpio Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

Updated September 10, 2023

If your Scorpio man upsets you, you may expect him to apologize. But Scorpio men aren’t like other men.

They expect you to apologize for hurting his feelings, but he follows a double standard. Scorpio men avoid apologizing.

Just because you think a Scorpio man owes you an apology doesn’t mean you will get one from him. Scorpio men can be surprising in that they are sensitive but stubborn.

A Scorpio man who knows he did something wrong still avoids taking responsibility. Men born under this sign must be in control at all times.

If a Scorpio man apologizes to you, he believes he has lost the upper hand. This assumption prevents him from admitting when he has done something wrong.

He Blames You

One of the first signs you’ll see when a Scorpio man knows he was wrong but doesn’t want to apologize is him shifting blame. He points the finger at you and finds reasons to blame you for whatever went wrong.

Initially, a Scorpio man tries to blame a third party. But if he can’t find an outside party to blame, he will twist the facts and manipulate the narrative to make it seem like everything wrong is your fault.

Scorpio men are prideful, and while they aren’t arrogant like Leo or Sagittarius men, they are sensitive and cover their flaws to avoid shame. They try to hide from accountability.

A Scorpio man blames you, putting you on the defensive, which can lead to your relationship falling apart. But the sad truth about a Scorpio man is he will risk sabotaging a relationship rather than apologizing.

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He Gaslights You

Scorpio men are perceptive and can sense your unconscious desires. He can see beneath the surface and knows how to manipulate your emotions.

At best, this helps him lay on the charm when he’s seducing you. But when he doesn’t want to apologize, Scorpio uses this talent to gaslight you.

Never underestimate a Scorpio man’s capacity to confuse and deceive you. He is a master of psychological manipulation. Scorpio men know this can be toxic, but they will resort to gaslighting to protect themselves.

Scorpio men have a double standard when it comes to accountability. They expect honesty and transparency from you but have no problem gaslighting you when they have done something wrong.

Losing control is what hurts a Scorpio the most. They don’t apologize because they don’t want to lose power if they admit to making a mistake.

He Avoids Apologizing

Some Scorpio men are more conscious and self-aware. They’ve gone to therapy and used self-help techniques to lower their defenses. Yet they are still not ready to accept responsibility.

In this case, a Scorpio man avoids apologizing by being sly. He tiptoes around the issue and changes the subject. He may be evasive and go quiet when you try to get him to apologize.

When a Scorpio man wants to avoid an argument but doesn’t want to admit he did something wrong, he skates past the topic and hopes you won’t hold him accountable. He avoids apologizing but doesn’t go out of his way to turn the tables on you.

His behavior still doesn’t address the problem. You may become resentful over time when a Scorpio man won’t apologize. He wants you to forgive and forget, but you know it’s impossible to let go until you have accountability.

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He Distracts You

Scorpio men sometimes resort to immature tactics to dodge an overdue apology. He tries to distract you when you bring up your grievance with a Scorpio man. He may change the subject and ask you about something else.

Sometimes, a Scorpio man distracts you by showering you with gifts and compliments when he doesn’t want to take responsibility. He avoids apologizing by trying to build you up or love-bomb you.

You may assume he is being narcissistic, but narcissists and Scorpios use some of the same strategies because they work temporarily. When you want a Scorpio man to apologize, and all he does is distract you, it’s easy to become frustrated.

What does it mean when a Scorpio man apologizes? If he finally tells you he is sorry, he is eager to put the past behind him and move on. But this is a rare occurrence and is often part of a larger deflection.

You may wonder how does a Scorpio woman apologize. Unlike a Scorpio man, a woman born under this sign can see the advantage of apologizing. But Scorpios only give an apology if it serves them in some way.

He Picks Another Argument

Scorpio men avoid dealing with accountability and apologizing by making things worse. Though it seems irrational, one of his go-to strategies is to pick another argument.

Scorpio men are likely to use this strategy if it means he can shift the topic to an issue that makes them upset. When he does this, a Scorpio man elicits your sympathy and makes you go from being angry at him to try to appease him.

Sometimes, compound conflicts can harm your relationship. He uses the new argument as a decoy but can also use it as an excuse to storm out of the room. A Scorpio man who does this has successfully redirected your focus and gotten away without apologizing.

Do Scorpio men regret losing you when they don’t apologize? Usually, a Scorpio man will go years without acknowledging he was wrong. He twists the truth in his mind to avoid feeling guilty.

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He Deflects

Scorpio men are aces at deflecting. Instead of apologizing, your Scorpio man will twist the situation around, coming up with one justification after another. Your concerns seem to bounce off him as if he is immune to empathizing with you.

You may be shocked when a Scorpio man acts this way because it is uncharacteristic of men born under this sign to be so cold. They can be empathetic and loving but they will defend themselves first.

If a Scorpio man must choose between apologizing and downplaying your feelings, he will trivialize your concerns. You can’t get a Scorpio man to apologize by confronting him directly about an issue.

When a Scorpio man hurts your feelings, he doesn’t admit being the one to blame. He may deflect by rationalizing his actions or making it seem you are at fault.

He Doubles Down

The more you push a Scorpio man for an apology, the more he doubles down. It does not matter if you present him with indisputable evidence showing he is to blame and owes you an apology.

You can’t use rationality or logic to talk him into taking responsibility. He is intelligent, but a Scorpio man’s doubling down stems from his desire to protect his vulnerable feelings.

The rational comprehension of his wrongdoing will not lead him to apologize. For a Scorpio man, an apology is about power. When a Scorpio is wrong, he doesn’t want to give up his power by acknowledging this.

If a Scorpio man is sorry he hides it from himself. He won’t let himself admit he feels bad. His denial takes on many forms but he will not admit to being wrong or tell you he is sorry.

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He Refuses Accountability

A Scorpio man will not take responsibility and apologize as long as he knows you want him to. You have to outsmart a Scorpio man and pretend you are indifferent to his accountability.

He only apologizes when he’s ready and on his terms. When he apologizes, a Scorpio man downplays the issues and refuses to take accountability for any significant wrongdoing.

You can waste energy trying to pry an apology from a Scorpio man but it is an exercise in futility. Your Scorpio man fears apologizing gives you an upper hand over him and he always needs the higher vantage point.

When a Scorpio man says sorry, he is glossing over the real issues. He never really acknowledges that he is to blame.

He Denies Wrongdoing

A Scorpio man is capable of digging in his heels and refusing to ever accept responsibility. He denies wrongdoing and will not accept any proof that he is to blame.

When a Scorpio man denies his role in a problem no matter the evidence you show him, he will never apologize. You risk undermining the relationship if you insist on getting an apology from him.

A Scorpio man will not accept responsibility even if the relationship implodes. He will convince himself that he was right all along and you were to blame for all the problems in the relationship.

The only time he will admit he did something wrong is when this acknowledgment no longer impacts him. Year after he is no longer with you he will admit he was to blame, but by then it is too late to apologize.

Women often wonder, do Scorpios feel bad when they hurt someone? A Scorpio man shuts down his empathy to protect himself. He may feel bad eventually, but he denies wrongdoing. He wants to maintain control at all costs.

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