Taurus Men Show Affection in These Odd Ways…

Updated May 16, 2023

A Taurus man’s affection for you might sometimes comes through in odd ways. He doesn’t always show love in obvious ways.

Your Taurus man might show love with typical physical affection or kind words, but those are the only ways he’ll express his affection.

A Taurus man’s love language tends to be physical touch. He won’t only express affection that way, though! He’ll also do so in more subtle ways.

Your Taurus man might memorize your routine, constantly give you strange little gifts, or even show affection by handling your bills and doing your taxes!

A Taurus man might also show affection by being overly casual or touchy with you. He can seem clingy sometimes or like he’s let himself go. He’s just showing you that he’s comfortable around you and can be himself when he’s with you.

He’s Overly Touchy

When a Taurus man hugs you, that’s his way of showing he cares. However, Taurus men don’t always stick to simple hugs or kisses when they show physical affection.

Taurus men can be a bit too affectionate sometimes. It might seem odd, especially since they can be distant or shy at first.

If your Taurus man is constantly standing a little too close to you, if he hugs you a bit too tight, or if he can’t seem to let go of your hand when you two are walking around together, he’s just trying to show that he cares!

Your Taurus man might be unable to keep his hands off you. He’s incredibly sensual, and sometimes the best way to show how much he cares is to touch you as much as possible.

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He Shows His Jealous Side

Are Taurus men jealous? Many of them are, even if they try to hide it.

Sometimes, a Taurus man’s jealous side is a sign of affection all by itself. To him, he’s just showing that he cares when he gets a bit jealous over someone else being interested in you.

Your Taurus man will likely try not to get angry with you or lash out because of jealousy. He’ll tell you he feels it, though, to let you know he cares.

When a Taurus man misses you, he might show that by getting jealous of the people who get to be around you. He’ll be jealous of your local friends if you two live in separate places.

This is just his way of showing you that he cares and wants to be with you. Most of the time, a Taurus man isn’t trying to control you with jealousy. His jealousy is just a representation of how deeply he cares about you.

He Memorizes Your Schedule

One strange way a Taurus man shows affection is by memorizing your schedule and routine. This might seem stalker-like, but he’s not trying to be creepy!

You might notice that your Taurus man has your work or school schedule down completely. He might always know when you go on lunch break, wake up, or get home.

This is another way your Taurus man shows he knows you better than anyone else. It’s his way of saying that he pays attention to you and what goes on in your life.

Your Taurus man will likely use this knowledge to figure out the best time to text you, or so he always knows what days are best for planning date night. He’s just trying to be courteous and show you that he cares!

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He Knows Everything About You

When a Taurus man decides you’re the one, he’ll want to know as much about you as possible. If your Taurus man seems to know everything about you, including things you’ve never told him, that might just be his way of showing he cares.

A Taurus man will show affection by showing how well he knows you. If someone says something incorrect about you, he’ll immediately correct them.

He will bring gifts to you based on your interests or buy you something you mentioned wanting once.

Your Taurus man will also know everything about your friends and family. He will know little details that others rarely pay attention to.

He Does Your Taxes

If your Taurus man is dropping hints that he likes you, those hints might not always seem romantic or affectionate. However, they are to him! One example of a Taurus man’s odd affection can be seen when he does your taxes for you.

Like the other earth signs, Taurus men tend to be good with finances. Some overindulge at times, but many are excellent at keeping a budget and crunching numbers.

A Taurus man might do your taxes for you to show he cares. If you find taxes particularly stressful or don’t enjoy doing them, he’ll be happy to take this task off your hands!

When he does your taxes for you, a Taurus man will likely feel a strange sense of domesticity from doing so. Even if you two don’t live together or haven’t been dating long, he’ll see it as a sign that you trust him and care about him too.

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He Handles Your Bills

How does a Taurus man show affection? Another financial-related way he shows love is by handling your bills for you.

This doesn’t always mean that your Taurus man will pay for everything for you. He’ll do that sometimes, but handling your bills doesn’t necessarily involve paying them with his own money.

Your Taurus man might set up autopay for you or take over sending out checks for you to pay your bills. He might simply remind you when bills are due and make sure you pay them on time.

A Taurus man might also call companies for you to see if he can help lower your bills. Taurus men can be surprisingly good at getting discounts or getting companies to remove certain fees.

When he takes over finances, your Taurus man isn’t trying to control you. He’s trying to make your life easier!

If you hate paying bills or don’t like calling when you think your bill is too high, your Taurus man can handle it for you.

He Stares At You Intensely

One of the signs a Taurus man is attracted to you is that he’ll stare at you intensely. He’s not trying to creep you out! He is just trying to display his interest, even if he can’t always tell you how he feels.

Staring at you is just another sign of affection for a Taurus man. When he cares about you, just looking at you will be enough to make him happy.

A Taurus man’s eye contact can sometimes be intense, just like his fellow fixed sign, Scorpio. When he’s trying to show that he cares, he won’t be able to take his eyes off of you.

If you catch your Taurus man staring at you from across a room or watching you intently while you talk, he’s just showing that he cares about you. He’s interested in what you’re doing and doesn’t want to miss a moment of it.

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He Gives You Strange Gifts

A Taurus man hiding his feelings won’t always be able to stop himself from showing you affection. One way he might show that love is through gifts.

The gifts a Taurus man gives you might not always be conventional. He might give you clothes or luxury items sometimes, but he’ll also give you things that don’t really have any monetary value.

Taurus men love material goods, but they are also deeply connected to the earth. They value beauty as well, and they know that something doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful or meaningful.

Your Taurus man might gift you with something he found out in nature, like a wildflower or a cool rock. If he knows you like the beach, he may also bring you back seashells or bits of sea glass.

When he’s struggling with his finances, a Taurus man will still want to give you gifts.

He might try to hand-make things, even if he doesn’t quite have the skills, so you might start receiving his attempts at knitting sweaters or painting a portrait.

He’s Overly Casual

One sign that a Taurus man loves you and is completely comfortable around you is that he might start to get a bit too casual when you two are together.

For example, your Taurus man might be okay with you visiting even if his house is messy. He might also hang out with you when he’s having a lazy day and hasn’t even changed out of his pajamas yet.

When your Taurus man does things like this, he’s showing you that he trusts you and is entirely comfortable in your presence. He’s not worried about being judged.

When your Taurus allows you to see him at his worst, he’s showing that he loves you. You might not think it’s a sign of affection when he sits around at your place in nothing but his underwear, but to him, that’s a sign of both love and trust.

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