You Broke Up With Your Taurus Man. What To Expect?

Updated August 20, 2023

A Taurus man after a break up will likely be devastated, especially if he didn’t want to end the relationship.

Your Taurus man might act in a number of ways following your breakup. He may be confused, angry, or resentful toward you for ending things.

If you break up with a Taurus man, he might not let things go quickly. If he still loves you, he may try to win you back or convince you not to end things.

Your Taurus man might be confused by the breakup. He may have a difficult time moving on. He’ll still be upset even if he knows why you ended things.

A Taurus man may disappear after a breakup or cling tightly to his ex. He might try to stay friends with you or watch you from afar and hope you’ll come back to him.

He’ll Be Devastated

If you break up with your Taurus man, he might be devastated that you want to end things.

Taurus men are incredibly loyal and dedicated partners. They often get a sense of stability and safety from their relationships and may get emotional support from their partners.

Your Taurus man might feel blindsided when you break up with him. If he still loves you, he’ll be incredibly sad. He might fall into depression or lash out emotionally when you break up with him.

Some Taurus men will show their sadness to their ex-partner, while others will withdraw. You can assume that your Taurus man is sad whether or not he shows you that.

A Taurus man might feel alone after you break up with him. You might have been the person he went to when he was feeling down, and he might feel like he doesn’t have anyone to go to for support now.

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He Might Want You Back

Will a Taurus man come back after a breakup? If you broke up with your Taurus man, he might try to win you back.

Your Taurus man might explicitly ask you to take him back, but not always. He may show signs that he wants you to return to him while remaining silent.

One of the signs a Taurus man wants you back is that he’ll keep up with you, even if you distance yourself and do not contact him. For example, he might check your social media or ask mutual friends how you’re doing.

Your Taurus man might ask to be friends and insist he can keep things platonic, but that won’t always be true.

If your Taurus man constantly sends you gifts, is overly complimentary toward you, or continues to treat you differently than he treats his other friends, he likely wants you back.

He Might Be Confused

You might have been thinking about this breakup for a while, but that doesn’t mean your Taurus man will understand why you’ve decided to end things.

Your Taurus man might need clarification about your breakup. If he doesn’t think he did anything to push you away, he’ll want to understand why you’re ending things.

You might have fallen out of love, or you may have realized that you two are incompatible. Your Taurus man might feel differently, though.

If you don’t explain your reasons for breaking up, your Taurus man will remain confused. He might sit around wondering what went wrong. He may reach out to you to ask why you broke up with him too.

Even after you explain your reasons, your Taurus man might still not understand. He may think that you two can work through your issues still. He might not think your incompatibility is a big deal, or he might not comprehend why you fell out of love with him.

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He’ll Feel Angry

Some Taurus men will be sad after a breakup, but others will be angry. A Taurus man might also be devastated at first, then react with anger later.

Sometimes, being angry is easier than being sad. A Taurus man might use his anger to cover up his other feelings about your breakup, especially if he doesn’t want to appear vulnerable in front of you.

A Taurus man might lash out and insist that you didn’t try enough to keep the relationship alive. He also might not act angry in front of you but may rant about you to his friends.

Your Taurus man might be angry at himself too. If he thinks he did something to mess up, he’ll be upset with himself for what he did. Even if he didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, he might still be mad he couldn’t make things work with you.

He May Resent You

Breaking up with a Taurus man may end with him resenting you, especially if he had no desire to break up in the first place.

Some Taurus men will resent and blame themselves for a breakup, whether they initiated it or not. Others will blame their ex for ending things.

You might have fallen out of love with your Taurus man. Maybe you still like him, but only as a friend. He might not want to stay friends, though.

Your Taurus man might blame you and feel you didn’t try hard enough. If you end the relationship, he may feel like the breakup is entirely your fault.

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He May Regret His Actions

How long will a Taurus man wait to apologize if he caused your breakup somehow? If your Taurus man did something to betray you, and that’s why you broke up with him, he’ll likely regret his actions immediately.

If your Taurus man cheated on you or did something else that made you end the relationship, he will deeply regret his actions. He’ll beat himself up over the mistakes he made.

If your Taurus man doesn’t know why you broke up with him, he might look for reasons. He may blame himself and regret minor mistakes he made in the past, even if those weren’t the reasons you broke up with him.

Your Taurus man won’t always apologize for his actions or acknowledge that he did something wrong because of his stubbornness and pride. That doesn’t mean he won’t feel bad for his mistakes.

He Won’t Let You Go Easily

Will a Taurus man miss you after a breakup? He likely will. If you end things and he doesn’t want to break up, he won’t let go of your relationship quickly.

Your Taurus man might ask for a second chance when you first break up with him. He might also seem like he accepts the breakup but will continue to contact you afterward.

A Taurus man might try to win you back. He may work on himself and try to become a better partner so that you’ll take him back. He might make promises that things will be different the second time around.

If you have no intention of getting back together with him, you should institute a no-contact rule with a Taurus man. Even if you eventually want to stay friends, setting clear boundaries is essential after your breakup.

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He’ll Take Time To Move On

Will a Taurus man forget about you after your relationship ends? He won’t forget about you any time soon. He’ll likely take a long time to get over you and move on.

Even if he knows the breakup was for the best, your Taurus man will take a long time to move on.

It takes a lot for a Taurus man to build trust and an emotional connection with someone, and he’ll be deeply hurt that he no longer has you around.

One of the signs a Taurus man misses you and can’t move on is that he won’t start dating anyone else. Taurus men don’t typically rebound and may stay single for a long time following a breakup.

If a Taurus man is still in love with his ex, he might not want to move on. He may still hope that she’ll return to him eventually.

He Might Be Hot & Cold

Your Taurus man might ignore you after you break up with him initially. Will a Taurus man come back after doing so? He likely will. It’s common for Taurus men to play hot and cold after a relationship ends.

Your Taurus man might seem like he understands when you first break up with him, then get angry later or act like he’s confused about the whole thing.

A Taurus man might also be fine staying friends after a breakup, then tell you he doesn’t want to see you anymore. You might also find that he refuses to talk to you but still keeps up with your social media.

Taurus men tend to be all over the place after breakups. They don’t always know how to deal with their emotions, and they don’t know exactly how they feel about their ex.

Your Taurus man might act like he’s over you one minute, then be devastated about the breakup all over again the next. It’s really anyone’s guess as to how he’ll act on any given day!

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