9 Secrets To Flirt With Your Aries Man in Texts

Updated April 24, 2023

For an Aries man, text can be an ideal way to flirt. You can keep his attention and make him obsessed with you.

A simple text message can thrill your Aries man if you know how to push his buttons through text messages.

Entice an Aries man through text messages. Knowing how to flirt with him through text is essential to make an Aries man fall in love.

Use a variety of styles to appeal to an Aries man’s desires. He loves a combination of text, pictures, and gifs.

You can get an Aries man to chase you if you know how to flirt with him using text. Aries men respond best to a specific texting strategy. He’s not like other men.

1. Use Pictures

Images appeal to an Aries man for several reasons. Men born under the sign of the ram are impulsive. They scan texts rather than reading every detail. A picture gives Aries a fast way to sum up your meaning.

Be clear about your intentions when you send a photo or image to an Aries man. He finds playful and endearing selfies flirty. Your Aries man falls for seductive pictures.

Avoid being too repetitive when you text an Aries man pictures. If you send a few selfies in a row, your next text should be an emoji or gif. Use humor and be playful if you want to flirt with him.

Send him photos of your surroundings so he feels like he’s with you. Occasionally, send him pictures of a meal you’re eating. Don’t send a monotonous slew of photos, or he becomes bored or loses your meaning.

Ignoring an Aries man’s texts can work to keep him chasing you. When you’ve got his undivided attention, send him seductive photos he can’t resist. Your Aries man loves visual stimulation.

An Aries man’s communication style is different from other men’s. He needs messages he can devour quickly. He appreciates messages that inspire an immediate reaction. Send him pictures that provoke strong feelings.

An Aries man’s favorite body part on a woman can be her face. Send images of seductive facial expressions, and your Aries man can’t resist your messages.

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2. Be Passionate

As a fire sign, your Aries man is intense. Be passionate when you flirt with him through text. Your enthusiasm shows when you are excited and determined.

Let your Aries man see that you are focused and ambitious. Put your energy behind your messages. Your passion and desire come through when you text him.

You can flirt with an Aries man if you show passion when you text him. Avoid small talk. Don’t bore him with mundane details. You can make an Aries fall in love when you are intense and exciting.

If you want to know how to make an Aries man obsessed with you, convey your passion for him through text. Your energy is contagious, and your Aries man plays off your charisma.

3. Charm Him

You can disarm an Aries man and flirt with him through text if you show your charming nature. Aries men are hypermasculine. They are attracted to feminine, demure, and endearing women.

Use an innocent girl-next-door persona to charm an Aries man when you flirt with an Aries man through text. He falls for sweet and romantic women. You can make an Aries man lower his defenses if you are flirty and coy.

Your Aries man thrives on relationships that balance his intense personality. You can flirt with him through text if you let him take charge. Charm him by showing admiration while being warm and encouraging.

The perfect flirty texts for an Aries man are witty, funny, and charming. Your Aries man loves receiving texts that make him feel admired and protective. Acknowledge his masculine traits and unique strengths.

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4. Use Humor

You can easily appeal to an Aries man’s playful side if you use your sense of humor when texting him. Never joke at his expense, yet if you can make him laugh through text, an Aries man will fall head over heels for you.

Your Aries man loves women with a sense of humor. You can use witty jokes and funny gifs to make him laugh through text. Ensure your meaning is clear, or an Aries man may misunderstand your joke and get confused.

An Aries man loves it when you make double entendres and sexual innuendos. Text him funny videos and use puns to appeal to his sense of humor.

An Aries man’s text style is quick and intense. Use his cadence when you text him. Make fast, snappy jokes that trigger him to respond. Your Aries man loves provocative texts.

5. Play Hard To Get

One of the mistakes women make with an Aries man is being too revealing. If you text him too much or give too much information, an Aries man loses interest in you.

If you want to flirt with an Aries man through text, play hard to get. Tease him and hint at your desires without being too forward. You can make an Aries man chase you if you use texts strategically.

Your Aries man loves the thrill of pursuing you. Text him with flirty suggestions and seduce him gradually. Don’t be too revealing when you send selfies. Give him enough to keep him wanting more.

When your Aries man texts you, don’t always respond immediately. Playing hard to get means you must sometimes keep him waiting a short time. If you are always available, your Aries man takes you for granted.

If you’re wondering how to know if your Aries man is playing you, take it slow in relationships. Don’t rush to reveal your deepest desires. Play hard to get when you text an Aries man, and he will be fascinated with you.

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6. Keep Him Guessing

You can seduce an Aries man through text if you keep him guessing about your intentions. Be flirty and romantic but then pull away and make him chase you.

Keep an Aries man on his toes when you text him. Make him use his imagination. You can drive an Aries man wild and flirt with him if you make him guess your intentions.

Your Aries man loves it when you hint at your desires and passions without going overboard chasing him. Aries men feel overwhelmed when women are too forward.

Don’t get carried away when you see signs an Aries man secretly likes you through text. Your Aries man can come on strong but burn out quickly. Keep him wanting more.

7. Don’t Text Too Often

Flirting with an Aries man through text should be part of a strategy. If all you do is text him, your Aries man isn’t convinced of your determination. He becomes bored and shuts down.

You can make an Aries man long for your text messages if you don’t text him too frequently. Make your flirty texts a rarity, and you can make an Aries man excited with passion and desire for you.

Your Aries man is more attracted to you if he must wait for your flirty text messages. He becomes enamored with you if you keep him on his toes. Send him flirty texts mixed with mundane messages.

Sending a good morning text to an Aries man daily is a mistake. If your texts are too predictable or occur at the same time every day, your Aries man becomes bored with you.

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8. Tease Him

Tease your Aries man through text if you want to keep him interested in you. When you are seductive and tease him, he is eager to respond and wants to pursue you.

You can be flirty and provoke him, as Aries men love challenges. If you tease him without being too revealing, your Aries man is compelled to respond to you.

Send teasing text messages but be careful about your approach. Never take a confrontational approach, and don’t challenge his sense of masculinity. Your Aries man can be more sensitive than you realize.

Send your Aries man tantalizing text messages. Keep him on his toes and tease him with playful messages that aren’t too revealing. Avoid unloading your emotions through text messages.

9. Make Him Chase You

Aries men love dynamic relationships. You must make him chase you if you want to flirt with an Aries man and keep him interested. You can make him chase you if you use texts to instigate him without being antagonistic.

Play games with an Aries man through text. Send him riddles with seductive clues. Aries men love fun and exciting text messages. They crave the excitement and unpredictability of flirty texts.

Make him chase you for a response. Don’t be too eager when you text him. Send him flirty messages sporadically and make him pursue you for follow-up. Never send him a string of back-to-back text messages or he becomes bored.

Getting an Aries man’s text response is critical. You must send him messages that warrant a reaction. Bland text messages are easy for an Aries man to ignore.

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