What To Expect When Your Capricorn Man Gets Mad?

Updated March 14, 2023
What To Expect When Your Capricorn Man Gets Mad?

When a Capricorn man is mad, he’ll react in various ways. Depending on why he’s angry, he may withdraw or lash out.

A Capricorn man might not act like himself when he’s angry. He’ll eventually calm himself down, though.

If a Capricorn man is mad about work or something else that has nothing to do with you, he might withdraw. He’ll isolate himself and try to calm himself down instead of expressing his emotions.

If he’s mad at you, he might lash out. He may confront you about his anger so you can work things out. He might also seem cold or rude, depending on the situation.

Capricorn men don’t usually stay mad for long. They typically try to work things out or push their emotions down because they don’t like feeling angry.

He’ll Withdraw

Sometimes when a Capricorn man is angry, he’ll withdraw. He won’t always want to make others deal with his emotions, especially if he’s worried about lashing out.

You might notice that your Capricorn man goes to a different room after you two have been arguing or that he leaves your home entirely. This is because he’s trying to distance himself from the situation.

If a Capricorn man feels angry, he might withdraw to avoid doing or saying something he’ll regret. Capricorn men aren’t always as rational as usual when they’re mad!

If your Capricorn man has already lashed out, he might withdraw because he’s embarrassed. Capricorn men do not like dramatic emotional displays, especially angry ones.

When your Capricorn man withdraws, give him some space. He might want time alone to calm down. He might need some time to think and figure out what he wants to say to you when you’re both able to have a conversation.

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He’ll Be Cold

If a Capricorn man is annoyed with you, he might suddenly seem colder than usual. It’s common for a Capricorn to shut down and become cold when angry.

Sometimes, your Capricorn man isn’t able to pretend like everything is alright. He might try to hide his anger, but he won’t be able to fake that he’s happy.

Putting up a cold, aloof front is one way a Capricorn man keeps himself from lashing out. He doesn’t want to show his temper. He would rather remain collected.

Your Capricorn man might also behave coldly toward you while trying to figure out how to confront you. He’ll block you out if he’s not ready to talk to you. He may spend less time with you or be less affectionate than usual.

A Capricorn man may also give you the silent treatment when angry. This is just one way he gives himself time to calm down.

He Might Lash Out

Do Capricorn men get mad easily? Most of them do not. Some will hold their feelings inside a bit too much, though, and might lash out when something finally sets them off.

Many of the things a Capricorn man does when he’s angry are done to prevent lashing out. If your Capricorn man is too angry to withdraw until he can calm down, he might lash out anyway.

A Capricorn man might also lash out if he hides his feelings. If he’s already stressed out or upset and you argue, he’s more likely to explode.

Your Capricorn man won’t necessarily become violent when he lashes out, but his emotional displays can become dramatic. He might raise his voice or say things he’ll regret later.

If your Capricorn man lashes out angrily, he’ll likely feel embarrassed. He might retreat after or avoid you until he no longer feels ashamed of his actions.

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He Might Confront You

If a Capricorn man is upset with you and can’t get over it quickly, he might confront you. Capricorn men usually like to be direct and deal with conflict as soon as possible.

Your Capricorn man doesn’t want to be mad at you. If you’ve done something to upset or annoy him, he’d rather let you know immediately instead of stewing in his anger.

What should you do when a Capricorn man is mad at you and confronts you about it? You should try to hear him out. Don’t get defensive. Try to understand where he’s coming from.

If your Capricorn man confronts you about his anger, it’s because he cares about you. He doesn’t want to let that anger fester, and he doesn’t want to lash out at you. He wants to work through things!

He Might Be Rude

What happens when a Capricorn man gets mad? Sometimes, the first sign that he’s angry about something is that he’ll be more rude than usual.

Capricorn men are direct, but they typically try not to be rude. They are polite most of the time, especially in professional settings.

A Capricorn man who is particularly irritated might not be able to pretend that everything is fine. Minor things will annoy him, and he’ll be unable to just let them go.

If your Capricorn man is making rude comments to you or seems to be treating everyone around him poorly, he’s likely angry about something.

Being rude doesn’t necessarily mean he’s mad at you. If he’s just angry in general, his defenses will be up. It might be difficult for him to keep his lousy mood under control.

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He Won’t Act Like Himself

Sometimes when a Capricorn man is angry, he will not act like himself. You might notice a drastic change in his personality, whether he’s mad at you or someone else.

A Capricorn man who is usually confident and affectionate with you might seem withdrawn when angry. He might be quieter than usual or withhold affection even if it’s not you that he’s mad with.

An angry Capricorn man might become easily distracted. He might seem less efficient or start making more mistakes at work. It might be difficult for him to maintain his usual level of productivity.

Your Capricorn man might lash out more than usual if angry, but he may also avoid you even when he usually wouldn’t. Sometimes, he’ll act odd to cover up his anger, or he might seem stressed from trying to pretend everything is okay.

He Won’t Think Clearly

Do Capricorn men have a temper? They don’t tend to have quick tempers, but they do have tempers. If your Capricorn man gets angry enough to trigger that temper, he might not think as clearly as he usually does.

Your Capricorn man won’t always behave as rationally as he usually does when angry. If he’s furious about something, his mind and judgment will be clouded by that anger.

Anger can be a massive distraction for a Capricorn man. If he’s angry at a coworker, he won’t be able to work the same way he usually does when they’re around.

He might start forgetting to do things or become irresponsible because he’s not thinking.

If your Capricorn man is angry and you two are arguing, he won’t always think before he speaks. He might end up saying hurtful things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he believes those things! He’s just not thinking clearly.

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He Might Isolate Himself

Sometimes when a Capricorn man gets mad, he’ll isolate himself completely from those around him. Capricorn men do not always like expressing their emotions to others.

A Capricorn man might be embarrassed about his anger. He may think he’s overreacting and will keep to himself until he’s gotten over whatever he was angry about.

Your Capricorn man might isolate himself from you even if he’s not angry with you. If he’s mad about something that happened at work or angry about a mistake he made, he’s likely to isolate himself completely.

Of course, this is not always the best way to deal with his anger. Capricorn men are not always good at reaching out for support or expressing their genuine emotions. Yours might need some help coming out of his shell.

If you notice your Capricorn man isolates himself a lot, it might be because he’s trying to cover up his feelings. Reach out to him and let him know he is welcome to vent to you.

He’ll Calm Himself Down

You might not always know what to do when a Capricorn man is angry with you. Sometimes, the best thing is honestly to do nothing. He might calm himself down if you give him space.

Capricorn men don’t often stay mad for long. If your Capricorn man is irritated after an argument, he’ll likely take a couple of hours to calm down.

If he’s angry because he had a bad day, some sleep and relaxation will put him in a better mood.

Your Capricorn man won’t always need you to apologize or do anything to calm him down. He is good at calming himself down as long as things haven’t gotten too out of control.

If your Capricorn man can’t calm himself down, that is usually a sign that something is seriously wrong. You two might need to talk things through, or he may need to take an extended break to cheer himself up.

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