10 Secrets To Kiss a Capricorn Man (The Way He Likes)

Updated May 22, 2023

If you want to kiss a Capricorn man the way he likes, go at his pace and pay attention to how he kisses you!

Go slow and focus on setting the mood if you want to give your Capricorn man the perfect kiss.

It’s best to let your Capricorn man take the lead. Go at his pace and let him initiate a kiss if you want to kiss him how he likes. If you initiate, ask to kiss him!

Set the mood and keep things private when kissing a Capricorn man. He usually doesn’t enjoy PDA, and he wants to be in a comfortable environment, especially if you’re going to kiss for a while.

Put all your emotions into each kiss, and focus on the whole body. Don’t just give a Capricorn man a simple kiss and leave it at that!

1. Let Him Lead

How do Capricorn men like to be kissed? Most of the time, your Capricorn man will want to take the lead.

The best way to figure out how your Capricorn man likes to be kissed is to focus on how he kisses you. You won’t have to wonder what he wants if you let him take the lead when kissing!

Even if you take the lead sometimes, it’s best to let your Capricorn man lead regarding things like your first kiss. This will make him feel more comfortable and give you the insight you need to kiss him properly.

Your Capricorn will initiate kisses when the mood is right, and he’ll kiss you in his preferred way. Pay attention to what he does, and do things the same way the next time you take the lead!

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2. Go At His Pace

How do Capricorn men show affection? Capricorn men aren’t always the most physically affectionate people, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Keep this in mind when trying to figure out how to kiss your Capricorn man!

Your Capricorn man might not kiss you until you’ve been on a few dates or developed some connection with one another. Try to go at his pace, and don’t be offended if it takes a while for him to kiss you for the first time.

It’s usually best to let your Capricorn man initiate your first kiss. This is the best way to ensure that he’s ready and that you won’t be rejected if you try to kiss him too soon!

It might take your Capricorn man a while to open up and kiss you the way you want. Just go at his pace, though. Eventually, he’ll show you his softer, sensual side.

3. Keep Things Private

Even a Capricorn man in love is unlikely to enjoy a lot of public displays of affection. He might kiss you in public, but it will be a quick kiss rather than a romantic and lingering one.

Your Capricorn man will enjoy kisses in private far more than in public. He’s more likely to shy away or to turn you down entirely if you try to initiate a steamy makeout session in a public place.

Your Capricorn man will love kissing you when it’s just the two of you. He’ll feel more comfortable and be more open to the fully-body, sensual kisses he prefers.

If you’re in a relationship with a Capricorn man, respect his need for privacy. He’ll sometimes enjoy long, lingering kisses, but those should be in private, not public!

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4. Set The Mood

It’s essential to set the mood if you want to kiss a Capricorn man the way he likes. The perfect kiss is often about more than the kiss itself!

A Capricorn man will enjoy kissing you more when he feels comfortable. Kissing him privately is part of this, but also ensure you’re in a relaxed, clean environment.

Something as simple as making sure the room you’re in is tidy can help set the mood. Playing music or wearing a perfume he likes can also improve the kissing experience for your Capricorn man!

Consider all your Capricorn man’s likes and dislikes when setting the mood. If you know he dislikes a particular scent or hates a specific song, keep those far away from him while you’re kissing!

5. Appeal To His Sensual Side

It’s essential to appeal to his sensual side when dating a Capricorn man. You might not realize it at first, but it’s important to ignite all his senses when you’re doing something like kissing!

Earth signs like Capricorn tend to be highly sensual. Don’t just focus on the feeling or taste of your lips when you’re kissing a Capricorn man if you want to appeal to his sensuality.

Wearing perfume is one way to appeal to a Capricorn man’s sensual side. You can also light candles or play soft music while you two hang out to increase the pleasure of each kiss.

Soft clothing can also appeal to his sensual side. If your Capricorn man’s senses are ignited each time he kisses you in various ways, he’ll love every kiss you give him!

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6. Ask Before Kissing Him

Should you kiss a Capricorn man first? You can sometimes, but be sure to ask for permission before doing so!

You might notice that when a Capricorn man kisses you, he asks before doing so. He might verbally ask, or he may ask using body language. Either way, he likely won’t just lean in and kiss you without warning!

Your Capricorn man will likely want you to ask before kissing him. Asking might not seem romantic or sexy to you, but it will make him happy.

At the beginning of your relationship, verbally asking for permission is usually best, especially if you aren’t in tune with one another’s non-verbal communication yet. Your Capricorn man will always appreciate you asking permission, though!

You can make a request to kiss your Capricorn man as romantic, sweet, and sensual as you like. He’s not the most impulsive person, so he’ll always be happy when you ask to kiss him.

7. Go Slow

There’s no need to rush when you kiss your Capricorn man. While he might prefer quick kisses when you’re in public, take all the time you need when kissing him in private.

If you’ve correctly set the mood and your Capricorn man is comfortable, he’ll enjoy slow, lingering kisses. You can kiss him for a while before doing anything else with him.

When you first lean in for a kiss, take your time. Start to lean in, and then let your Capricorn man take over and lean in the rest of the way.

You can pick up the pace later, but kiss your Capricorn man slowly at first. Act as if you two have all the time in the world to just kiss and enjoy one another.

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8. Put Emotion Into Your Kiss

Your Capricorn man will love each kiss you give him if he can tell exactly how you feel about him just by kissing you!

Do your best to put all your emotions into it when you kiss a Capricorn man. If he can kiss you and feel you love him, he’ll enjoy the kiss even more!

Capricorn men don’t always enjoy passionate or wild kisses but do enjoy emotional ones. Think about how much you love your Capricorn man when you kiss him, and focus all that adoration into the kiss.

You can put your emotions into your kiss by being sweet, taking your time, and showing your Capricorn man that you’re focused on him.

9. Focus On The Whole Body

A Capricorn man’s kissing style is never just focused on the kiss itself. He’s the type of person who enjoys a whole-body experience when kissing!

Run your hands through your Capricorn man’s hair while you kiss, or place your hand on the back of his neck. Trail your fingers down his side and let your hands wander as you two enjoy kissing one another.

Focusing on his whole body is another way to appeal to a Capricorn man’s sensual side. He’ll love it if you kiss his neck, shoulder, chest, and other areas of the body, especially if you’re trying to get him riled up!

Your Capricorn man will likely focus on your body while you kiss. Pay attention to the areas he focuses on. Those might also be the ones you want to focus on when touching him.

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10. Compliment His Kissing Technique

Are Capricorn men good kissers? They can be! While it can take a Capricorn man a while to open up, you’ll quickly realize how excellent his kissing skills are once he’s comfortable with you.

Your Capricorn man will love it when you compliment his kissing technique. Complimenting him is the best way to boost his ego and ensure he kisses you how you like.

You can encourage your Capricorn man by telling him how good it feels when he kisses certain parts of your body. If you tell him that you love how soft his lips are or that you enjoy how he holds you while you kiss, he’ll appreciate it!

Throwing in little compliments while you kiss your Capricorn man will encourage him to keep kissing you. He’ll want to kiss you more when he feels good about himself.

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