Secrets To Make Your Gemini Man Talk About Feelings

Updated May 17, 2023

For a Gemini man, feelings are foreign territory. You can be confused about how to make him show his feelings.

As the messengers of the zodiac, you can make a Gemini man talk about his feelings. Be careful how you approach him.

Your Gemini man is guarded when it comes to sharing sensitive feelings. He doesn’t want to seem vulnerable.

He shuts down when his feelings are too much to handle. But if you are careful, you can get a Gemini man to talk about his feelings.

Use an indirect approach. Never ask probing questions, and avoid diving head-on into asking about emotions.

Use Music

When a Gemini man acts shy about his feelings, you can get him to open up if you use music to lighten the mood. Gemini men enjoy communicating through the arts.

Music speaks to a Gemini man’s soul. You can get him to talk about what is in his heart if you make a song list with him in mind. You can appeal to his love of pop culture.

When a Gemini man is in love with you, he expresses his feelings through lyrics from his favorite tunes. You can grease the wheels and encourage him to open up if you play the music that appeals to him.

A Gemini man fighting his feelings changes his mind when you play his favorite songs. You can get him to open his heart if you let music bypass his defenses.

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Use Parables

You can make a Gemini man speak about his feelings for you by communicating with him in parables. A parable is a brief story that illustrates a message.

Though most people think of parables as having a moral or spiritual meaning, you can use a story to illustrate your feelings for your Gemini man. He’s clever and gets the hint.

He responds to you with a story that conveys his feelings without talking directly about his hidden feelings. He can protect his vulnerable side while still conveying his interest in you.

Using stories to convey his feelings is a safe way for a Gemini man to talk about his love for you without feeling exposed. Your Gemini man needs an outlet for his feelings, and you can encourage him to be creative and share his feelings.

A Gemini man’s true feelings are complicated. Using a story to break through his defenses can disarm him and encourage him to talk about his emotions.

Talk About Books & Movies

You can talk about books and movies with your Gemini man to get him to talk about his feelings. Pick pop culture references and encourage him to use his favorite books and movies to express his feelings.

Compare your feelings for him to a fictional romance in a blockbuster hit. Your Gemini man responds favorably when you use the plot and characters from a film or bestselling book to encourage him to share his feelings.

Conversations about his interests in movies and books can make a Gemini man become more talkative and expressive. You can prompt a Gemini man to share his feelings for you when you get him to talk about books.

His favorite movies are witty, charming, and thought-provoking. You can make a Gemini man let his guard down if you pull the romantic themes from a movie or book.

When you see signs a Gemini man secretly likes you, take a risk on prompting him to let his guard down. You can get him to open up about his feelings by using books and film references to initiate conversation.

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Ask About His Opinions

Your Gemini man is intellectual, and although his opinions change with the wind, you can get him to talk about his feelings if you ask about his opinions first.

Gemini men are not tethered to their beliefs. They are mercurial and change their minds often. Yet if you ask about a Gemini man’s thoughts and opinions, he speaks from the heart.

Eventually, your Gemini man talks to you about his feelings. He begins by talking about his thoughts, but the more he trusts you, the more he opens up and reveals his heart.

A Gemini man scared of his feelings can be encouraged to open his heart and share his ideas. Let him show off his creativity and intellectual gifts. Appeal to his interests and get him to share his opinions.

If you’re wondering, how do I get a Gemini man obsessed with me you can make him commit to you if you ask about his opinions. Gemini men love learning from others, but they also love talking about their experiences and opinions.

Role Model For Him

Getting a Gemini man to open up takes time and patience. Role model for your Gemini man, and make him open up about his feelings.

Lead the way by talking about your emotions. Don’t overwhelm him by becoming weepy or labile. When you talk about your feelings, you encourage your Gemini man to follow suit.

He doesn’t know how to be emotional. When a Gemini man sees you taking the lead and showing your feelings, he eases into more casual conversations about his feelings.

You can set the pace for a Gemini man. Talk about feelings casually. Stick to lighthearted emotions first. You can help your Gemini man relax and open up after you role model emotional conversations.

When a Gemini man kisses you, tell him how you feel. You can make him open up about his feelings if you kickstart the process. Role model emotional language at the right moments.

For a Gemini man, eye contact is an essential way to make a connection. You can role model how to talk about feelings if you look into his eyes. Gemini men can’t resist sentimental body language.

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Don’t Pressure Him

Avoid common pitfalls when you want a Gemini man to open up to you. Never put pressure on a Gemini man to open up. He is too evasive regarding emotions.

You can encourage him to talk about his feelings if you are patient. Let him open up in his own time. Set the foundation for emotional connection but don’t go to extremes to get him to talk about his feelings.

Gemini men are sensitive to any form of pressure. They shut down as soon as they feel confined. Never pressure a Gemini man to let his guard down. You can unintentionally scare him away.

Your Gemini man needs to feel in control. Avoid repeatedly asking him to open up about his feelings. He needs to go at a gradual pace. Being too intense or focused on his feelings can scare a Gemini man away.

When you see signs a Gemini man misses you, encourage him to open up. Don’t push him into a corner. Gemini men don’t like being stressed and pressured into sharing their feelings.

Speak Hypothetically

Another way to get a Gemini man to open up about his feelings is to speak hypothetically. You can encourage him to get into his feelings if you talk about your desires and emotions abstractly.

Your Gemini man is comfortable speaking about hypothetical feelings. Encourage him to talk about how he would feel under specific situations. He may not be tied to his responses but this helps him talk about feelings.

He has an easier time talking about his feelings in abstract terms. Rather than getting him to respond to specific emotional questions, ask him about his feelings in various circumstances.

You can get him to trust you on a deeper level. Your Gemini man can be open-minded. You can talk to him about hypothetical situations and your Gemini man will open up emotionally.

When a Gemini man hurts your feelings, use the opportunity to role model for him so he understands how to express himself. Talk to him about your feelings in response to things he does.

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Build Trust

Your Gemini man can be talkative about every topic except his feelings. You can get him to open up emotionally if you work on building trust. Gemini men are optimistic and trusting instantly.

But he doesn’t always trust you on a deeper level. You can get a Gemini man to reveal his deeper feelings if you take the time to role model safety. Your Gemini man is more likely to open up if he trusts you.

You can make your Gemini man let his guard down when he knows you will have his back no matter what. Your Gemini man needs to feel secure with you before he reveals his vulnerable side.

A Gemini man hiding feelings doesn’t trust you enough to be open. But he can be encouraged to develop trust if you are reliable and consistent. Never judge him or pressure a Gemini man to open up before he is ready.

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