Do Leo Men Like To Cuddle? (More? Or Less?)

Updated May 16, 2023

Will a Leo man cuddle you? He will sometimes, though he might not always be in a cuddly mood!

Leo men can be warm and affectionate but aren’t always the cuddling types, especially in public. You might only get cuddles from your Leo man occasionally.

While Leo men can be open and affectionate, cuddling is sometimes something that is reserved for specific people and only in certain situations.

A Leo man might love cuddling in private but prefer not to in public. He might only enjoy cuddling after sex or as a lead-up to it. When he does cuddle with you, it might only be for a short time as well.

Your Leo man might not like to lay around all day cuddling, but he still may initiate now and then. He is affectionate, though he might show physical affection in other ways.

He’ll Cuddle If He’s In The Mood

Do Leo men like to cuddle? This isn’t always an easy “yes or no” answer. Plenty of Leo men love cuddling, though others don’t prefer it. Either way, a Leo man will only cuddle when he’s in the mood for it.

A Leo man who enjoys cuddling won’t always be in the mood to cuddle. If he’s feeling energetic, he won’t want to lay on the couch cuddling with you. He’ll want to do something!

Cuddling with a Leo man might be something that only happens occasionally. Some Leo men are only in the mood to cuddle in particular circumstances, while others might get the urge more often.

If you want to cuddle and your Leo man isn’t in the mood, he’ll likely try to show affection in another way. He might want to do something more active than cuddling while giving you the physical touch you desire.

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He Might Not Cuddle In Public

If you’re in a relationship with a Leo man, you likely know that he usually doesn’t mind public displays of affection. A Leo man won’t always cuddle in public, though.

Cuddling can sometimes feel too intimate to be a public display. Your Leo man will happily kiss you in public and walk around arm-in-arm, but he’ll still save certain activities for when it’s just the two of you.

You might notice that your Leo man is fine cuddling on the couch while you watch a movie when it’s just the two of you but that he doesn’t cuddle in movie theaters or when you’re watching a movie with a group of friends.

If your Leo man doesn’t want to cuddle in public, respect that. He’s not ashamed of you or anything like that. He keeps certain things private, even if he seems like a very social and public person.

Let Him Initiate

It’s usually best to let your Leo man initiate cuddling, especially if you know that he’s not always in the mood for it.

The best way to ensure that a Leo man is in the mood to cuddle is to let him be the one to initiate things. You’ll deal with a lot less rejection that way!

Your Leo man will sometimes want to cuddle with you if you two are in a romantic, committed relationship. If he loves you, this will be one way he shows that, but he won’t always do it!

When a Leo man loves you, he’ll do his best to show love how you need him to. If you love cuddling, he will cuddle with you sometimes. He might not initiate as often as you’d like.

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He Can Be Warm & Affectionate

A Leo man in love will be warm and affectionate toward you. He’ll hold your hand while you two walk around together, sit close to you while you watch a movie, and kiss you as often as possible.

Your Leo man will be openly affectionate while cuddling with you. Even if he doesn’t cuddle often, the times he does will be warm and loving.

Leo men sometimes enjoy cuddling because it is another way to show physical affection for the people they love. They don’t always enjoy the type of cuddling that involves sitting around doing nothing but cuddling.

If your Leo man isn’t much of a cuddler, you’ll still see his warm and affectionate side. He might not always want to cuddle up on the couch, but he’ll gladly give you a massage or kiss you for as long as you want.

He Won’t Cuddle With Everyone

Are Leo men affectionate? Many of them are! Leo men love physical affection and are typically affectionate toward everyone they care about, including friends and family.

A Leo man won’t cuddle with everyone, though. Cuddling is usually reserved for romantic partners. He might not even cuddle after sex unless it was with someone he genuinely cares about.

Your Leo man might hug all his friends and even kiss some on the cheek when greeting them, but he probably won’t cuddle with them. Cuddling is sometimes an intimate act that he only does with a partner.

If you’ve only been dating a Leo man for a short while, and he won’t cuddle with you, he might just not be ready yet. He might be waiting until he feels more comfortable doing that with you.

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He Cuddles After Sex

How do Leo men show affection? Many Leo men show affection physically, so you’ll get a love of physical touch from your Leo man.

Some Leo men will only cuddle in specific circumstances, though. One time when a Leo man might enjoy cuddling is after sex.

If a Leo man is tired after having sex, he’ll be more comfortable just lying around and cuddling for a bit. He might not feel overly energized, or like he has to get up and go, so he’ll be happy to cuddle with you.

Cuddling after sex is something Leo men usually only do with their romantic partners. A Leo man is unlikely to cuddle with a one-night stand or even a friend-with-benefits.

If your Leo man always cuddles with you after sex, that’s a sign he cares about you. It’s one way of showing he’s comfortable with you and loves you.

Cuddling Can Sometimes Lead To More

Leo men often enjoy cuddling after sex, but cuddling can also sometimes lead to sex when you’re with a Leo man.

Some people can cuddle up for hours without it leading to anything more. Your Leo man likely won’t want to sit around doing nothing. If you two are cuddled up, he may want to get moving at some point.

Being physically close to you might start to turn a Leo man on. If you notice that he becomes fidgety while you two are cuddling, it might be because he’s ready for something more active.

Your Leo man might even initiate cuddling sometimes as a precursor to sex. He’ll slowly increase your intimacy and pick up the pace instead of just relaxing and cuddling with you.

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He Might Not Cuddle For Long

Are Leo men clingy? Some of them can be, in their own ways, but a Leo man will rarely sit around cuddling and clinging to you for long periods of time.

Even when a Leo man is in the mood to cuddle, it probably won’t be an extended cuddling session. He might want to cuddle in bed immediately before falling asleep or for a few minutes after you first wake up.

Leo men don’t typically hold still for very long, which is one of the main reasons why cuddling isn’t always their favorite activity!

When a Leo man hugs you, you might notice that the hug involves a lot of movement, even if it’s not brief. Cuddling will be the same way. A Leo man won’t cuddle for long. If he does, he likely won’t be still.

He Doesn’t Like Lying Around

A Leo man’s love language is usually physical touch, so you might think he’d love to sit around a cuddle. Leo men don’t usually like just lying around, though!

Leo is a more active sign. Leo men often have a lot of pent-up energy, making it difficult to sit still. Cuddling usually involves sitting or laying around and not really doing anything.

If your Leo man hates cuddling, he likely hates lying around. He wants to be physically affectionate with you, but he doesn’t want to sit around doing nothing.

If you love cuddling, make it a little more active, or only do it for short periods of time. Going for a hike with your Leo man, then cuddling up to rest afterward, is also a great idea!

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Let Him Take The Lead

Just like you should let a Leo man initiate cuddling, you should let him take the lead in other ways regarding physical affection.

If you’ve asked your Leo man to cuddle and initiate things, let him take over after. Let him decide how long he wants to cuddle with you. Let him take the lead when it comes to other ways to express affection.

Your Leo man will be more comfortable cuddling when he feels like he’s in charge in some way. If he knows you’ll stop as soon as he doesn’t want to cuddle, he might even cuddle with you more often.

Let him take the lead when it comes to cuddling after sex. If you think cuddling might lead to more, let him initiate that too. Don’t always assume that’s what he wants.

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