10 Secrets To Flirt With Your Leo Man in Texts

Updated March 20, 2023
10 Secrets To Flirt With Your Leo Man in Texts

Sending a Leo man texts throughout the day can be the easiest way to make him obsessed with you. He goes wild over certain kinds of texts.

Leo men love flirting through text. If you understand his unique profile, you can appeal to his desires when you send him texts.

When you text a Leo man, don’t blow up his phone with serious messages. Keep your texting light and playful. He loves flirty text messages.

You can keep a Leo man’s interest by texting him compliments and inspiring messages. Your Leo man needs pleasure and flirtation to remain interested.

Flirting with a Leo man through text keeps you on his mind. You can impact him by sending specific texts to show him you care.

1. Be Eccentric

Leo men are individualistic and are proud of their unique strengths. You can make a Leo man obsessed with you when you text him with eccentric messages. Show a Leo man that you have an unconventional side.

He loves flirty texts based on your eccentric views and unusual sense of humor. Your Leo love interest can be fascinated with you if you show him how unique and bold you are. He loves it when you show your personality when you flirt with him.

Be bold and creative. Don’t be afraid to shock a Leo man when you flirt with him because he enjoys reminders of your unique talents. Text him inside jokes and reminders that you stand out from the crowd.

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2. Be Exotic

You can make an impression on a Leo man when you flirt with him using exotic references. Send him a picture of your travels to new and fascinating places. Tell him about the exotic food you are trying.

Give him insight into your unusual and exciting interests. Share your fantasies with him, and your Leo man will become eager to read your texts. He is attracted to anything unique that breaks tradition.

You can make a Leo man fall in love with you when you surprise him with texts that appeal to his longing for an escape from his daily life. Entice him with texts about vacations you long to take.

Appeal to your Leo man’s desires and passions. Text him selfies wearing clothes that appeal to his fantasies. Text him about your deeper desires and travels.

Will a Leo man text after a breakup? He won’t stay in touch unless you can impress him by showing your unique style. Remind him you are one of a kind, and you can keep him obsessed with you.

Use this tactic when you see signs a Leo man just wants to be friends. You can gradually get him to change his mind when you remind him through text of your exotic, unconventional nature.

3. Send Selfies

You can flirt with a Leo man by sending selfies in exotic places or wearing unique clothing, but you don’t have to wait for an adventure to send him a picture. Leo men love receiving flirty photos.

Don’t send your Leo men chunky text messages. He prefers a balance of images and words. Appeal to his desire for beauty by sending him selfies of unusual and mundane experiences.

You can make your Leo man crave you when you send him photos of your smile. Leo men are dramatic and respond to intense facial expressions. Send him selfies of your face with a shocked look, happiness, and seductive expressions.

Your Leo man can’t resist receiving your texts complete with seductive selfies. Play with makeup and accessories to make your selfies fun and flirty. Your Leo man can’t resist these texts in which a selfie paints a thousand words.

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4. Use Humor

You can’t go wrong if you use humor to make a Leo man laugh when you text him. Flirt with him by appealing to his love of humor. You can make a Leo man respond to you when you keep your focus light and playful.

Your Leo man appreciates texts that make him smile. He needs the comic relief you can provide when you text him. You can help your Leo man relax and balance his hard work with a desire for joy and playfulness.

You can make jokes and send him brief video clips of entertaining and funny situations. Your Leo man appreciates your uncanny ability to make him laugh. He loves it when you surprise him with funny, flirty text messages.

Your Leo man enjoys humorous texts as long as you don’t make him the focus of your jokes. Never make light of a Leo man’s feelings. Your Leo man is sensitive and prideful.

If you’re wondering what to text a Leo man to get his attention nothing works better than humor. Send him jokes related to celebrities, pop culture, and current events.

5. Don’t Make Him Jealous

In addition to avoiding making a Leo man the butt of jokes, your flirty texts appeal to a Leo man’s desires if you avoid making him jealous. Don’t play mind games with a Leo man, he sees manipulation, and it turns him off.

He can become jealous if you mention other men or compliment male colleagues or friends. Never push boundaries by insinuating you are interested in other men.

Your Leo love interest is more sensitive and insecure than he appears. You can alienate your Leo man by sending texts that prey on his insecurities and make him jealous.

Send your Leo man text messages that build up his confidence and encourage his passion for you. You can appeal to your love interest if you avoid making him jealous at all costs.

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6. Exaggerate

Leo men love exciting stories. When you flirt with a Leo man through text, you can exaggerate and impress him with your passion. You can encourage your Leo man’s attraction by fueling his desire for grandiosity.

Avoid dishonesty when texting your Leo man. Taking liberties and exaggerating can help keep him fascinated with you. Your Leo man doesn’t see exaggeration as deception.

Don’t text him middle-of-the-road messages. Tell him you crave him, not that you miss him. Rather than texting him that you’re looking forward to seeing him, tell him you are counting down the seconds until you’re with him.

For a Leo man to text every day, you must have something fascinating to share with him. If life is lowkey and uninteresting, exaggerate to keep him focused on you.

7. Make Drama

Sending exaggerated texts gets your Leo man’s attention but making drama in other ways can get him to stay focused on you. Leo men become bored when their relationship is too serene.

If you want your Leo man to remain fixated on you, stir up some drama. You can occasionally make drama through text and keep a Leo man on his toes.

Your Leo man needs some passion in his life. Make drama by gossiping or sharing information that rouses your Leo man’s emotions. You can encourage your Leo man to respond when you bring intensity to your messages.

When you see signs a Leo man likes you through texting, encourage his crush by turning up the heat. You can bring some drama into a Leo man’s life and not alienate him.

Wondering what to text a Leo man to get him back? Show him you are never boring by getting in the middle of a controversy. You can create drama with a Leo man and keep him engrossed in a text conversation.

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8. Drop Hints

Your Leo man prefers assertive expression and loves when you text him how you are feeling. Yet you can appeal to a Leo man if you drop hints occasionally.

Your Leo man can be influenced by the seeds you plant when you text him about your deeper desires. You can use brief and concise text messages to drop hints and influence him.

Flirt with your Leo man by blending subtlety and passion. Your Leo man appreciates dynamic communication. You can balance assertive texts by flirting with him by dropping hints about your emotional and sexual desires.

You don’t have to worry about signs a Leo man secretly likes you for long. When a Leo guy is interested in you, he responds to your subtle hints. You may text him to send flirty clues and he takes the lead to show you he cares.

9. Inspire Him

Another way to flirt with your Leo man through text is to inspire him. Leo men are moved by text messages that speak to their creative ideals. You can flirt with a Leo man by inspiring his dreams and fantasies.

Show your Leo man you understand his visionary nature. Send him texts that flirt with him by encouraging him to take risks and pursue his desires. Your Leo’s passions are key to his heart.

Encourage him to share his dreams and validate Leo’s fantasies. Send him text messages acknowledging his talents and encouraging his creativity and artistic goals.

Will a Leo man text every day? Not usually, he is attracted to people who flatter him and encourage his dreams. If you want a Leo man to remain hooked on you, inspire him through texts that speak to his fantasies and interests.

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10. Surprise Him

Regardless of what you text your Leo man, you can leverage the power of your flirty messages by surprising him. You may send him a morning text to wish him a good day, but sporadically texting him is essential.

Avoid becoming predictable when you text a Leo man. Keep him on his toes and he will be eager to get your messages. Your Leo man disregards texts that are too similar or repetitive.

If you text your Leo man every morning and evening just to say hello or ask what he is doing, answering you feels like a chore. Appeal to his love of excitement. Share surprising things you are doing.

Text him with shocking flirty statements or sexual references. Joke with him and surprise him by varying your texts. Use variety to make the timing of your text messages interesting as well. A Leo man’s text style is shocking and creative.

Sweet messages for a Leo man throughout the day keep him focused on you. Your Leo man will check his phone to see if there are any new messages from you when you surprise him.

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