How To Deal With Your Libra Man’s Silent Treatment

Updated August 20, 2023

You’re likely to be on the end of a Libra man’s silent treatment at some point. This is one of the common ways he deals with many things.

Whether you two fought or he’s just trying to have some alone time, try to be patient with your Libra man, and don’t get upset.

Libra men commonly use the silent treatment because they hate confrontation. A Libra man would rather ignore someone after an argument and wait for things to resolve themselves.

If your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment and you aren’t sure why then he might also be going through something that he doesn’t want to talk about yet. Instead of dealing with his emotions, he’ll ignore everyone.

Try not to get upset with your Libra man. If he’s upset, a few kind messages or even a gift from you might make him end his silent treatment.

Ask If He Wants Space

Sometimes when a Libra man is giving the silent treatment, it’s because he wants some space. Libra men tend to be incredibly social, but even they need time to themselves!

When a Libra man goes cold, it might be because he’s overwhelmed. Libra men sometimes take on too much because they have trouble saying no to people.

When a Libra man has too much to do, he might give everyone the silent treatment so they can’t ask him to do even more!

If your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment, you can reach out to him. Be kind and respectful. Ask him if he needs space or if there is something else you can do for him instead of getting angry and accusatory.

If your Libra man tells you that he does need space, give it to him! Tell him that you’re perfectly happy to wait until he’s ready to talk to you again and that you’re there if he needs anything.

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Check His Social Media

If your Libra man is suddenly distant, try checking his social media. He might have a clue about what’s happening there.

Some Libra men can be passive-aggressive. If you see vague messages on your Libra man’s social media, those might be hints at why he’s ignoring you.

Your Libra man might not outright say who he is upset with or why he’s upset, but he might post that he’s sad or ask other people to send him things to cheer him up.

You can also tell if your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment or if he’s avoiding people in general. If he typically posts a lot on social media and is suddenly silent, something might be up, and it likely has nothing to do with you.

If your Libra man is posting as usual and isn’t making any vague posts hinting at his mood, he might actually not be giving you the silent treatment. He may be taking time for himself or just relaxing.

Talk To Mutual Friends

Why do Libra men give the silent treatment? Your Libra man might be ignoring you because he’s upset with you. If you aren’t sure, try checking with mutual friends.

If your Libra man is talking to everyone else, then he’s giving you the silent treatment on purpose. He is likely angry about something, or you hurt his feelings.

If your Libra man isn’t talking to anyone, he might need space or be upset about something that has happened in his life recently.

Libra men can be pretty social, so a Libra man might talk to someone else if he’s upset with you and tell them how he’s feeling. If he did, they might be able to offer some insight into what’s going on.

Even if your mutual friends can’t offer any insight into what’s happening, reaching out might help you in other ways.

Talking to mutual friends can also help cheer you up when your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment! If you’re down because he’s ignoring you, getting attention from other people might help.

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Watch How He Behaves

If you think your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment, try to see him in person. If he’s ignoring text messages, he might not be trying to ignore you on purpose.

Libra men can be forgetful sometimes, or yours may have gotten caught up with something else. Don’t assume he’s giving you the silent treatment until you’ve had a chance to see him.

If a Libra man is quiet around you when you see him in person, then he’s likely giving you the silent treatment because you’ve done something.

How do you deal with it if your Libra man won’t see you in person or completely ignores you when you run into him? Try not to react with anger. Don’t get upset around him. Instead, carry on as you usually would.

Once your Libra man sees that his silent treatment isn’t doing anything, he might switch to another tactic to get your attention.

Send A Kind Message

If your Libra man is giving you the silent treatment because he thinks you’re angry with him or he’s avoiding a confrontation, getting a kind message from you might make him rethink his actions.

A kind message will also cheer your Libra man up if he’s ignoring everyone because he’s in a bad mood.

When a Libra man ignores your text, don’t get upset with him. Try following up with a kind message to let him know you’re thinking about him instead.

Your Libra man might not always respond to your message, no matter how kind or caring, but it will likely make him feel better. Don’t expect anything in return, and send the message because you care about him.

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Offer A Gift

Sometimes, Libra men can be bribed out of giving the silent treatment. Depending on why your Libra man is ignoring you, a gift or two might make him pay attention to you again.

Libra men love anything that appeals to their senses. Gifting your Libra man his favorite cologne, a bottle of nice wine, or a new silk shirt are all excellent ways to get his attention.

The key is to offer the gift and make it seem like there isn’t an ulterior motive. Don’t tell him that you’re expecting anything in return when you give the gift.

If you’ve done something to upset your Libra man, a gift might be a perfectly acceptable apology. It also might make you feel better, knowing you’re doing something nice for him.

Try To Make Him Laugh

If your Libra man is emotionally distant, then starts giving you the silent treatment, it might be because he’s upset and trying to hide it from you.

If you think your Libra man might be ignoring you because he’s upset, try to cheer him up and make him laugh!

You can send your Libra man a few jokes or funny pictures. Don’t overdo it, but a few silly messages might be all he needs to cheer up and start talking to you again.

If you live with your Libra man and he’s giving you the silent treatment, try telling jokes around him or being a bit silly. He might not be able to help but laugh, and that may clear the air enough to make him stop ignoring you.

When this doesn’t work, and your Libra man continues to give you the silent treatment, try to make yourself laugh! There’s no use being upset while he’s ignoring you.

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Don’t Get Upset

When a Libra man ignores you, try not to get upset. Regardless of why he’s giving you the silent treatment, getting angry with him won’t solve anything.

If a Libra man is giving you the silent treatment to avoid confrontation, getting angry with him will make things worse! He’ll ignore you even more because he doesn’t want to deal with you when you’re mad.

Instead of getting upset when your Libra man is ignoring you, try doing something for yourself. Have a positive outlook, and take some time to do a few things without your Libra man.

Seeing how calm and content you are might make him stop with the silent treatment, especially if he’s doing it because he thinks you’re upset with him.

Try To Be Patient

What should you do when a Libra man ignores you? Sometimes, the best thing to do is be patient and wait for him to stop giving you the silent treatment.

Sending messages to your Libra man will get his attention sometimes and make him talk to you, but not always. If you’ve tried everything to make him stop ignoring you, try backing off.

If you think your Libra man’s silent treatment is because he’s not interested in you any longer, try to find other signs he’s lost interest. There are far more signs Libra man has lost interest than simply ignoring you for a while.

Try not to worry too much when your Libra man gives you the silent treatment. It’s likely something that he does frequently to deal with various things. You can talk to him about it later, but be patient for now.

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