Are You Chasing a Libra Man? Will It Work? Well…

Published May 7, 2023

If you’re chasing a Libra man, there are a few things you should keep in mind! He likes being chased, but only some of the time.

You should strive for balance in any relationship with a Libra man. Chase him, but let him chase you, too, sometimes.

Unlike some other men, Libra men do like to be chased. This isn’t because they lack the initiative to chase someone, though! They also want to do the chasing.

Balanced, equal partnerships are what Libra men are looking for. Sometimes, a Libra man wants to be pursued. Other times, he wants to be the one doing the pursuing.

When chasing a Libra man, it’s essential that you never act too controlling and that you can back off when necessary. Show interest in him, but don’t relentlessly pursue him, or you’ll risk turning him off!

Try To Be Balanced

You must be balanced if you want to capture a Libra man’s heart. You can chase him but don’t always chase him.

Mix up the methods you use to chase after your Libra man. You can initiate a flirtatious text conversation sometimes but don’t do that constantly. You’ll bore him, or he’ll think you’re too clingy or controlling!

Try to balance chasing a Libra man and letting him chase you. He will love taking turns! If only one of you ever pursues the other, things will feel off-balance.

If you ever feel like you’re going overboard, back off. On the other hand, if your Libra man always pursues you and you never try to woo him, try switching roles for a while! You might be surprised at what happens when you do that.

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He’ll Love Being Chased Sometimes

Do Libra men like getting chased? Some Libra men love it when others chase them! It makes a Libra man feel good to know that someone is interested in him enough to pursue him.

Libra men don’t feel “unmanly” if a woman is chasing them. They have no issue letting someone woo and romance them because it feels good!

Your Libra man will likely love it when you chase him a bit. It could be an ego boost, especially if he usually does the chasing in relationships.

Your Libra man will also love it when you chase him because he won’t have to worry about rejection. He’ll know you return his feelings when you chase him.

Will a Libra man chase you too? If he likes you, he will! It is easier for him to chase you if you’ve already pursued him because he knows you won’t reject him.

Be Patient With Him

Should you chase a Libra man? You definitely can, but you should also be patient with your Libra man while pursuing him.

Libra men can be flirts and love to be in love, but they can sometimes go a little slower than you’d expect when it comes to actual relationships!

Be patient if you’re pursuing a Libra man, and he’s not responding how you want him to. He might take things slower than you want, but you must be okay with that.

A Libra man who isn’t interested in you will likely ignore you when you chase him. He won’t pursue you in return when given a chance. One who does like you, but is hesitant or slow, will give positive signs.

If your Libra man flirts with you and shows genuine interest in you but doesn’t seem ready to have a relationship yet, be patient. Keep showing interest in him as long as he seems comfortable, and go at his pace.

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Don’t Be Controlling

It’s important not to go overboard when chasing a Libra man. Libras, like all air signs, need their freedom! You can’t relentlessly pursue a Libra man and never give him a break.

If you’re chasing your Libra man and he’s not reacting positively, stop chasing him. He might not be interested, or he may not like the way you’re currently going after him.

Don’t chase someone who doesn’t want to be chased. You can’t make your Libra man like you, no matter how much you try to romance and woo him. If he seems like he’s not interested, don’t force the issue.

Your Libra man will know you’re not controlling when you let him chase you too. When you respect his boundaries and pull back when necessary, he’ll see you’re not trying to force anything on him.

Back Off If Necessary

If you want to attract a Libra man, you must know how to back off when necessary.
While your Libra man will enjoy it when you chase him for various reasons, he might not always like being chased.

You must respect your Libra man’s boundaries. Pay attention to his feelings, and back off if you think he might be uncomfortable.

If your Libra man is busy, receiving constant messages from you can be overwhelming. If he’s in a professional setting, he might not want to flirt with you, no matter how much he likes you!

Chasing a Libra man will be more successful when you know how to back off. He’ll know you like him, and your respect for his boundaries will make him feel like you care.

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Aim For An Equal Partnership

If you want to win over a Libra man, you need to show him that you can have an equal partnership with him.

This is one of the reasons balance is essential to a Libra man. He doesn’t want to feel any inequality in his relationship with you.

Chasing a Libra man and not expecting him to always be the one pursuing you is one way you can show him that you two could have an equal partnership.

Being willing to back off when necessary, respecting his boundaries, and showing your interest without becoming controlling will also show your Libra man that things can be equal between you two.

One of the signs a Libra man is not interested in you is that things won’t feel equal. Your Libra man will never take up the chance to chase you.

He might respond when you text him, but he’ll never initiate conversations, even if he hasn’t heard from you in a while.

He Wants To Know You’re Interested

One of the reasons chasing him is a great way to seduce a Libra man is that some Libra men want to know you’re interested before pursuing you.

A Libra man who is insecure or has been hurt in a past relationship might not want to risk rejection. He won’t chase after you if he doesn’t know how you feel about him.

Chasing your Libra man will show him that you are interested in him. When you’re the one who flirts first and initiates romantic conversations with him, he’ll have no doubt that you like him.

If a Libra man has been pursuing you and backs off, it might be because he thinks you’re not interested! If you take over and start chasing him instead, he’ll know that you do return his feelings.

Don’t expect a Libra man to keep chasing you if you’ve shown no interest. Don’t play hard to get with him. Pursue him instead!

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He Likes The Reassurance

Some Libra men like to be chased, even by people they aren’t interested in, because they like the reassurance that they are attractive and desirable.

Just like chasing your Libra man can show him that you’re interested in him, it can also soothe and reassure him if he has any self-esteem issues.

A Libra man might not pursue you first because he thinks you’re too good for him. If he isn’t confident, he’ll feel like you’ll reject him. He won’t pursue someone who is “certain” to turn him down.

Pursuing a Libra man first can reassure him and boost his confidence. He will see that he is worthy of you when you reach out and take the initiative in your relationship.

If you’re already in a relationship with a Libra man and he seems insecure, romance him! Woo him and show him how much you like him. That will reassure him of your affection.

He’ll Want To Chase You Too

How do you get a Libra man to chase you? If a Libra man is interested in you and you start to chase him, all you need to do is back off a bit. Pursue him, then give him the chance to pursue you in return!

You shouldn’t always be the one calling or texting your Libra man first. Give him a chance to initiate conversations! If he likes you, he definitely will, especially if he already knows you’re interested in him.

How do you keep a Libra man interested in you? If you relentlessly pursue him, he might get bored. He might also take for granted that you’ll always be around. He may be slightly turned off because he doesn’t feel challenged.

If you want to keep things interesting for your Libra man, let him chase you too! He’ll love playing a game where you two take turns pursuing one another. Give him the chance to go after you if you’re genuinely interested in him.

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