Here’s How Your Virgo Man Likes To Flirt

Updated August 29, 2023

How does a Virgo man flirt? Virgo men tend to be more subtle, at least at first.

Your Virgo man will follow your lead initially. As he opens up more, he’ll smile and ask many questions, though he likely won’t be that affectionate.

Virgo men don’t usually come on too strong. They can be charming, but they also try to respect boundaries. They will be more subtle until they know how the person they’re flirting with feels.

Your Virgo man will ask you a lot of questions about yourself. He might not be affectionate or sexual, but he’ll show interest by focusing on you and expressing genuine interest in you.

A Virgo man might follow your lead. If you keep things light and playful, he will too. If you pick up the pace, he’ll do so as long as he’s comfortable.

He’s Subtle

What is a Virgo man’s flirting style? Virgo men tend to be more subtle. Your Virgo man is unlikely to use blatant pick-up lines or to come on too strong when flirting with you.

Your Virgo man will want to test things out with you when he first starts flirting. He might start with tame compliments, a smile, and subtle body language.

You won’t always be able to tell immediately that a Virgo man is into you! Some ways he flirts might be hard to pick up on, especially if you’re used to men being more forward or dramatic when flirting.

Flirting with a Virgo man over text can be difficult sometimes because of this subtlety.

If you’re unsure whether or not he’s flirting with you, start flirting with him. If he is flirting with you, he’ll respond well. If not, he’ll ignore your flirting.

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He Uses Eye Contact

How does a Virgo man flirt? He uses a lot of eye contact and other body language to convey interest in someone.

Your Virgo man will focus on you and use his eye contact to show interest in you. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that he gives you more intense eye contact than when he’s just chatting with someone.

A Virgo man might try to catch your eye across the room as a way of flirting with you. If you ever see him staring, look back! Hold his gaze. If he holds yours, he’s feeling bold and confident with his flirting!

Your Virgo man will make direct eye contact while flirting. If he makes pointed eye contact when he compliments you or says something that might be an innuendo, he’s flirting.

He’s Focused

Do Virgo men flirt with everyone? Virgo men don’t tend to be huge flirts. They usually focus on the person they’re interested in and don’t flirt with others outside of that.

If your Virgo man interacts with you the exact way he interacts with other women, he’s likely just being friendly. He’s not the type to flirt with many women at once, especially in front of a woman he likes!

Your Virgo man will focus on you when he’s flirting with you. He won’t be distracted by other conversations. He’ll put his phone away and pay attention to his conversation with you.

A Virgo man will be so focused when flirting with you that he’ll remember everything you say. Be sure to put your best foot forward when flirting with him so something you say doesn’t come back to bite you later!

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He Compliments You

How does a Virgo man like to flirt? He will usually compliment you a lot when he’s flirting with you.

A Virgo man won’t be dishonest when complimenting you. He won’t give you false praise. If he says he likes something about you, you can trust that he means it!

Virgo men can sometimes be highly critical, but they will turn off that side of them when flirting. This doesn’t mean a Virgo man’s compliments are insincere, though!

Your Virgo man will focus on what he likes about you while flirting. If he genuinely likes your smile, outfit, or something else about your physical appearance, he’ll tell you that! If he doesn’t like something, he’ll just be quiet about it.

If your Virgo man goes out of his way to compliment you, he’s flirting. This is especially true if he doesn’t compliment others as often as he compliments you.

He Smiles

A Virgo man will smile a lot while flirting. If he’s usually more serious, you’ll notice this sign immediately!

Your Virgo man will want you to feel at ease while he flirts with you. Smiling is one thing he’ll do to try to make you feel comfortable while showing interest in you.

Your Virgo man likes you if he always smiles when you’re around. If he grins as he compliments you, he’s flirting! The more he smiles, the more into you he is.

If you want to know how to flirt with a Virgo man, smile at him too! He’ll see you’re interested in him when you make eye contact and genuinely smile.

When flirting with you, your Virgo man will try to seem more friendly and personable. Smiling is one way he’ll try to make himself seem less severe.

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He Asks Lots of Questions

How do Virgo men act when they like someone? They usually show interest by being genuinely curious about the person they like. Your Virgo man will ask a lot of questions while flirting.

If your Virgo man constantly asks you questions about yourself, he’s flirting with you. He can sometimes go overboard, especially if he feels awkward or doesn’t know how to be more openly flirtatious.

Your Virgo man will want to get to know you better when he likes you. He’ll flirt by asking questions, then genuinely listening when you answer. He’ll hang on to your every word when he’s flirting.

If you want to know how to catch a Virgo man’s eye, ask questions about him too. Show genuine interest in him, and he’ll see that you appreciate his flirting!

He’s Not Very Affectionate

When flirting with a Virgo man, you might notice he isn’t affectionate. He might use body language while flirting, but he’ll be more hands-off at the same time.

Your Virgo man might still stand back from you while flirting, at least at first. As you two get more comfortable with one another, he might start to stand closer to you.

A Virgo man who doesn’t know you well likely won’t touch you while flirting. Other men might touch your elbow or put a hand on your thigh while flirting, but your Virgo man won’t.

You likely won’t get physical affection from a Virgo man until you know one another better. He will flirt without being affectionate for a while and might only incorporate affection once you’re dating.

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He’s Helpful

When a Virgo man is flirting with you, it might not always seem like he is! He won’t just turn up the charm and say nice things to you.

A Virgo man might flirt and show interest in someone by being more helpful toward them. He’ll go out of his way for someone he likes.

Virgo men are generally helpful, but you usually need to ask them for help. They aren’t always the type to reach out and see if you need assistance.

A Virgo man might flirt by being more proactive and offering help. If he sees you’re struggling with something, he’ll help you without you asking him first.

If you notice that your Virgo man is more helpful toward you than anyone else, he might have a crush! This will be one way he expresses interest in you.

He’s Generous

How do Virgo men act with their crush? A Virgo man with a crush will likely be more generous with his crush than anyone else.

If your Virgo man always gives you small gifts whenever he sees you, he might be flirting with you!

Your Virgo coworker might do small things like bring you coffee when he’s flirting, so you may not immediately notice that he’s being generous. Pay attention to whether or not he brings everyone coffee. If it’s just you, he likes you.

A Virgo man might not be affectionate, and his flirting might be subtle, but one who is flirting with you will be generous and nurturing. He’ll try to show you that he likes you and wants to care for you.

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He’ll Follow Your Lead

Virgo men always try to be polite and respect boundaries, especially when flirting. Your Virgo man might follow your lead in some ways because of this.

Some Virgo men are people-pleasers and more in tune with those around them. If you don’t seem interested, your Virgo man will pull back, so it’s essential to show interest if you like him!

If you keep things light when flirting with a Virgo man, he will too. Even if he wants to pick up the pace, he might hold back until you’re ready.

If you do start to come on stronger, and your Virgo man is interested, he’ll follow your lead. He’ll begin to come on strong, too, and will show more interest in you.

Flirting with a Virgo man is a give-and-take. He’ll try to follow your lead, but you should respect his boundaries too.

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