9 Obvious Signs Your Virgo Man Likes You

Updated August 18, 2023

Some signs a Virgo man likes you might be subtle, but he’ll give off some more apparent signs as his feelings for you grow.

A Virgo man won’t always be able to hide his feelings. If he likes, he’ll eventually have to be open about it.

At first, a Virgo man might try to hide his feelings about you. Some Virgo men are shy. Yours may be unsure of how you feel about him. As he becomes more confident, he’ll stop being afraid of showing his feelings for you.

If a Virgo man starts changing his routine for you, loosening up around you, and texting you all the time, these are all clear signs that he likes you!

A Virgo man who likes you will put you first whenever possible. He will also know everything about you, including incredibly minor details.

1. He Changes His Routine For You

How does a Virgo man act when he likes you? One obvious sign is that he will start changing his routine for you.

This might be a more subtle sign at first, but you’ll start to notice as your Virgo man’s feelings for you grow stronger.

Virgo men tend to stick to routines because it makes them feel more stable and secure, but they can also be far more flexible than other earth signs. If they need to mix up their routine for someone, they will.

You might notice that your Virgo man changes the day he usually goes to the gym so that he can go with you or that he gets up a little earlier to get coffee with you before work.

Your Virgo man will want to accommodate your needs when he likes you. He won’t force you to follow his routine to spend time together. He’ll adjust his routine a bit so that he’s available when you are.

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2. He Makes Romantic Gestures

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you as more than a friend is that he will make incredibly obvious romantic gestures. You won’t be able to mistake these gestures for him being kind or friendly.

Your Virgo man won’t necessarily be dramatic, but he’ll do things like bring you flowers or send sweet good morning messages. He will compliment you more intimately and romantically than he compliments his friends.

Virgo men can be incredibly chivalrous at times. You might notice that yours opens doors for you, offers to pay when you two hang out together, or other gestures that make things seem like a date even when he hasn’t said they are.

If a Virgo man is flirting in a way that obviously seems like flirting, then he likes you. Virgo men do not flirt for fun, and how they interact with people typically cannot be mistaken for flirting.

3. He Takes You Out

A sign a Virgo man secretly likes you is that he will “accidentally” show up places he knows you’ll be. A Virgo man who isn’t afraid to show his feelings for you will specifically make plans with you, though.

Your Virgo man might not outright ask you on a date at first. He will make more of an effort to spend one-on-one time with you, though.

If you usually hang out with your Virgo man in a group, he’ll start asking you to hang out with just him. He may start small by asking you to have coffee or a drink with him, but he’ll work up to more from there.

A Virgo man who likes you will want to treat you and pamper you now and then. He might start taking you to concerts or asking you to come to nice restaurants with him. Even if he doesn’t say these are dates, he’s showing interest in you.

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4. He Loosens Up

How do you know if a Virgo man likes you? Pay attention to how he acts around you compared to other people.

An obvious sign a Virgo man likes you is that he’ll loosen up around you. He’ll feel comfortable letting go and showing you a side of him that nobody else sees.

Virgo men can sometimes seem stiff, but they aren’t always like that! Some are shy or don’t know how to act in certain situations. A Virgo man who knows you from work will likely always act professionally in that environment too.

A Virgo man who likes you will start to tell you more about his personal life. He’ll joke around, tell you silly stories, and let his personality shine through as he spends more time with you.

If your Virgo man always seems relaxed around you when he’s tense around others, he probably likes you.

5. He Jokes Around

How does a Virgo man flirt? Some Virgo men will joke around a lot when flirting. A Virgo man loves making his crush laugh!

Your Virgo man won’t just subtly loosen up when he likes you. He’ll actively start showing his silly side. You’ll find that he really isn’t all business underneath it all.

When a Virgo man likes you, he’ll start to joke around with you. Many Virgo men have great senses of humor, but not everyone realizes that about them!

Many Virgo men are great at making others laugh when they want to. They are witty and may enjoy intellectual humor, but they can also be silly and wild sometimes.

When your Virgo man likes you, he’ll probably try to appeal to your sense of humor. If he knows you like a specific type of comedy, he’ll try to incorporate that into your conversations. He’ll do anything to make you smile.

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6. He Knows Everything About You

When a Virgo man likes a woman, he will want to know everything about her. One sign that your Virgo man likes you is that he’ll remember every detail he learns about you.

If you mention liking a particular show or clothing brand off-hand, your Virgo man will remember it. You’ll know he was paying attention because he might get you gifts for birthdays or holidays based on the things you say to him.

Your Virgo man will know basics like your favorite color or food, but he’ll also know more intimate details. He’ll remember the stories you tell him and details about your friends and family as well.

7. He Knows Your Routine

Routines are essential to Virgo men. When a Virgo man likes you, he won’t just adjust his routine in order to make room for you in his life. He’ll know what your routine is as well.

You might notice that your Virgo man always seems to send you a good morning text right after you wake up. He might be quiet while you’re at work or in class, then message you as soon as you’re off for the day.

A Virgo man may also seem to know exactly which days you’re usually free. He might only ask you out to lunch on the specific days you’re off work or know that you’re never free on certain nights because of prior engagements with friends.

If you mention anything at all about your routine to a Virgo man, he will remember it!

He’ll avoid texting you after certain hours when he knows when you go to bed, or he’ll offer to bring you food on your lunch break because he knows what time you take it.

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8. He Communicates Frequently

When a Virgo man likes you, he’ll talk to you much more than he talks to other people. He’ll love discussing things with you whenever possible.

Virgo men tend to be well-spoken and are effective communicators. Not all of them are chatty with everyone, though. A Virgo man who likes you will be talkative with you, even if he’s quieter around others.

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you through text is that he will message you much more often than anyone else.

Not all Virgo men like to text. Many prefer to chat in person or only text when they have a specific purpose. A Virgo man who obviously likes you might start texting “just because.”

9. He Puts You First

One of the signs a Virgo man is falling for you is that he will start to put you first. When you need him to be there for you, he’ll do whatever he can to be by your side.

Your Virgo man might cancel plans if you need help or rearrange his schedule to be there for you when you’re having a big event such as a birthday party, graduation, or celebration dinner for a promotion at work.

A Virgo man won’t make you his only priority when he likes you, but he’ll make it clear that you’re one of the most important people in his life.

Your Virgo man will try to put your needs before his own. If you disagree about something, he’ll try to compromise and see things from your point of view. He will do what he can to make you feel special and cared for.

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