Are Virgo Men Cheaters? (You Might Be Surprised)

Published May 24, 2023

A cheating Virgo man isn’t impossible to find, but it’s rare. Virgo men aren’t usually known for being cheaters.

A Virgo man might cheat under specific circumstances. For the most part, though, he is a loyal, devoted, and faithful partner who would never dream of cheating.

Many Virgo men can’t stand cheating. They have high expectations for themselves and their partners, so they won’t put up with someone being unfaithful in a relationship.

Virgo men tend to be loyal and devoted in relationships. They take commitment seriously and can typically avoid temptation easily. They won’t throw their relationship away for instant gratification.

If a Virgo man does cheat, it’s a sign the relationship is over. He’ll likely tell you right away and expect you to end things. He won’t lie or continue to cheat behind your back.

He Can’t Stand Cheating

Do Virgo men cheat? Many Virgo men can’t stand the idea of cheating. They will judge anyone who does cheat, so they try to avoid doing so themselves.

A Virgo man will likely judge you harshly if you’ve ever cheated on a partner. Cheating in a past relationship will make trusting you more difficult for him, even if it was a long time ago, and he has no other reason not to trust you.

Virgo men will also judge themselves if they even get close to cheating on a partner. They expect more from themselves, and cheating is one of the worst ways to betray someone.

It takes a lot for a Virgo man to cheat. If he does end up cheating, he’ll likely think poorly of himself for doing so. He won’t cheat based on a whim. A Virgo man will typically do anything he can to avoid cheating.

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He Has High Expectations

Are Virgo men known for being cheaters? Virgo men are typically known for being incredibly loyal, not for cheating.

Many Virgo men can avoid cheating because of their high expectations for themselves. If a Virgo man is opposed to cheating, he won’t allow himself to betray his partner.

Virgo men hold themselves to high standards. If a Virgo man cheats on a partner, he’ll feel terrible about it. He will likely not get over the guilt or the feeling that he “failed” in his relationship.

A Virgo man who has cheated in a past relationship is less likely to do so again.

If he already knows how terrible the guilt feels and what it’s like to wreck his relationship because of cheating, he’ll work even harder to avoid it in the future.

You usually won’t have to worry about a Virgo man cheating on you. If he loves you, he will do his best to remain faithful to you and stick to any commitments he makes.

He’s Loyal

Are Virgo men faithful in relationships? Many of them are! They tend to be loyal partners who would never do anything to purposely betray the one they love.

Virgo men are nurturing and loving partners. They want to take care of the people they love, and one way they show their love is by being loyal.

If your Virgo man is loyal to you, he won’t cheat. He will show his loyalty to you in many ways, and remaining faithful is one of them.

You’ll know your Virgo man is loyal to you because he’ll prove that loyalty in other ways. He will be incredibly reliable and dependable. If he makes a promise to you, he’ll keep it.

Your Virgo man will not let you down if he loves you. He’ll actively prove his loyalty to you with the way he treats you.

A Virgo man won’t flirt with others or even consider straying. If something tempts him, he’ll try to work through things instead of ruining your relationship.

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He’s Devoted

A Virgo man is faithful in a relationship because he’s devoted to his partner. When your Virgo man loves you, he will never do anything to stray from your relationship.

Your Virgo man will be willing to make sacrifices for your relationship to show his devotion. He will do his best to work through any issues you have instead of running off and being unfaithful.

A Virgo man’s devotion to you will keep him from doing things he might regret. He isn’t going to cheat on you just because you two had a fight or because you’re going through a temporary rough patch.

Your Virgo man isn’t going to be tempted just because he meets another beautiful woman. He will remain devoted to you, and that devotion will keep him from even thinking about cheating most of the time.

A Virgo man cheating is a sign that his devotion to you is already gone. As long as he feels devoted to you, he won’t cheat.

He’s Committed

Virgo men take commitment and relationships very seriously. It can sometimes take a while for a Virgo man to decide he’s ready to settle down and commit to a relationship, but he’s all in once he does.

The reason Virgo men can be slow in relationships in the first place is because of how seriously they take commitment! Your Virgo man isn’t going to waste months or years building trust with you to break it by cheating.

If your Virgo man promises to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, you can trust his word. He will follow through on what he says and remain faithful to you.

A Virgo man who does cheat has likely already given up on his commitment to you. He’s unlikely to cheat and then beg for your forgiveness. He will remain faithful to you if he still values your relationship and wants to be with you.

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He’ll Avoid Temptation

Do Virgo men cheat more than others? They are usually less likely to cheat than other men. Virgo men know how to avoid temptation, so the option to cheat will likely never arise for them.

Virgo men don’t just resist temptation. They don’t put themselves in situations where they might be tempted to cheat in the first place.

A married Virgo man will always wear his wedding ring and likely won’t go out drinking alone or overindulge in a way that would lower his inhibitions. He’ll avoid temptation by making it clear he’s off the market.

Some men might flirt for fun and “accidentally” do things they regret, but a Virgo man won’t. He’ll only flirt with the person he’s in a relationship with.

If temptation does come along, a Virgo man can avoid it by removing himself from the situation. He won’t stick around if he thinks something might happen.

He’s Honest

Are Virgo men loyal partners? They are! They are also incredibly honest. Cheating is a form of dishonesty, and that’s another reason why a Virgo man will avoid it.

If your Virgo man has a problem with something in your relationship, he’s more likely to just talk to you about it. If he feels like “the spark” is dying or there is another problem, he will try to address it.

Usually, a Virgo man won’t pretend like everything is fine when it isn’t. He will try to be honest with you about his feelings, even if it’s difficult!

A Virgo man’s honest nature means that he’ll tell you if he ever does cheat. He’ll try to be honest if he’s tempted to cheat or thinks he might be close to crossing a boundary.

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He Might Cheat to End Things

If your Virgo man is unfaithful, that’s a sign your relationship is over. Some Virgo men will cheat to end things or make their partner end things when they don’t want to be the ones to initiate the breakup.

Fortunately, not all Virgo men will do this. They will try to work through things first and then be honest if things aren’t working.

Some Virgo men don’t know how to deal with conflict, though. A Virgo man might want to break up but not know how to initiate things.

Instead of telling you he wants to end things, he’ll cheat and then tell you about it so that you end things. This is a common tactic that younger, immature Virgo men use instead of addressing the issue.

He Won’t Lie About Cheating

Will a Virgo man cheat on you and then pretend nothing happened? Most of the time, if a Virgo man cheats, he immediately confesses to it.

You’re most likely to hear about your Virgo man’s cheating from him. He’ll tell you if he does anything that crosses a line, even if all he did was flirt with another woman.

A Virgo man won’t usually try to hide that he cheated on you. As mentioned, some will tell you they cheated because they want you to break up with them.

Even if that’s not the case, a Virgo man will still tell you if he does something to betray your trust.

If your Virgo man thinks he’s developing feelings for someone else, he’ll try to talk to you about it. He will let you know if he drunkenly kisses someone, even if he doesn’t go any further.

Your Virgo man doesn’t want to lie to you. Even if he does something he regrets and he thinks it will ruin your relationship, he would rather tell you the truth.

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