You Broke Up With Your Capricorn Man. What To Expect?

Updated March 4, 2023
You Broke Up With Your Capricorn Man. What To Expect?

A Capricorn man, after a breakup, will likely hide his feelings. Even if you two end on good terms, he might avoid you for a while.

Capricorn men usually keep to themselves when they are upset. Yours might focus on work and avoid socializing while he’s getting over you.

Depending on how things end with your Capricorn man, he might resent you. He may avoid you after your breakup, block you on social media, and refuse to interact with you.

Even if he hides it, your Capricorn man will likely be upset about your breakup. He probably thought you two would be together long-term. Getting over your split will be difficult.

Capricorn men typically don’t rebound after a breakup. Your Capricorn ex will probably avoid relationships. He’ll dive into work and focus on himself for a while instead of returning to the dating world.

He’ll Hide His Feelings

How will a Capricorn man act after a breakup? He will usually hide his true feelings, no matter how upset he is.

A Capricorn man likely won’t want you to know how torn up he is about your breakup. It’s common for Capricorn men to hide their feelings and suppress them, and he’ll definitely do this if you end things.

Your Capricorn man isn’t going to cry or act visibly upset in front of you. He hates emotional displays and won’t make one even if he thinks that might make you change your mind.

When you break up with a Capricorn man, he usually will be sad about it. Capricorn men take relationships seriously, and your Capricorn man was probably prepared to commit to you for life.

He might be devastated that your relationship is over and that he may have to start over again if he wants to settle down with someone. Your Capricorn man won’t show you that at all, though.

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He’ll Ask What Went Wrong

Your Capricorn man will likely want to know what went wrong with your relationship. If he feels blindsided by you breaking up with him, he’ll probably ask for an explanation at some point.

He might not always ask you why you’re ending things right away. Your Capricorn man might need time to process things first and may reach out to talk things over later.

Your Capricorn man wants to know if he did something wrong. He may want this information so he can do better in future relationships, or he may want to try and fix things so you’ll take him back.

Will a Capricorn man regret losing you? If he loves you and he doesn’t want things to end, he’ll regret the fact that your relationship is over. He’ll be even more regretful if he causes the breakup somehow.

He Might Resent You

Will a Capricorn man miss you after a breakup? He might, but he may also resent you for breaking up with him in the first place.

A Capricorn man might respect your decision to end things with him, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

Your Capricorn man might feel like you didn’t try hard enough to keep your relationship together. If you broke up with him and he felt blindsided, he might think you should have tried to talk things over with him first.

Capricorn men don’t always like change. If your Capricorn man has to move after your breakup because you live together, he will likely resent that too. He won’t like that he’ll have to change his routine and settle into a new life without you.

Even if your Capricorn man resents you, he likely won’t tell you that. He won’t bother trying to make you feel guilty and will instead try to get over his feelings and move on.

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He’ll Focus On Work

Capricorn men are notorious workaholics. You might have even broken up with your Capricorn man because he was always focused on work!

After a breakup, a Capricorn man is likely to dive into work even more than usual. He’ll use this as a distraction from his feelings and a way of working through any pent-up frustration.

Capricorn men genuinely enjoy working, so focusing on work might cheer your Capricorn man up after a breakup. It will give him something to do, especially since he’ll probably have a more open schedule now that you’ve broken up.

A Capricorn man might also realize that he wants to focus on his career for a while. If that was why your relationship ended, he’ll realize that he can’t focus on a relationship and his career at this time.

Your Capricorn ex will likely dive into work even if that was the reason behind your breakup. He may back off later or readjust his priorities, but immediately after things end, he will use work as a way to make himself feel better.

He’ll Avoid You

Will a Capricorn man come back after a breakup? He might, but he’s also just as likely to avoid you completely.

A Capricorn man will likely need space after you break up with him. If he’s feeling hurt and angry with you, he won’t want to talk to you.

Even if your Capricorn man wants to remain friends later, he’ll still usually distance himself after you first break up. He does this so that you two can set clear boundaries and have the time apart you need to get over the breakup.

It might hurt seeing you too soon after a breakup. Your Capricorn man will avoid hanging out with mutual friends or going to places like coffee shops that he knows you both frequent.

If you’re ignoring a Capricorn man after a breakup, he might not even notice. Even if he does, he’ll respect your need for space. He won’t bother you if you genuinely don’t want to talk to him.

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He May Block You

Don’t be surprised if you have no contact with a Capricorn man after your breakup. Depending on how things ended, he might block you on social media and completely cut off contact.

Your Capricorn man will definitely block you and cut you off if he’s resentful about your breakup. If you ended things and left him for someone else, do not expect to hear from him again any time soon.

If your Capricorn man wants a temporary break but wants to remain friends, he will usually let you know that. If he blocks you everywhere without saying anything, though, he probably does not want to speak to you again.

He’ll Keep To Himself

What do Capricorn men do after a breakup? It’s sometimes difficult to know what a Capricorn man is doing because he’ll probably keep to himself.

Some people go out after a breakup. They might party, hang out with friends, or even rebound quickly. A Capricorn man is unlikely to do any of that.

Your Capricorn ex might do nothing but work and stay at home right after your breakup. He won’t reach out to people and definitely won’t go out to bars or nightclubs.

Having some time to himself will help a Capricorn man feel better after the end of a relationship. He will have time to reflect on what went wrong and deal with his emotions.

Don’t worry too much if you hear that your Capricorn man is isolating himself. He’ll usually do this temporarily so he has some time to grieve your relationship.

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He Takes A Break From Relationships

If a Capricorn man is still in love with an ex, he’ll definitely not want to get into a new relationship. He’ll likely take a break from relationships regardless of his feelings, though.

Capricorn men do not jump from relationship to relationship. It likely took you a long time to start seriously dating him and even longer to make significant commitments like moving in together.

A Capricorn man does not trust easily, and he must trust someone to date them seriously. Your Capricorn ex will likely not even want to try getting to know someone new right after your breakup.

Capricorn man rebound relationships are rare. A Capricorn man will honestly have no desire to start dating again right after a breakup. He’ll want time to focus on himself and heal.

He’ll Need Time To Get Over It

Your Capricorn man will likely need a long time to get over your relationship. Even if he saw the breakup coming, having his relationship actually end will deeply affect him.

A Capricorn man won’t tell you he’s upset, but he may still be grieving your relationship months after things ended. Depending on how long you two were together, he might need a very long time to get over you.

Don’t expect your Capricorn ex to act friendly with you immediately after a breakup. Even if he eventually wants to stay friends with you, he’ll still need time to adjust to being your friend instead of your partner.

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