10 Signs Your Virgo Man Cares (Obviously Or Not)

Updated May 4, 2023

Some of the signs a Virgo man cares about you can be subtle, but not all of them!

When a Virgo man genuinely loves you, he won’t be able to hide it. He’ll be nurturing and compassionate and loosen up around you.

A Virgo man who cares about you will treat you well. He’ll show you his softer side and will be incredibly kind and helpful when you need him.

Your Virgo man will confide in you and open up emotionally when he cares about you. He’ll also spend more time with you and message you frequently because he enjoys being around you!

If your Virgo man says he trusts you, tells you his deepest secrets, and can just be himself around you, then he cares about you. You’ll see a side of him that nobody else does.

1. He Loosens Up Around You

How does a Virgo man show he cares? One thing he’ll do is loosen up around you. He’ll show you that he’s comfortable with you, and he’ll let his hair down a bit.

Virgo men can seem overly stiff sometimes, but they aren’t. They need help coming out of their shell and don’t always reveal their fun side to people they don’t know well.

If your Virgo man cares about you, he’ll be perfectly comfortable loosening up around you! He’ll show you a side of himself that nobody else sees.

When your Virgo man is comfortable letting you see him when he’s not at his best, he cares about you. He won’t care as much about putting up a front when he loves you and is comfortable with you.

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2. He’s Emotionally Open

Virgo men can be emotionally distant sometimes. They have trouble opening up to people and expressing their genuine emotions.

If your Virgo man cares about you, he’ll open up to you. Even if it’s difficult for him initially, he’ll show you how he feels.

A Virgo man cares about you if he’s willing to let you see him at his worst. If he goes to you when he’s feeling depressed or frustrated, that means your Virgo man cares a lot about you!

Your Virgo man will be more emotionally available for you when he cares about you too. He’ll gladly offer a shoulder to cry on or let you vent to him.

A Virgo man who cares about you will want to have an emotional bond with you. Even if it’s challenging, he’ll ensure you know how he genuinely feels. He’ll also be happy to let you open up to him.

3. He Confides In You

How do you know a Virgo man loves you? One of the ways he’ll show you how much he cares is by confiding in you.

Virgo men aren’t always the best at being vulnerable with people. They can be supportive when someone needs them but have trouble opening up.

If your Virgo man tells you all his secrets, he cares about you! When he reveals private things about himself, he’s showing you how much he trusts you.

Your Virgo man will open up to you about everything when he cares about you. He will feel comfortable sharing his deepest, darkest secrets with you because he’ll know that you won’t judge him.

When your Virgo man cares about you, he wants you to know him better than anyone else. He’ll open up and allow that to happen.

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4. He Spends Lots Of Time With You

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you is that he’ll want to spend a lot of time with you. No matter how busy he is, he’ll always schedule time for you two to hang out!

Virgo men are busy, but they make time for the people they care about! Your Virgo man will make sure that he can hang out with you and talk to you, even if he has a lot going on.

If your Virgo man can’t hang out with you for some reason, he’ll still talk to you a lot. He’ll let you know what’s going on and won’t blow you off.

When a Virgo man likes you as more than a friend, he will start to prioritize you. He’ll ensure he keeps a few nights a week open for date nights and will be willing to move his schedule around if you ever need him.

5. He Messages You Frequently

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you through texting is that he will message you more often than anyone else.

Virgo men love to talk but can be discerning about who they speak to. If your Virgo man reaches out to you all the time, he’s showing you that he cares.

Your Virgo man might message you “just because” when he cares about you. If it’s been a while since you last spoke, he’ll reach out to make sure everything is okay.

When a Virgo man cares about you, talking to you will make him happy. Even if he can’t be with you in person, he’ll still chat with you a lot! He will text pictures and let you know how his day is going.

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6. He’s Incredibly Helpful

One of a Virgo man’s love languages is typically acts of service. When your Virgo man cares about you, he’ll do what he can to help you and make your life easier.

If your Virgo man always tidies up around your house when he visits, he’s not trying to say that he thinks you’re messy. He is just trying to help out!

A Virgo man who cares about you might offer to run errands if he knows you’re busy and stressed out. He’ll come by and make food when he knows you’re not feeling well or take over some of your chores.

Helping you will make a Virgo man happy when he cares about you. He’s not helping because he expects favors in return. He’s doing it to tell you he loves you.

7. His Criticisms Are Kinder

A Virgo man in love might not always stop criticizing you completely. However, his criticisms will be kinder. He’ll try to be sensitive and genuinely help you instead of just making judgmental comments.

Virgo men can be incredibly judgmental, but sometimes their criticisms come from a place of love.

If your Virgo man criticizes how you clean, it’s probably because he thinks cleaning his way will make your life easier. He will try not to be rude, even if he is being a bit judgmental.

A Virgo man who cares about you may also pair criticisms with compliments. If he must criticize something, he’ll make sure that he’s not making you feel bad when he does so.

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8. He Laughs With You

If a Virgo man cares about you, he’ll love making you laugh and smile. He will also laugh a lot more when he’s around you!

When a Virgo man cares about you, just being around you will make him happy. You might notice that he smiles a lot more when you’re with him compared to when he’s with others.

You might notice that your Virgo man jokes around with you a lot more than others. This is because he feels comfortable with you. He’s also likely trying to make you laugh.

It will be easy for a Virgo man just to let loose and allow himself to laugh when he’s with you. Even if he’s having a bad day, being around you will be enough to cheer him up sometimes.

9. He Says He Trusts You

One of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you is that he’ll tell you he trusts you. He won’t just subtly show you. He will actually say that you’re someone he trusts.

You’ll know your relationship with a Virgo man is going well when he genuinely trusts you. When he cares about you, he’ll place his trust in you. He will confide in you and rely on you more than anyone else.

Saying that he trusts you is sometimes the same as saying he loves you for a Virgo man. He can be closed off sometimes and doesn’t always trust people easily. If he’s willing to place his trust in you, he cares about you.

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10. He’s Nurturing & Compassionate

When a Virgo man loves you, he’ll be highly nurturing and compassionate. You will see a soft, gentle side of him more than anyone else.

Virgo is known for being a nurturing sign, but many Virgo men only express this trait when they’re with people they genuinely care about.

Virgo men can sometimes be emotionally detached, but yours won’t be when he cares about you. He’ll be compassionate, and he will try to understand how you’re feeling.

A Virgo man who cares about you might be more in tune with your emotions. Even if he isn’t always good at picking up on how people feel, he’ll be able to tell how you do.

Your Virgo man wants to take care of you when he cares about you. He’ll do whatever he can to really show how much he loves you.

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