10 Signs That Your Sagittarius Man Loves You Deeply

Updated August 27, 2023

A Sagittarius man’s love signs are obvious, especially if you know what to look for. He won’t hide how he feels when he loves you deeply.

Your Sagittarius man will do a lot to show you he loves you. Like all fire signs, he can be passionate and expressive!

When your Sagittarius man loves you deeply, he’ll be more emotionally open. He will tell you his deepest secrets and show you you’re in his future.

Your Sagittarius man will be more flexible with you. He’ll be willing to change for you and compromise when needed instead of being so overly independent. He will prioritize time with you, too.

A Sagittarius man will say he loves you often. It won’t just be in response to you saying it first, either. He’ll be incredibly generous with his time and with gifts. He’ll make you feel loved.

1. He’s Emotionally Open

How do you know that a Sagittarius man loves you? Even if he hasn’t said he loves you yet, you’ll know he cares about you when he’s willing to be more emotionally open.

Sagittarius men aren’t always open about their feelings. They prefer to hide anger, sadness, and stress. They just want to have fun and don’t like talking about the hard stuff.

If your Sagittarius man is emotionally open with you, he loves you deeply. He trusts you enough to talk to you about how he truly feels. He is comfortable around you and feels okay opening up.

When a Sagittarius man is entirely open about all his feelings, even the bad ones, he loves you. He wants to bond with you and share everything about himself. It might not always be easy, but he will do it anyway because of his love for you.

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2. He’s Generous

How do Sagittarius men show love? One way Sagittarius men show love is with gift-giving. Your Sagittarius man will be incredibly generous toward you when he loves you.

Your Sagittarius man will pamper you when he cares about you. He might give you expensive and luxurious gifts, but he’ll also give you thoughtful or practical things.

A Sagittarius man who loves you will give you anything you need. If he has the financial means, he will be as generous with you as possible. He’ll take care of you and ensure you have what you need.

Your Sagittarius man will be generous in other ways. He’ll spend more time with you when you need him to. He’ll be generous with his affection. He will give you the physical affection you need and be generous with kind words.

3. He’s Willing to Change for You

How do Sagittarius men act when they are in love? A Sagittarius man who loves you deeply will be willing to make some changes for you. He won’t completely change himself, but he’ll be willing to make certain changes.

Sagittarius men are highly independent and value their freedom. They don’t want to give that up, but a Sagittarius man who loves you will rethink his hesitancy to give up his freedom.

Your Sagittarius man will be willing to change his schedule to spend more time with you. If his spontaneity and constant need to travel means he never has time for you, he’ll fix that.

A Sagittarius man won’t change everything for you. He will be willing to do things that will make your relationship easier. He’ll learn to compromise so you can be together.

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4. He’s More Flexible with You

One of the ways to tell a Sagittarius man really loves you is that he’ll be more flexible with you. Sagittarius men can be stubborn, but your Sagittarius man will put aside some of his stubbornness for you.

Sagittarius men can be highly opinionated and sometimes self-righteous. They think their way is the best way. They can be open-minded, but they are stubborn about certain things, especially after they make up their mind about something.

Your Sagittarius man will be more flexible when he loves you. He will be willing to hear you out, even when your opinions differ.

Your Sagittarius man will also realize that he isn’t always right. He’ll be more flexible and make a decision with you instead of making it for you both. If you tell him that something doesn’t work, he’ll listen to you.

5. He Tells You His Deepest Secrets

One of the signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you is that he will tell you his deepest secrets. It might be challenging at first, but he will share all of his secrets with you.

Sagittarius men might be open about certain topics but aren’t always open about personal, intimate details. It can take a while for a Sagittarius man to tell you his secrets, but he will if he loves you.

Your Sagittarius man might take a while to tell you all his secrets, but he will do it. He will want you to know as much about him as possible. Even if sharing certain things is hard, he’ll do it because he loves you.

You will likely know things about your Sagittarius man that nobody else knows when he loves you deeply. He’ll share everything with you.

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6. He Can’t Keep His Hands Off You

If you’re dating a Sagittarius man who cares about you, he’ll likely show you that with physical affection. Physical touch is another one of a Sagittarius man’s love languages.

When a Sagittarius man kisses you and shows affection in other ways, he’s showing he cares. If he’s casually affectionate, especially when he’s not trying to initiate sex, he deeply cares about you.

Your Sagittarius man will be affectionate with you in front of everyone. If a Sagittarius man is only affectionate in private, that can be a red flag. He loves you if he holds your hand and kisses you regardless of who is around.

A Sagittarius man will want to be close to you when he loves you. Even if you can’t be super affectionate, he’ll still sit close to you and keep some level of contact between you.

7. He Randomly Says He Loves You

When a Sagittarius man loves you, he’ll tell you he does! If a Sagittarius man tells you he loves you out of the blue, he cares about you.

Some men might only say they love you when you say it first or during “special” occasions. A Sagittarius man who loves you will tell you he does whenever he gets the whim.

Your Sagittarius man will make sure you feel loved. If he gets the urge to tell you he loves you, he’ll tell you. He will remind you that he loves you as often as possible.

If your Sagittarius man only says he loves you when you say it first, that might be a bad sign. When he loves you deeply, he will usually be the one to initiate and say that first, at least sometimes.

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8. You’re in His Future

If you’re in a relationship with a Sagittarius man and he loves you deeply, you’ll be in his future. He’ll talk about upcoming events as if you’ll be there, no matter how far out they are.

Sagittarius men are incredibly adventurous. They are spontaneous and impulsive. If a Sagittarius man wants to run off and do something, he will. He won’t always think about anyone other than himself.

When your Sagittarius man loves you, he will think about you. He’ll think about your future, too. He won’t just move on a whim because he knows that might negatively affect your relationship.

Your Sagittarius man will make future plans with you. He’ll plan things out far in advance because he intends on sticking around.

9. He’s Willing to Compromise

A Sagittarius man in love will be more willing to compromise. If he truly loves you, he’ll figure out how to make your relationship work, even if you don’t always see eye-to-eye about certain things.

Sagittarius men don’t always like to compromise. They want to be able to make their own decisions and do what they want. If your Sagittarius man loves you, he’ll learn how to compromise for you.

Your Sagittarius man will want to make decisions together when he genuinely cares about you. He will want to do things that make you both happy instead of just focusing on his own happiness.

Compromising won’t always be easy. There might still be times when a Sagittarius man struggles with that. He will try when he loves you, though.

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10. He Prioritizes Time with You

Sagittarius men are adventurous and spontaneous people. They are usually busy because they have wide social circles, many hobbies, and they like to travel!

Your Sagittarius man will prioritize time with you when he loves you deeply. He’ll always find time for you, even if he has a lot going on. He won’t go long without seeing you when he cares.

If your Sagittarius man wants to go on vacation, he might ask you to accompany him. Instead of just running off on a whim, he’ll want to ensure he can still spend time with you!

Your Sagittarius man will ensure he spends one-on-one time with you when he loves you deeply. He will likely still bring you to parties and group hangouts, but he will also understand that he needs to focus on your relationship.

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