9 Secrets To Kiss a Sagittarius Man (The Way He Likes)

Updated August 21, 2023

The true secret to kissing a Sagittarius man is never to kiss him the same way twice. Mix things up and be spontaneous!

Sagittarius men love wild and unrestrained kisses, but you get his attention by mixing in lighter, more chaste kisses.

Many Sagittarius men like to take the lead, so if you’re unsure how to kiss a Sagittarius man, let him initiate. Follow his lead, at least at first.

As you grow more confident, give in to your whims. Your Sagittarius man will love it when you’re spontaneous, passionate, and enthusiastic, regardless of how exactly you’re kissing him.

Don’t just kiss your Sagittarius man on the lips, either! He’ll love it when you kiss him all over. Let loose and go with whatever feels right, and he’ll love every kiss you give him.

1. Be A Little Wild

What seduces a Sagittarius man? Your Sagittarius man will love every kiss if you get a little wild and let loose while kissing him.

Sagittarius men love it when their partners unleash their wild side. Even if you’re usually calm and reserved, don’t kiss your Sagittarius man like that!

Be energetic when you kiss your Sagittarius man. You don’t need to be gentle, and you don’t need to kiss him the same way each time. He’ll prefer it if you don’t.

When you unleash your wild side while kissing your Sagittarius man, especially if you aren’t usually wild, he’ll feel like you’re comfortable around him. That will make him feel almost as good as the kiss itself!

You can be a bit wild about where you kiss your Sagittarius man. Many Sagittarius men love public displays of affection, so your Sagittarius man will enjoy it if you kiss him in public, especially if things get a bit heated.

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2. Tease Him

One of the best ways to attract a Sagittarius man is to tease him a bit. You can tease him while kissing him if you want to drive him wild.

Act as if you’re going to lean in for a kiss, then pull away at the last minute. When your Sagittarius pulls you in for a kiss, grin at him and turn so that he kisses your cheek instead.

You can leave teasing little kisses everywhere but his mouth. Kiss the side of his mouth to give him a taste of what is to come, but avoid his lips at first.

You can also tease your Sagittarius man by licking your lips or doing other actions that draw attention to them. Once you’ve got him looking at your mouth, he’ll start to get a little riled up.

Look at your Sagittarius man’s mouth as well and make it obvious. Show him that you want to kiss him before you lean in for the kiss, and it will drive him wild.

3. Be Enthusiastic

Kissing a Sagittarius man should be fun! While kissing him, show him how enthusiastic you are. Make sure he knows you’re enjoying the kiss as much as he is.

You don’t have to be quiet while kissing your Sagittarius man. There’s no need to act reserved or be chaste in any way. Show him exactly how much you like kissing him!

You can show your enthusiasm by making pleasant noises while you two kiss. You can pull him in closer, run your hands over his body, or play with his hair while kissing him.

He’ll know you’re enthusiastic when you can’t seem to stop kissing him. Pull away temporarily for air, then return to kissing him as passionately as before.

When your Sagittarius man knows how enthusiastic you are about kissing him, he’ll love it! He’ll kiss you more, too, which is always a plus.

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4. Be Passionate

How does a Sagittarius man kiss? Like all fire signs, Sagittarius men tend to be incredibly passionate when doing anything intimate.

Your Sagittarius man wants to see your passionate side. He’ll love it when you’re passionate about work, hobbies, and other things in your life. He’ll love it even more when you’re passionate about how you kiss him.

You want your Sagittarius man to feel how much you care about him and how attracted to him you are each time you kiss him. He might not know how you truly feel if you’re not passionate enough.

Inject every ounce of passion you feel for your Sagittarius man into your kiss. Show him that you genuinely enjoy the kiss, and don’t hold back! Just let loose and enjoy the experience.

Match your Sagittarius man’s energy when he’s being passionate as well. Go along with him, and don’t deny him the chance to kiss you the way he likes.

5. Kiss Him All Over

Sagittarius men love heated and passionate kisses. When you’re kissing him, don’t just stick to his lips. Kiss him all over!

Start by kissing your Sagittarius man’s cheeks or the side of his mouth before you kiss his lips. Give him a little taste before you go in for the real thing.

Once you’ve started kissing, you can also kiss other areas of his body. One of a Sagittarius man’s favorite body parts to have kissed is his neck. While you two are making out, kiss down his neck if you want to drive him wild.

Your Sagittarius man will love it when each kiss is a full-body experience. Let your hands roam over his body. If you two are having a full makeout session, don’t be afraid to kiss down his chest or over his shoulders.

Let your Sagittarius man kiss you all over too! Let him wander and enjoy the pleasure of kissing you anywhere he wants. This will ensure you both have a great time.

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6. Let Loose

When a Sagittarius man kisses you, you can let loose and give in to the experience. Don’t overthink it. That’s the real key to kissing him the way he likes.

Your Sagittarius man will be able to tell if you’re overthinking things while kissing him. He might think you’re not enjoying things if you seem too methodical or robotic.

If you hold back while kissing your Sagittarius man, he might believe you don’t want to kiss him. He wants to kiss someone who is just as excited about the kiss as he is!

Do not be embarrassed while kissing your Sagittarius man. Even if you’re not doing things “perfectly,” he likely won’t care! He’s not overly focused on your skill. He’s more focused on your passion and enthusiasm.

Never be ashamed when kissing your Sagittarius man, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Just let loose and kiss him in public sometimes. He’ll love it!

7. Let Him Take The Lead

If you want to know how to kiss a Sagittarius man, sometimes it’s best just to let him take the lead!

A Sagittarius man’s kissing style can tell you a lot about how he wants to be kissed. If you want to know how to kiss him the way he likes, pay attention to how he kisses you.

You should sometimes let your Sagittarius man take the lead when kissing or doing anything else intimate. This is a great way to ensure he’s satisfied and help you figure out what he likes for future reference.

Your Sagittarius man will likely mix things up each time he kisses you, but you might notice specific patterns. Remember what he does and try to kiss him similarly next time.

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8. He Loves Spontaneity

What attracts a Sagittarius man? Spontaneity is one of the traits he finds most attractive in a woman. When you kiss him, don’t be afraid to be spontaneous and a little impulsive.

Lean in for a kiss with your Sagittarius man any time you get the impulse to. Who cares if you’re at a restaurant or sitting around with friends? Go ahead and kiss him!

Your Sagittarius man will love it when he doesn’t always expect your kisses. There will, of course, be moments where you both lean in, or the “timing” is perfect, but you can kiss him other times too!

The key to being spontaneous is to follow your urges. Don’t overthink things. Don’t feel like you have to plan each kiss or wait for a particular moment. Just kiss him!

9. Make Each Kiss Unique

Are Sagittarius men good kissers? Many of them are. They know how to make each kiss unique and how to keep the people they kiss on their toes.

Your Sagittarius man will also love it when you make each kiss unique. Don’t kiss him the same way every time. Don’t only kiss him when you think he’s expecting it, either!

Mix things up while you’re kissing your Sagittarius man. Pair heated and passionate kisses with slow, lingering ones. Surprise him by wearing a different flavor of lip balm or a different perfume to enhance the experience.

When your Sagittarius man never quite knows what to expect from you, he’ll be excited each time you kiss him. He’ll wonder what you’re going to do next, and that will please him more than anything else.

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