Secrets To Make Your Sagittarius Man Talk About Feelings

Updated August 20, 2023

A Sagittarius man’s feelings aren’t always easy to figure out. He can be expressive, but they aren’t always the type to talk about their emotions.

Your Sagittarius man might have an easy time expressing love and happiness. Other feelings will be more difficult for him.

Sagittarius men aren’t always emotionally available. They can be expressive but prefer to express specific types of emotions. They are passionate and optimistic but don’t always like talking about “negative” feelings.

Don’t judge your Sagittarius man if he has difficulty discussing his feelings. Respect his boundaries, and don’t push too much. If he doesn’t want to talk about something, change the subject.

Be empathetic and try to understand where your Sagittarius man is coming from. He will talk when he’s ready. Just keep offering support and show him that he can open up.

Don’t Make Feelings a Big Deal

How do Sagittarius men express their feelings? Many Sagittarius men will be more emotionally expressive the more comfortable they are with someone. Sometimes, the best way to make a Sagittarius man open up is to not make a big deal out of it.

Your Sagittarius man will pull away if you tell him he must discuss his feelings on your schedule. If you act like you can’t trust him until he talks about his feelings, he’ll feel pressured!

Instead, don’t make a big deal out of talking about feelings. Talk about your feelings in the same casual way you’d talk about anything else. Encourage your Sagittarius man to discuss his feelings, but don’t act like he has to do so.

Let your Sagittarius man go at his own pace. He’ll open up more when he knows you won’t make a big deal out of it.

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Respect His Boundaries

A Sagittarius man’s communication style tends to be pretty direct. He’ll tell you if he doesn’t want to talk about something! When he sets a boundary and says he doesn’t want to talk about something right now, respect that.

Your Sagittarius man will likely open up as he grows closer to you. He might have specific topics that he’s comfortable talking about whenever you want, but he’ll have others that are off-limits.

If a Sagittarius man sets a boundary with you, respect it! If you don’t, he’ll pull away from you. Pushing his limits is the easiest way to ensure that he never opens up and talks about his feelings.

When a Sagittarius man feels respected, he will talk to you more. It will be easier for him to grow close to you, and he’ll eventually talk about his feelings.

Never Force Him to Talk

It can be frustrating if you want to talk to a Sagittarius man and he won’t. You shouldn’t force him to talk about his feelings, though. If you try to force anything, he’ll pull away from you.

Don’t keep pushing if a Sagittarius man says he doesn’t want to talk about something. The more you push, the less he’ll want to talk to you!

Your Sagittarius man wants to be in control when talking about his emotions. You can encourage him and positively respond when he does open up but don’t force him to talk.

You must understand that you can’t make your Sagittarius man talk if he doesn’t want to.
You have to be patient and show him you’ll be there for him when he is ready to talk.

One of the signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you is that he will talk to you about his feelings more. You don’t need to force him to do anything. If he cares about you and is comfortable, he’ll open up.

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Always Support Him

When a Sagittarius man loves you, he’ll want to go to you for support. He’ll be more comfortable talking about his feelings if he knows you’ll be supportive and helpful.

Your Sagittarius man will want to talk about his feelings more if he already feels like you are a supportive presence in his life. If you support his goals and help him when he needs it, he’ll know you can also support his emotions.

A Sagittarius man won’t talk to you about his feelings if you’re unsupportive in other ways. If you tell him his ideas are foolish, or his goals are unrealistic, why would he want to talk about his feelings?

Your Sagittarius might start small when talking about feelings. Support him anyway, and encourage him to open up more. Be kind and caring, and he’ll want to talk to you more.

Be Empathetic

You should be empathetic when talking to a Sagittarius man. Do your best to understand his feelings, even if he doesn’t always want to discuss them.

Some Sagittarius men have a difficult time talking about their feelings, especially when they’re upset. Try to anticipate your Sagittarius man’s needs sometimes instead of making him talk about them.

Show your Sagittarius man that you will try to understand him, even if he doesn’t always make sense. If he seems upset but won’t talk about why, let him see that you still understand his feelings.

Empathy is about understanding another person’s emotions and reacting appropriately. If your Sagittarius man thinks you handle his feelings well, he’ll continue to open up to you about them more.

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Never Judge Him

How does a Sagittarius man express himself? Sagittarius men tend to be incredibly passionate and expressive, but they aren’t always emotional.

Discussing “negative” emotions and things that upset him can be difficult for a Sagittarius man. Even if you don’t have difficulty talking about your feelings, don’t judge your Sagittarius man for finding it challenging.

Do Sagittarius men communicate well? Many Sagittarius men are well-spoken and can easily communicate about specific topics. They aren’t always the best at talking about feelings, though. If your Sagittarius man has a hard time, don’t judge him.

When your Sagittarius man knows he won’t be judged, it will be easier for him to talk about his feelings. If he knows you won’t judge him for having a hard time or potentially not coming across well, he’ll feel more comfortable with you.

If you act judgemental about your Sagittarius man’s ability to talk about his feelings, he won’t talk to you! Even if you think it should be easier for him, be patient.

Talk About Other Things Together

If you aren’t sure how to talk to a Sagittarius man about feelings, try discussing other things with him instead. The more comfortable he is talking to you in general, the easier it will be to talk about feelings.

Talking about things other than feelings to make a Sagittarius man talk about feelings might seem counterproductive. This is a great way to lead into talking about feelings and help him feel more comfortable with you.

If a Sagittarius man knows he can talk to you about anything, talking about feelings won’t seem as difficult. If he can bring up any topic and you won’t judge him, it will be easier to talk about his emotions.

How do you know if a Sagittarius man has feelings for you? Once he’s ready, he will tell you! You don’t always need to make the conversation specifically about feelings. They might just come up sometimes if he’s comfortable with you.

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Respect His Independence

Your Sagittarius man will open up to you more when he knows you respect his freedom and independence.

Sagittarius men can be incredibly social, but they’re also highly independent. They like to do things for themselves and don’t want to feel like they rely on anyone else too much.

Sometimes, your Sagittarius man will want to deal with his feelings alone. He won’t always want support if he’s upset about something.

You can offer support to your Sagittarius man. He’ll likely appreciate that you’re willing to be there for him. He won’t always take you up on that offer, though. You must respect that.

Don’t force the issue if your Sagittarius man wants to deal with something alone. It will take some time for him to trust you with his feelings. Even when he fully trusts you, he might still want to deal with some things on his own.

Show Him Vulnerability is Not Bad

You won’t always be able to make your Sagittarius man do anything. You can help him to open up and talk about his feelings more by talking about your feelings, though!

Your Sagittarius man will never be vulnerable with you if he doesn’t know how to be vulnerable in the first place. If he thinks that vulnerability makes him weak or that it’s a bad thing, he also won’t open up as much.

Show your Sagittarius man that vulnerability isn’t bad by opening up to him more. Model how you’d like him to talk about his feelings by opening up about your feelings first.

Let your Sagittarius man see you can be strong, independent, and vulnerable. Talk to him about your feelings and show him your soft side. Show him that being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak, and it won’t make him weak, either.

Once he sees that vulnerability isn’t such a terrible thing, your Sagittarius man might start to open up more on his own.

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