Will Your Sagittarius Man Apologize (After Upsetting You)?

Updated August 26, 2023

You are wasting your time if you expect a Sagittarius man’s apology. Men born under this sign move on from conflict without apologizing.

They seldom acknowledge wrongdoing. Sagittarius men are stubborn and proud.

Your Sagittarius man is not likely to apologize to you for several reasons. He doesn’t waste time on formalities like apologizing.

Other times, he doesn’t take responsibility when he does something wrong. As the philosopher of the zodiac, a Sagittarius man is adept at rationalizing.

He underestimates his mistakes and focuses on the future. Sagittarius men believe that experiences make you stronger. He focuses on gratitude, not apologizing.

He’s Too Proud To Apologize

As one of the three fire signs, Sagittarius men are strong-willed and proud. They don’t apologize because they avoid vulnerability. Sagittarius men are too proud to admit they were wrong.

You may think it’s foolish for a Sagittarius man to let something like pride interfere with a relationship but he’s independent enough to walk away from a relationship rather than apologize.

If you insist on making a Sagittarius guy admit he was wrong and apologize, he may walk away from you and never look back. You may see subtle signs he realizes he made a mistake, but he’s too obstinate to apologize.

A proud Sagittarius man doesn’t have the humility to admit when he was in the wrong. He seldom expects you to apologize, but if you apologize first, hoping he will follow suit, you’ll be disappointed.

Will a Sagittarius man regret losing you? If his choice is to apologize or lose you, he takes his chances. Your Sagittarius man moves on if he can protect his pride.

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He Minimizes Mistakes

Sagittarius men are optimistic, one of their greatest attributes. Yet their eternally hopeful attitude leads them to minimize their mistakes.

Sagittarius men don’t acknowledge the seriousness of their wrongdoing because they minimize the impact of their mistakes. A Sagittarius man who trivializes your feelings instead of apologizing isn’t trying to gaslight you.

He is confident everything will work out for the best; his optimism can keep him from realizing the significance of your feelings. He may not realize how his actions affected you.

Sagittarius men see life as an adventure. They minimize mistakes because they don’t believe in dwelling on the past. The best outcome is to try to embrace his positivity. Insisting on an apology can push a Sagittarius man away.

Even if you know how to apologize to a Sagittarius woman or man doesn’t mean he will say he’s sorry. He may accept your apology, but a Sagittarius man will downplay his mistakes rather than apologize to you.

He Avoids Responsibility

Not every reason a Sagittarius man avoids apologizing stems from his optimistic attitude. Sometimes he is shirking responsibility. Sagittarius men don’t like feeling limited and constrained.

Responsibilities of any kind overwhelm Sagittarius men. Your Sagittarius guy will sweep his responsibility for a situation under the rug rather than apologize.

If he did something wrong, he ignores it. Your Sagittarius man won’t talk about his mistakes. He acts like nothing is wrong.

If you get your Sagittarius man to acknowledge his role in a problem, he will point the finger at others to try to deflect. He doesn’t want to take ownership when he does something wrong.

Even if you know what to do when a Sagittarius man breaks up with you and gets him back, doesn’t mean he will apologize to you. He will come back and act like nothing ever happened.

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He Apologizes With Gifts

How does a Sagittarius man apologize? He shows you he feels bad. Your Sagittarius man doesn’t tell you he is sorry. If he sees that he made a mistake and you are unhappy, the closest he gets to apologizing is to give you gifts as a consolation.

Sagittarius men are materialistic. They apologize by giving you a gift to show they care. When a Sagittarius man uses gifts to apologize, he conveys that his feelings for you are more important than his need to be right.

While this is not the same as an apology, a Sagittarius man uses a gift as a way to surrender. He doesn’t want to fight anymore and wants to make you happy. He hopes a thoughtful gift will make you move on.

A Sagittarius man always comes back, but he won’t apologize to you. He tries to surprise you with something you like to please you and distract you from your hurt feelings.

He Forgives & Forgets

Can a Sagittarius man forgive you if he doesn’t address his part in a conflict? Sagittarius men are notorious for moving on from an argument without apologizing.

He forgives and forgets, eager to start over. Your Sagittarius man doesn’t want to go through an argument point by point and debate whose fault it was. He prefers positive encounters.

When a Sagittarius man realizes he did something wrong, instead of apologizing, he works out the argument in his head and decides when it’s time to forgive.

A Sagittarius man, after an argument, wants to move on and find happiness. He seeks pleasure and fun. Serious arguments and debates drain a Sagittarius man’s passions.

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He Admits Nothing

Sagittarius men follow a cardinal rule of arguments. They don’t admit to anything. Sagittarius men know right from wrong but they won’t acknowledge if they do something wrong.

If you catch a Sagittarius man doing something wrong, he tries to make excuses and justify his actions. Your Sagittarius man won’t take responsibility for making mistakes.

Instead of acknowledging when he made a mistake and hurt your feelings, your Sagittarius man denies any culpability. Sagittarius men are otherwise honest, but they hide from admitting mistakes.

Take a subtle approach if you want to know how to make a Sagittarius man regret losing you. He doesn’t respond to being held responsible for wrongdoing. Don’t push him for an apology.

Women often say, my Sagittarius man blocked me, and I just wanted an apology. He would rather cut you off than admit he did something wrong. What irritates a Sagittarius man is when you try to get him to admit he was wrong.

He Avoids Apologies

Sagittarius men will stop short of apologizing if they have no other options. If you catch a Sagittarius man doing something wrong, he dances around an apology and does his best to deflect and rationalize.

A Sagittarius man who can’t claim he was innocent nevertheless tries to sidestep apologizing. He distracts you, downplays the conflict, or looks for other ways to make peace without saying he is sorry.

Your Sagittarius man can be sly when he wants to dodge an apology. He tries to lift your mood or get you to focus on something other than your argument with him.

Sagittarius men tiptoe around an issue. They don’t directly address the reason you are upset. Instead, they avoid taking responsibility at all costs. Sagittarius men are excellent deflectors if it means they can save face.

You can find signs a Sagittarius man is sorry if you know how to read between the lines. He avoids being direct about his guilty feelings. But he will use indirect actions to show you he feels bad about something he did wrong.

He uses gifts, flattery, and excuses to bypass the one thing you desire, an apology. He doesn’t hold himself accountable for his actions and instead focuses on making you happy and moving on from a disagreement.

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He Changes The Subject

A Sagittarius man changes the subject when he did something wrong. He is intelligent and can easily jump from one topic to another if it keeps the pressure off him. When he needs to apologize, he brings up another conversation.

A Sagittarius man who wants to move on from a conflict decides when he has had enough. He changes the subject to send a message that he is not going to apologize and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

You can’t make a Sagittarius man apologize. When he changes the subject, he tells you he has had enough and is not going to back down. You may scare him away if you insist on an apology.

Changing the subject is one of the more innocent ways a Sagittarius man avoids taking responsibility. You can resolve an argument if you rebuild your connection rather than insist on an apology from him.

He Blames You

Your Sagittarius man wants to be amicable and happy. When he is guilty and can’t avoid or deflect, he resorts to blaming you. Sagittarius men use this tactic sparingly. They don’t like placing blame.

But a Sagittarius man who feels backed into a corner blames you for his problems rather than taking responsibility. Your Sagittarius man will twist the narrative to find a way to blame you.

A Sagittarius man who blames you when he did something wrong doesn’t mean what he is saying. He often knows the difference but blames you because it discourages you from pushing him for an apology.

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