9 Hints Your Virgo Man is Serious (These Never Fail)

Updated August 20, 2023

A serious Virgo man will show signs he’s committed to your relationship before he says he’s ready to take things seriously.

You’ll know that your Virgo man is taking your relationship seriously by how he treats you and what he says.

A Virgo man who says he trusts you is serious about your relationship. If he relies on you and makes you part of his routine, he’s incredibly serious.

Your Virgo man will make time for you when he’s serious. He’ll talk to you about his values and discuss the future. He’ll be open about more serious topics.

Your Virgo man will also pamper you and try to meet your needs. He might act like you’re already married in many ways too! You will be a top priority in his life, and he’ll consider you in significant decisions.

1. He Says He Trusts You

How do you know if a Virgo man is serious about you? If he says he trusts you, he takes your relationship seriously!

Virgo men don’t always trust easily. They can take a long time to open up to people and to be comfortable sharing secrets and relying on them.

If your Virgo man says he trusts you, he means it. Once you get to the point in your relationship with a Virgo man where he can openly say that he trusts you with everything, he takes your relationship seriously.

A Virgo man will show you he trusts you by opening up more about his past and personal life. He’ll also ask you for help or support more because he knows he can trust you to be there for him.

If you don’t think your Virgo man trusts you yet and you want a serious relationship, be open with him. Show him that you are honest and reliable. Be there for him when he needs you and slowly help him build trust.

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2. He Relies on You

What is important to a Virgo man in a relationship? A Virgo man wants a partner he can rely on. If your Virgo man depends on you, he takes your relationship seriously!

Just like a Virgo man can take a long time to trust people, he won’t always rely on the people in his life immediately.

Your Virgo man might slowly start to rely on you more as you grow closer in your relationship. He may even begin to test just how reliable you are if he’s thinking about taking things to the next level.

A Virgo man will show you he relies on you by asking for favors. He might ask for assistance with a project or see if you can run an errand when he’s busy.

Your Virgo man will also rely on you for emotional support when he’s serious about you. He’ll go to you when he has a problem or wants a shoulder to cry on.

3. He Makes Time for You

When a Virgo man loves you and takes your relationship seriously, he’ll always make time for you. Even if he’s busy, he’ll ensure he spends quality time with you.

Your Virgo man will schedule time for you when he’s serious about you, but he’ll also be willing to move things around and be flexible if you need him to be there for you.

A Virgo man who loves you will be willing to leave work early if you need him. He’ll drop everything for you in an emergency and won’t think twice about canceling other plans when it’s important.

Your Virgo man will prioritize you when he’s serious about you. He won’t just slip in a few minutes here and there when he’s not busy with other things. He’ll make a point of spending enough time with you.

If your Virgo man isn’t spending enough time with you, talk to him! If he’s serious about you, he’ll listen and try to find a solution so that you can have more time together.

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4. You Become Part of His Routine

One of the signs a Virgo man is serious about you is that you are part of his everyday routine.

Virgo men take their routines seriously. They tend to keep strict schedules and don’t deviate from those schedules if they can help it. If your Virgo man starts adjusting this schedule for you, he’s serious about your relationship.

If you’re dating a Virgo man, you will likely have a regular date night each week. This is one of the first signs that he takes your relationship seriously.

You’ll become part of his routine in other ways. He might get up earlier to have coffee or breakfast with you before work or come home earlier so you two can have dinner together some nights.

Your Virgo man will likely consult with you before making significant plans. If something changes his routine, like a work trip or a vacation, he’ll talk to you about it before scheduling things.

5. He Talks About Values

A Virgo man’s ideal woman should have similar values to him. She might not agree with him about everything, but she’ll share the values that matter.

If your Virgo man starts discussing values, he’s beginning to take your relationship seriously. He might be ready to commit and wants to ensure you are compatible first.

A Virgo man might start to seriously discuss values more if he’s thinking about moving in together or taking another significant step in a relationship. Even if you’ve discussed things before, he’ll want to ensure you’re still on the same page before moving forward.

Your Virgo man can be flexible with certain things, but key values aren’t one of them.

For example, he won’t want to settle down and commit if one of you wants children and the other doesn’t. Even if he loves you and wants a serious relationship, that would be a dealbreaker.

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6. He Discusses the Future

When a Virgo man is serious about you, he’ll discuss the future more. He might start more subtly by talking about hypothetical holiday plans, but he’ll become more obvious as his feelings for you grow.

If your Virgo man always talks about far-off future events like you’ll be there with him, he takes your relationship seriously. You are a permanent fixture in his life, and he intends to keep you around!

How does a Virgo man show interest in you? Talking about the future is one way he shows affection and interest.

Your Virgo man will likely talk about his goals for the future. He’ll also want to hear yours so he can see if you have compatible goals.

A Virgo man who takes your relationship seriously will see you in his future. He’ll make this obvious by including you in future plans and discussing goals with you instead of doing things by himself.

7. He Pampers You

Your Virgo man will pamper you and be more generous with you than anyone else when he loves you. If he’s constantly pampering you, that’s a sign he’s serious about your relationship!

A Virgo man’s love language tends to be acts of service. When a Virgo man loves you and is serious about your relationship, he’ll pamper you by taking care of things for you.

Your Virgo man might take you out to luxury restaurants or buy expensive gifts sometimes, but his version of pampering is usually more low-key than that.

A Virgo man who takes your relationship seriously will take some chores off your hands. He’ll run errands for you, cook for you, and make sure your home is tidy at all times.

Your Virgo man will also try to pamper you by showing affection using your love language. He’ll want to ensure you feel loved the way you like best.

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8. He Tries to Meet Your Needs

A Virgo man who is serious about you will do his best to meet your needs. This is one way he’ll show he loves you too!

Your Virgo man might try to anticipate your needs, but he’s not a mind reader. If he’s confused about what to do when you’re angry or sad, don’t be surprised if he outright asks what you need.

A Virgo man who is serious about you will want to do things right. He’ll likely check in frequently to see what your needs are and ask how he can meet them.

Always tell your Virgo man what you need from him. If he’s serious about you, he’ll do his best to meet your needs or to talk things over if he genuinely can’t meet a particular need of yours.

9. He Already Acts Like You’re Married

If your Virgo man ever slips up while making a dinner reservation and calls you his “wife” when you’re not married, that’s a sign he already takes your relationship seriously.

Your Virgo man might act as if you’re married before you two actually make that commitment. He’ll treat you as if he’s already committed to you.

A Virgo man who is serious about you might want to combine finances, move in together, or take other significant steps. He’ll want to combine your lives as much as possible.

Your Virgo man will always bring you as his “plus one” when he goes to weddings. You might find that he has photos of you on his desk at work.

He’ll do things like add you to his life insurance and take steps to show that he already considers you to be his life partner.

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