Here’s Why Aquarius Men Are Complicated (Truth Revealed)

Updated September 1, 2023

Is an Aquarius man complicated? He definitely can be! Aquarius men can be challenging to understand.

You might encounter difficulties when dealing with an Aquarius man, regardless of your relationship with him. He is complicated, whether you’re his friend, partner, or coworker.

Aquarius men tend to be non-committal. They are free spirits and often prefer unconventional relationships. They are incredibly individualistic as well. This can all make a relationship with an Aquarius man complicated.

Other people don’t always understand Aquarius men. They sometimes communicate strangely. They are overly logical and sometimes avoid emotions, making it difficult to bond with them.

An Aquarius man might be defiant and rebellious as well. These traits have their upsides but also make dealing with him difficult sometimes! Working with an Aquarius man can be complicated because of these traits.

He’s Non-committal

Dating an Aquarius man can be complicated because many Aquarius men are non-committal. Even if an Aquarius man loves you, he might be hesitant to commit for one reason or another.

Not all Aquarius men want to settle down. They might enjoy dating around and keeping things casual. An Aquarius man might also want an unconventional relationship.

Your Aquarius man won’t be in any hurry to commit to you, even if he likes you! You won’t be able to make him commit if that’s not what he wants right now, either. You’ll either need to wait or move on and find someone else.

Are Aquarius men hard to be with? Many of them can be incredible partners. It just takes a long time for them to settle down, and that can make things complicated if you’re ready to commit and he’s not.

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He’s Easily Misunderstood

If you’re having trouble understanding an Aquarius man, you’re likely not alone! Others tend to misunderstand Aquarius men for many reasons.

Aquarius men don’t always think the way everyone around them does. They have incredibly innovative minds. Innovation can be good, but it makes them more difficult to understand.

Some people get frustrated when talking to Aquarius men. Their body language can be challenging to read, and their speech can sometimes be confusing. It’s easy to have communication breakdowns with an Aquarius man.

If you want to know how to deal with an Aquarius man when you don’t understand him, ask for clarification. He will explain himself if you need help understanding something he wants you to know.

You’ll likely have a few misunderstandings with an Aquarius man. Do your best to understand him, and ask for a better explanation when you don’t understand something.

He Communicates in a Strange Way

One of the reasons an Aquarius man is hard to understand is that he sometimes communicates strangely.

Ironically, Aquarius men prefer clear and direct communication. What they think is clear isn’t always clear to everyone around them, though!

Some Aquarius men love to talk, while others are more quiet. An Aquarius man’s communication style likely will be clear if he’s making small talk or discussing a topic you’re both knowledgeable about.

Your Aquarius man won’t always make sense, though. If he’s trying to talk about his emotions, his explanations of things will be strange.

If he’s talking about a subject you’re unfamiliar with, he’ll be enthusiastic, but his explanations will fall short.

An Aquarius man who is excited about something might be more challenging to understand. He’ll jump from one subject to the next, seemingly at random. It will make sense to him, but not always to the people he’s talking to.

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He’s Overly Logical

An Aquarius man’s personality tends to be incredibly logical. Being logical is common with air signs, but Aquarius men can sometimes be overly logical.

An Aquarius man’s logic won’t always match yours, either. He might think a particular solution to a problem makes the most sense, but you may need more clarification!

If an Aquarius man is convinced that his idea is the most logical and reasonable, it can be challenging to make him see that he’s wrong. He often convinces himself that his ideas are the smartest and most practical.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and the stubborn nature of a fixed sign will come out when an Aquarius man is convinced that he’s acting logically. You won’t be able to convince him that his thought process is off.

He’s Unconventional

Aquarius men tend to be highly unconventional. They don’t always follow social norms and customs and prefer it that way.

Your Aquarius partner won’t always want a conventional relationship. He might be okay with monogamy but not want to get married. He might want an open relationship. He might be okay with committing to you but not want to move in together.

Many Aquarius men have unconventional jobs. They might have irregular schedules as well. If your Aquarius man is a complete night owl, that will complicate things if you follow a more “normal” schedule.

Some Aquarius men are unconventional because that is how they like to live their lives. Others want to be weird for the sake of being weird. Either way, their quirky style can make things complicated.

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He’s a Free Spirit

Aquarius men tend to be free spirits. They value their freedom more than almost anything else.

If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, you might have to adjust your expectations.

You can’t expect an Aquarius man to always stay at home with you. He will want to go out and explore the world! He loves to party and socialize. Even when he wants to be alone, that doesn’t mean he’ll stay at home.

Aquarius men love to try new things and gain new experiences and have no problem doing that alone. They also fight against anyone they think is trying to control them.

Unfortunately, something as simple as asking your Aquarius man to spend more time with you can make him think you’re trying to take away his freedom.

He Avoids Emotions

An Aquarius man acting distant is incredibly common. Aquarius men aren’t that emotionally expressive. This can make things complicated, especially if you are an emotional person.

Getting to know an Aquarius man can be complicated sometimes because of this. An Aquarius man won’t be in any rush to open up, even if he enjoys spending time with you.

It’s easy to assume that Aquarius men don’t have emotions. They appear cold and aloof, especially around strangers. They certainly can be charming and friendly, but they don’t always show that side of themselves.

Aquarius men do have emotions, though! They don’t know how to express themselves. Many Aquarius men are caring, loving people. It just takes a while to find those traits underneath their distant exteriors.

If your Aquarius man doesn’t open up, just be patient. He will make it difficult at first. He’ll eventually show his emotions more if he cares about you.

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He’s Rebellious

Being rebellious is a common Aquarius man characteristic. Aquarius is a revolutionary, innovative sign. Aquarius men like to go against the grain and have no trouble speaking out when they think something is wrong.

An Aquarius man’s rebellious nature has its pros and cons. It can be helpful when he’s standing up for a cause he believes in and fighting against injustice.

His rebellious nature makes interacting with him more complicated, though. Some Aquarius men are rebellious just for the sake of being rebellious.

An Aquarius man isn’t always fighting against social norms because they’re wrong. He fights against them just because they are the norm.

You’ll see this rebellious nature come out if you want to get married or have a conventional relationship with an Aquarius man. He might protest the idea of “settling down.” Even if he loves you, he’ll rebel against marriage just because he can.

He’s Individualistic

If you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, don’t expect him to spend every waking moment with you. No matter how much he loves you, he wants time alone sometimes.

Aquarius men tend to be highly individualistic. While they care about their communities and tend to be humanitarians, they are also lone wolves more often than not. They like their alone time.

Your Aquarius man won’t be in any hurry to move in together or combine your lives. Even if he ends up “settling down” with you, he’ll likely always maintain some individuality.

Aquarius men need time for themselves. They are incredibly independent and value their freedom. Being individualistic doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

It does make things complicated, though, especially if you need a lot of quality time with your loved ones.

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He’s Defiant

Being defiant can be one of an Aquarius man’s negative traits. Like his rebellious nature, this does have its pros, but an Aquarius man who is constantly defiant will be challenging to have a relationship with.

If your Aquarius man is defiant, he’ll likely be uncooperative and uncompromising. It won’t be easy to make him see things from your point of view.

You’ll know your Aquarius man is overly defiant because he will constantly pick fights with you. While Aquarius men can be incredibly tolerant and friendly, they’re also obstinate and like to get their way.

Your Aquarius man might argue whenever you ask him to do something, no matter how small or reasonable your request is. His defiant nature will complicate things in your relationship.

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