9 Tricks To Make Aquarius Man Miss You (Flawless!)

Updated April 27, 2023

You can make an Aquarius man miss you, though he won’t always let on that he misses you.

Making an Aquarius man miss you is easier if you keep your distance. Make sure he sees how you’re doing, but don’t interact with him too much.

Sometimes things are “out of sight, out of mind” for Aquarius men, so you need to make your Aquarius man think of you if you want him to miss you. Send occasional messages and post online to get his attention.

Take some time away from your Aquarius man, but make sure your presence is still felt. Show off, have mutual friends talk about you, or leave some things at his place.

Better yourself if you’re trying to win him back after a breakup. You can also talk about the past, but don’t make it too obvious what you’re doing.

1. Make Him Think Of You

Will an Aquarius man miss you after a breakup? He might, but you need to get him to think about you.

Aquarius men love their friends and family but don’t necessarily miss them whenever they aren’t around. They get caught up with other things and focus on the people they’re with, not those who aren’t around.

An Aquarius man might miss you after a breakup, but you’ve got to make sure you stay on his mind for that to happen.

You can make an Aquarius man think of you when mutual friends talk about you in front of him. He’ll also think of you any time he sees you post on social media.

If you’re still with your Aquarius man, you can make him think of you when you’re apart by leaving him notes or sending him gifts. He’ll likely also think of you whenever he sees something he associates with you.

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2. Talk About The Past

How do you get an Aquarius man to miss you? One thing you can do is discreetly bring up things from the past you two shared.

You don’t necessarily need to always talk about the past when you speak to him. You can mention things on social media without naming him or hint at things you two used to do together without making it too obvious.

Post a “throwback” photo on social media of a trip you and your Aquarius man went on. Don’t include anything about him in the post. Just talk about how beautiful the photo is or how much you enjoyed the trip.

If you’re at a party that your Aquarius man is also at, start telling a fun story while he’s in earshot. Again, you don’t need to mention him, but tell a story about something you two did together.

Your Aquarius man might start to miss you when he’s reminded of all the good times you two used to have together.

3. Better Yourself

If you want to make an Aquarius man regret losing you after a breakup, start to better yourself. He might start to miss you when he sees you out there thriving without him.

Aquarius men sometimes end relationships if they think their partner isn’t going anywhere in life. Aquarius men are all about change and innovation. They can be incredibly driven and want a similar partner.

Better yourself by expanding your mind and learning new things. Aquarius men are lifelong learners and get bored when they have partners who are not.

If your Aquarius man hears that you’ve gone back to school, that you got a better job, or that you’re doing other things to improve yourself, he might start to miss you. He’ll regret that he’s not around to see this new version of you.

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4. Take Time Away From Him

Should you ignore an Aquarius man to make him miss you? You should take some time away from him, though ignoring him completely won’t always make him miss you.

If you just broke up with your Aquarius man, take some time away from him. He won’t get the chance to miss you if you’re always around. Skip a few parties you know he’ll be at, or take a trip and get away for a while.

Do Aquarius men miss their ex? They sometimes do. Making an Aquarius man miss you is all about balance, though. You want him to think of you, but you also don’t want to be around all the time.

You can make your Aquarius friend or partner miss you by taking some time apart. If you’re always with him, doing some things separately might be a good idea. He’ll appreciate you more when you’re around when you spend some time apart.

5. Send Occasional Messages

If you want to make an Aquarius man miss you after a breakup, don’t constantly message him, but do occasionally reach out to him.

You want to remind your Aquarius man of your presence while also reminding him that you’re not there with him.

If you and your Aquarius man are on friendly terms, you can message him now and then. Be sure to have a specific purpose behind these messages, though.

You can message him if you need help with a project, and he’s an expert in whatever you’re working on. You can also message him if you’re going somewhere he’s been before and want recommendations.

One of the signs an Aquarius man misses you is that he’ll start to reach out to you more. You might notice he starts making excuses to talk to you more often.

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6. Show Off

Will an Aquarius man miss you when you ignore him? If you just ignore him, probably not. You need to remind him of your presence too.

One way to make your Aquarius man miss you is to show off online. If you know he keeps up with your social media, post a lot about all the fun you’re having without him.

Show off all the accomplishments you’re having in his absence. Talk about your recent promotion in a group chat he’s in, show off pictures of a trip you went on at a party he’s at, or make posts talking about your successes.

Your Aquarius man might start to miss you when he sees how well you’re doing. The little reminders of you he sees here, and there will keep you on his mind.

7. Go To “Your Place” Without Him

One of the best ways to make an Aquarius man miss you is to go alone to places you two used to go together and make sure he knows about it.

If you two had a favorite restaurant that you frequently visited, go there without him. If you used to go to concerts at the same venue all the time, or see specific bands together, go to a concert with someone else.

The best way to do this is to upload a photo of you at one of the places you used to go on social media. You can also go with friends and have them upload pictures or talk about the outing.

Seeing you somewhere without him that you used to go to together will make your Aquarius man miss you. It will remind him of all the times you two enjoyed yourselves there.

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8. Post Photos Online

Posting photos online is an excellent way of showing off to your Aquarius man and reminding him that you exist without being too obvious that you’re trying to get his attention.

Post photos that will catch your Aquarius man’s eye, but don’t go overboard.

You can snap a few pictures while volunteering or doing a community clean-up, but don’t constantly do that, especially if he knows you didn’t volunteer much before you met him.

You can also post photos of trips you go on. Aquarius men have an adventurous side, and they might get envious of the exciting places you go. You’ll make him miss you if you go places he’s always wanted to go to.

If you know your Aquarius man doesn’t follow you on social media, but you have mutual friends, you can still get his attention by posting photos with those friends. He’ll likely come across them when he’s scrolling through their profiles.

9. Leave Some Things At His Place

What makes an Aquarius man miss you? One simple thing that might make him miss you is to leave some stuff at his place.

This can make him miss you while you two are just temporarily apart and can also make him miss you after a breakup.

Something as simple as a toothbrush can make your Aquarius boyfriend miss you when you’re not at his place. You’ll need to leave behind different things if he’s your ex, though.

Try leaving a couple of articles of clothing and other non-disposable things behind at your Aquarius ex’s house. He’s unlikely to throw out a mug, book, or sweater the same way he’ll throw out a toothbrush.

Seeing these items at his place will likely make your Aquarius man miss you. They will keep you on his mind, too, especially if he can’t contact you to give them back.

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