9 Reasons Why Your Aquarius Man is Slow To Commit

Updated May 27, 2023

There are many reasons why an Aquarius man is slow to commit. Commitment issues are very common for Aquarius men!

Sometimes, your Aquarius man is just taking his time and might be ready later. Other times, he genuinely does not want to commit at all.

If your Aquarius man is slow to commit, he might not be ready for a serious relationship. He might prefer being single or casually dating because he doesn’t want to give up his independence and freedom.

Your Aquarius man might also be ready for a relationship, but not one with you. Aquarius men can be picky at times. Yours won’t commit if he doesn’t feel a connection with you.

An Aquarius man focused on something else might not want a serious relationship. If he’s not ready, he won’t commit just because you want him to.

1. He’s Not Ready For A Serious Relationship

Do Aquarius men take long to commit? Many of them do. Your Aquarius man might be slow or refuse to commit entirely because he’s not ready for a serious relationship.

If your Aquarius man doesn’t think he’s ready for a serious relationship, he likely won’t even make “smaller” commitments to someone he’s dating. He won’t open up as much and won’t make things official.

An Aquarius man pulling away any time you bring up commitment is a sign he’s not ready. He’s not taking things slow because he’s shy or hesitant. He’s slow because he doesn’t want to commit right now.

An Aquarius man will tell you if he’s not ready for anything serious, so talk to him! He might tell you he’s not ready right now but might be later. He might also tell you he’ll never be ready, so be prepared to receive that answer.

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2. He Wants His Freedom & Independence

Sometimes when an Aquarius man is ready to commit, he may hesitate if he’s uncertain about giving up any level of freedom or independence. That is a big deal for him!

Your Aquarius man might be slow to commit if he believes that commitment means giving up his freedom. Even if you aren’t controlling, he might have the fear.

Once an Aquarius man realizes he can have a relationship while still being an individual, he’ll be more open to commitment. You can help with this by making it clear that you don’t expect him to give anything up.

One of the signs an Aquarius man is ready to commit is that the idea of “giving up” his freedom to have a committed relationship won’t seem so bad anymore. He’ll pick up the pace when he knows he can still be free and committed.

3. He’s A Lone Wolf

Are Aquarius men non-committal? If an Aquarius man is against commitment and not just slow, it might be because he prefers solitude.

Aquarius men can be social people. Many of them need to be for work, volunteering, and other activities they enjoy. That doesn’t mean they always want to be around people, though.

Some Aquarius men prefer to be by themselves. They might enjoy having friends and casual relationships, but they prefer to be alone at the end of the day.

Giving an Aquarius man space and showing him that he can still have time to himself, even in a relationship, might help with his commitment issues. He might be more open to committing if he knows you won’t expect him to be with you 24/7.

Your Aquarius man might always be a bit of a lone wolf, even if he does commit to you. Your relationship will be better if you give him time to himself, though!

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4. He Doesn’t Feel Connected To You

Do Aquarius men take a long time to fall in love? Some of them do, and an Aquarius man definitely won’t commit to you if he doesn’t feel a strong connection with you.

Aquarius men can sometimes be emotionally distant, and it takes them a long time to genuinely connect with someone. Without that connection, your Aquarius man will have no reason to commit to you.

Even if you feel connected to your Aquarius man, that doesn’t mean he feels the same way. Your Aquarius man might be slow to commit because he’s still trying to establish a bond with you!

Focus on building an emotional connection with your Aquarius man if you want him to consider committing to you. Open up to him more and try to help him open up as well!

An Aquarius man who doesn’t feel intellectually connected to you also won’t commit. This is sometimes just as important as establishing an emotional connection.

If you think your emotional connection is good and he still isn’t committing, focus on your intellectual one.

5. He’s Unconventional About Relationships

Even an Aquarius man in love won’t always want to commit to one person. Some Aquarius men prefer unconventional relationships. Nothing you do can change that.

Your Aquarius man might be slow to commit if he doesn’t want to be monogamous. He might never fully commit to you, and only you, if that is the case.

Talk to him if you think your Aquarius man is slow to commit because he doesn’t want to stop dating other people. If he has no intention of ever dating you exclusively, it’s good to know that early on!

An Aquarius man who wants an unconventional relationship might also commit but not want to get married. He might be happy to move in together, have children, and show other signs of commitment, but he’ll never make things “official” on paper.

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6. He Can Be Picky

How long does it take for an Aquarius man to commit? An Aquarius man might be slow to commit because he’s picky. If he is looking for the “perfect” woman, it will take him a long time to finally settle down!

Your Aquarius man might be slow to commit because he’s not sure you’re the right one for him. If he has doubts about your relationship, he will never commit to something serious.

An Aquarius man might casually date someone he knows he won’t commit to. If he thinks you’re not right for him, but he has fun with you anyway, he’ll have no issue dating you until he finds someone more compatible with him.

If your Aquarius man doesn’t commit to you because he’s picky, chances are that won’t change any time soon. He might realize that you are a good match for him, even if you’re not “perfect,” but that can take a long time to realize.

7. He’s Focused On Something Else

Aquarius men are often ambitious. They have a lot of goals for what they want to do in life. They want to change the world, and sometimes they are too focused on that to have a serious relationship!

If your Aquarius man is slow to commit, it might be that he’s focused on something else and unwilling to shift his focus to a serious relationship.

An Aquarius man might be slow to commit if he’s focused on moving up in his career or if he wants to focus on one of his hobbies. An Aquarius man who wants to help his community and doesn’t want to pay attention to anything else also won’t commit.

If your Aquarius man likes you but is not ready to shift his focus, he might still casually date you. He won’t commit until he’s ready to focus on your relationship.

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8. He Just Wants Something Casual

If your Aquarius man won’t commit, he might want something casual. Most of the time, an Aquarius man will be upfront about this.

An Aquarius man likely won’t say he wants a committed relationship if he only wants something casual. It’s up to you to genuinely listen to him and take what he says to heart.

If your Aquarius man says right from the start that he wants something casual, listen to him! Of course, he might change his mind, but you shouldn’t expect that.

Some people get into a relationship with Aquarius men who don’t want to commit because they think they can change their minds.

If you believe that your Aquarius man will decide to commit to you, even though he said he wouldn’t from the start, then the issue isn’t his lack of commitment. The issue is that you’re not listening to him.

9. He Doesn’t Need A Romantic Relationship

Sometimes an Aquarius man isn’t slow to commit. He genuinely doesn’t intend on ever committing to you.

Not all Aquarius men want or need a romantic relationship. Your Aquarius man might just be interested in sex and friendship and not want a relationship beyond that.

If your Aquarius man doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you, he’ll never commit to one. He might be “slow” because he hasn’t realized he doesn’t want that kind of relationship.

Talk to your Aquarius man if you think this might be the reason behind his lack of commitment. An Aquarius man who cares about you but doesn’t love you romantically won’t lead you on. He’ll try to be honest with you.

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