How To Deal With Your Aquarius Man When He’s Upset?

Updated August 15, 2023

If your Aquarius man is upset, you may feel at a loss. He is unpredictable and acts irrationally when he’s mad.

You can’t keep an Aquarius man from getting upset at times. He is moody and temperamental.

Your Aquarius man has an erratic personality. He can become angry at the drop of a hat. You can’t always anticipate what triggers him.

Sometimes he’s rational and patient. Other times he flies off the handle in a rage. Your Aquarius man may shut down and go silent when he’s upset.

Knowing an Aquarius man’s subconscious motives can help you soothe him. You can find ways to reassure your Aquarius man and de-escalate him when he’s upset.

Lighten the Mood

You may see signs your Aquarius man is upset long before you understand what triggered him. One of the first things to do when an Aquarius man is mad is to lighten the mood.

Aquarius men are high-strung, and their anxiety can become tension and anger. You can help an Aquarius man feel relieved when you take the pressure off him and make him smile.

Gauge his mood before distracting him with a lighthearted story. Avoid trivializing his feelings. Look for opportunities to bring up an optimistic story. Back down from an argument if you aren’t getting anywhere by discussing matters.

Agree to disagree with your Aquarius or compromise on a time out so you can relax and re-center before you return to a conflict. Aquarius men can become overwhelmed if they focus on an argument.

If you are wondering how do Aquarius men act when hurt? They show an array of behaviors. An Aquarius may perseverate on negative thoughts. He may lash out and blame you for his problems. Sometimes he goes quiet.

Regardless of their response, try to make him feel more optimistic. Lighten his mood, and you can help your Aquarius man find perspective and avoid extremes.

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Don’t Pressure Him

You may not be able to prevent your Aquarius man from getting upset, but you can minimize the time he is angry. Don’t put more pressure on him and you can avoid making matters worse.

Repeatedly asking an Aquarius man what is wrong can make him more upset. If he doesn’t initially tell you why he’s unhappy, don’t press him. Show your Aquarius man you support him.

Ask him what he needs from you. If he asks to be left alone, respect his wishes. Never give him ultimatums or back him into a corner when upset. An Aquarius man will explode or shut down if you pressure him.

How long does an Aquarius man stay mad? The answer to this depends on how you react when your Aquarius man shows you he is unhappy. If you try too hard to change his mood, he doubles down.

You may wonder, are Aquarius men dangerous when angry? Aquarius men are unpredictable. When they are upset, there is no telling what they do. It’s always best to try to help them calm down.

You need to know how to deal with an Aquarius man after a fight. Encourage him to talk about what’s bothering him, but don’t push him to open up.

Give Him Space

Aquarius men need space so they can maintain their sense of independence and freedom. When an Aquarius man is upset, he usually feels he’s lost some autonomy.

You can de-escalate an upset Aquarius man if you give him breathing room. Reassure him that you’ll talk to him later when he is ready. Don’t agitate him further by just walking away when he’s upset.

Your Aquarius man may initiate his need for space by ignoring you or going silent. Never nag an upset Aquarius man. Instead, let him have time to himself so he can work through his conflicting feelings.

Will an Aquarius man apologize if you give him time to think about what he did while he was upset? Sometimes an Aquarius man acknowledges when he overreacts. Usually, an Aquarius man doesn’t admit wrongdoing.

An Aquarius man is stubborn. He doesn’t own up to making mistakes and avoids apologizing. Yet if you give him space he is more likely to be reasonable and move on from an argument.

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Use Humor

Aquarius men have an excellent sense of humor. They can snap out of a frustrated mood when you use jokes or funny stories to distract them. Avoid making light of their attitude or the reason for their anger.

Instead, try to find humor in your surroundings. Introduce an element of surprise, throw your Aquarius man off guard, and you can disrupt his angry mood.

Use your intellectual gifts and make witty comments. You can shock an Aquarius man and get him to laugh. When you make jokes instead of getting defensive, your Aquarius man calms down and can get over his anger.

Entertain Him

Aquarius men can be intense but you can break and help them let go of anger and resentment by amusing them. Aquarius men can’t resist an entertaining woman.

You can take the edge off by doing something quirky or entertaining. Impersonate a celebrity or politician, be silly and he will let down his guard. Your Aquarius man loves being amused by the outlandish and unexpected.

You can surprise him and make him forget why he was upset. Aquarius men become bored easily. They need to be entertained and find pleasure in comic relief.

He may be upset and avoiding you, but if you turn on a movie or entertain him by singing his favorite song, he’ll realize it’s not worth wasting time being angry. If he’s not with you, text him a link to a fun video that will put a smile on his face.

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Be Supportive

When an Aquarius man is upset, he feels no one can understand him. You don’t have to know why he is triggered to show him you support him. Be encouraging and nurturing, but avoid smothering him.

An Aquarius man may be dramatic, but he can get over his anger quickly if you appeal to his desire for connection. Don’t fake empathy and understanding. Ask him questions and listen to his perspective.

Encourage him to express how he feels. Reassure him that you care about him and are willing to work together to find a solution to whatever is bothering him.

An Aquarius man testing you may push your boundaries and see how you react. Don’t take the bait. Instead of escalating into a fight, show him you support his ideas and try to work together.

Don’t Judge

You may think your Aquarius man is overreacting, but it is crucial that you not judge him. Insulting or judging an Aquarius man makes him more upset. You may think you’re offering constructive feedback, but avoid critiquing his reactions.

Your Aquarius man needs you to understand where he is coming from. Avoid downplaying his feelings or judging his mood. Never tell him he is overreacting.

An Aquarius man goes to extremes, but he always thinks he is justified. You get nowhere with him if you try to talk him out of his feelings or reactions.

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Distract Him

An easy way to diffuse your Aquarius man’s temper is to get him to focus on something else. If your Aquarius man is upset or angry, help him shift his attention. If he’s venting, help him channel his energy creatively.

Your Aquarius man has many hobbies and intellectual interests. Remind him of productive uses for his energy when he is upset. If he is upset about something he can’t change, try to distract him.

Take a romantic walk with him, challenge him to a game, and engage his intellectual interests. Listen to music together or watch a documentary that can teach him something new.

If you want to know what to do when an Aquarius man upsets you, it’s better to distract him and then try to talk about the problem later. Don’t try to solve problems in the heat of the moment.

Build Him Up

Your Aquarius man may be upset about a situation that has nothing to do with you. Sometimes, Aquarius men are hard on themselves and can be relentless self-critics.

If your Aquarius man is upset, try to build up his confidence. Remind him of his strengths and accomplishments. Counter his low mood with examples of his many skills and gifts.

Your Aquarius man can get carried away with negative thoughts. He is prone to stress and anxiety. Help him become more confident in himself by giving him compliments.

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Be Authentic

Whatever technique you use to help your Aquarius man break out of a bad mood, always be authentic. When an Aquarius man is upset, the last thing he tolerates is patronizing or deception.

You must be sincere when you interact with an Aquarius man. An upset Aquarius man needs you to be real with him. He becomes angrier if he thinks you are placating him.

Avoid false flattery at all costs. De-escalating an Aquarius man who is upset requires transparency and genuine concern. You must show him you are concerned without being superficial.

When an Aquarius man is done with you, he shuts down and disappears. Yet when he’s upset but willing to communicate with you, there is a better chance you can solve problems together if you are sincere.

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