9 Clear Hints Your Aquarius Man is Not Interested

Updated May 13, 2023

An Aquarius man who is not interested may make it incredibly obvious. He’ll distance himself and won’t seek you out.

Some Aquarius men are naturally distant but will still hang around the people they like. He won’t do that if he’s not interested.

When an Aquarius man likes you, he’ll try to get to know you better and show you affection in small ways. Even if he’s not entirely open, he’ll at least want to be around you.

An Aquarius man won’t just ignore you. He might actively be rude and blow you off when you’re around. He won’t talk to you just to be polite and will never make plans with you.

This will be more than a typical Aquarius man’s aloofness. Your Aquarius man may try to push you away and make it clear he wants nothing to do with you.

1. He’s Distracted

If an Aquarius man ignores you and seems distracted any time you talk to him, he might be trying to drop a hint that he’s not interested in you.

Aquarius men are usually good listeners. They want to hear from others and try to give the people they’re talking to their undivided attention.

An Aquarius man is unlikely to try and multitask if he’s genuinely interested in a conversation with you. He’ll focus on you and on what you’re saying.

If an Aquarius man is trying to signal that he’s not interested, he will seem distracted. He might be on his phone or even start daydreaming while you’re talking to him!

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2. He Stands Away From You

An Aquarius man distancing himself physically from you might be a sign that he’s not interested.

Aquarius men aren’t the most affectionate people, to begin with, but they can be incredibly friendly and social.

They might not get in someone’s space too much, but they will still lean in when the person they like is talking. They will stand close to someone to hear them in a crowded room.

If you notice that an Aquarius man stays far away from you, he might be hinting at his disinterest. If you can’t get him to come closer even when you’re talking to him, he’s likely not interested.

An Aquarius man who walks away from you any time you approach him is not interested. That’s a clear sign he wants nothing to do with you.

3. He’s Not Supportive

Aquarius men aren’t always the most sensitive or emotionally aware people, but they try to support the people they care about.

An Aquarius man who likes you might show support by offering help when you’re working on something, doing chores for you when you’re stressed out, or just listening to you vent.

When an Aquarius man is uninterested, he won’t try to be supportive. He’ll have no interest in helping you or doing anything for you if he doesn’t have to.

If you try to rant to an Aquarius man who isn’t interested, he’ll ignore you. If you ask for advice, he likely won’t give any. You won’t receive a response when you reach out and ask for help.

If your Aquarius man used to offer you support and has stopped, that’s a sign he’s no longer interested.

An Aquarius friend might also stop being supportive if you’ve expressed interest and he’s trying to show you he doesn’t return your feelings.

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4. He Never Asks About You

If an Aquarius man never initiates contact with you, he’s likely not interested. Most of the time, an Aquarius man reaches out and talks with people he likes.

An Aquarius man who is not interested will never ask about you, even if you two talk. He won’t ask you personal questions, and even if you talk about yourself, he likely won’t listen.

Even if an Aquarius man is not serious about you but does have some interest, he’ll still ask about you. He’ll put on the charm and show interest. If he never asks about you at all, he’s not interested at all.

An Aquarius man won’t ask others about you or care about what you’re up to if he’s not interested. He’ll have no interest in listening to others talk about you.

5. He’s Incredibly Distant

Sometimes when an Aquarius man pulls away, it’s not because he’s not interested. He might be busy with something else. However, an Aquarius man who is genuinely interested in you will try to be less distant.

A distant Aquarius man might be a hint that he’s not interested if he’s always distant. If he does not attempt to spend time with you or open up, he’s dropping a hint that he doesn’t like you.

An Aquarius man who isn’t interested won’t open up to you or have any interest in sharing his feelings with you. He won’t care about how you’re feeling, either.

An Aquarius man might be physically distant when he’s not interested. He’ll make a point of never being near you.

If an Aquarius man was interested in you, he’d try to be less distant. He’d initiate contact with you and want to be around you. If he distances himself emotionally and physically, he’s telling you he’s not interested.

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6. He’s Rude

Is your Aquarius man interested or not? If he’s rude to you, especially when he isn’t to others, that is a very clear hint that he’s not interested!

One of the clear signs that an Aquarius man is not into you is that he will treat you worse than he treats others. If he has no interest in any type of relationship, he might actively push you away.

If an Aquarius man isn’t interested but knows you are, he won’t want to give you the wrong idea. If you’re his friend, he’ll still be nice to you, but he won’t be friendly if he doesn’t like you.

Pay attention to how an Aquarius man treats others if you can’t tell if he’s being rude. If he’s abrasive with everyone, that might just be his personality.

However, if he’s specifically abrasive to you, he’s clearly showing you he’s not interested.

7. He Ignores Your Opinions

If an Aquarius man acts like he doesn’t care about your opinions, it’s likely because he genuinely does not.

Aquarius men tend to be pretty open-minded. They are tolerant of the beliefs of others and usually like to hear opinions other than their own.

This helps them learn more about the world around them and come up with better solutions to problems they see.

If your Aquarius man never asks your opinion, even about topics you know well, that’s a clear hint that he’s not interested in you.

An Aquarius man might ignore you when you offer him an opinion or try to give advice. If you offer to help him with something, he’ll likely look for someone else to help him.

Sometimes, it would make sense for an Aquarius man to seek your opinion. For example, when you two work together and he needs assistance with something that is your area of expertise.

He might still not ask your opinion or ignore it when you offer it! He will likely find someone else and only go to you if absolutely necessary.

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8. He Never Makes Plans

Aquarius men sometimes seem like loners, but they have a social side like all air signs! Aquarius men tend to show interest in people by making plans with them and spending time together.

If an Aquarius man likes being around you, he’ll ensure you two hang out now and then. He’ll message you to make plans and invite you to things he thinks you’ll enjoy.

An Aquarius man who is not interested in you won’t make any plans. He won’t hang out with you just to be nice and will likely ignore any invitations you give him.

Aquarius men don’t have time to hang out with people they don’t enjoy being around. An Aquarius man won’t hang out with you to “give you a second chance” or because you share friends and he wants to play nice.

9. You Know Nothing About Him

You might be wondering if your Aquarius man is slow or not interested in you. Some Aquarius men are slow to commit or show genuine romantic interest in someone even if they like them.

If your Aquarius man is not interested in you, one clear hint is that you won’t know anything about him.

An Aquarius man will not reveal personal details about himself to you if he’s not interested. He won’t try to get to know you or let you get to know him, either.

You might know surface-level information, like his job, but he won’t tell you anything deeper than that. Any information you have about him will likely be things you heard from others or things you overheard him telling someone else.

When an Aquarius man is not interested in you, he won’t want to share any details with you. Even if something isn’t necessarily a secret, he won’t see any point in opening up or telling you about himself.

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