10 Secrets To Flirt With Your Aquarius Man in Texts

Updated August 24, 2023

For an Aquarius man, text is the preferred communication. Men born under this sign are awkward and shy but comfortable with technology.

They flirt through text but avoid you when they see you in real life. You can flirt with an Aquarius man by sending him playful messages.

Your Aquarius man prides himself on being difficult to figure out. He is erratic and intense. If you want to flirt with him, you must break all the rules.

The tactics that appeal to most men don’t work with an Aquarius. You can flirt with him through text if you understand his unique astrological profile.

You must be exciting and unpredictable to flirt with an Aquarius man through text messages. He can be puzzling, but figuring out his unique desires helps you appeal to his nature.

1. Be Unusual

An essential ingredient when you flirt with an Aquarius man is showing him how unusual you are. You can make him fall for you through text if you stand out from the crowd.

Break convention and let your freak flag fly when you text an Aquarius man. He falls for you when he sees how unique you are. Show your Aquarius man you are unlike anyone else, and he becomes obsessed.

Your Aquarius man loves it when you send him unusual text messages. You don’t have to text him romantic messages to flirt with him. Your Aquarius man loves playful and quirky messages.

An Aquarius man’s text response intensifies when you stand out from the crowd. Flirt with him over text and remind him of everything that makes you different from other women.

For an Aquarius man, text is the perfect way to appeal to his desire without being direct. Send him photos that remind him of your rebellious side. Show off a dramatic new hairstyle or tattoo in a flirty text.

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2. Quote Sci-Fi Movies

One of the best ways to make an Aquarius man fascinated with you is to quote science fiction movies and books when you flirt with him. Send him a flirty text making innuendos based on his favorite sci-fi series.

Your Aquarius man can’t resist a romantic text quoting his favorite fictional space traveler. Quoting esoteric science fiction when you drop romantic hints melts your Aquarius man’s heart.

He is exceptional and wants to be with a woman who matches his unique traits. You can live up to his high standards and impress him if you flirt with him in a language from his favorite science fiction television series or films.

An Aquarius man knows you are right for him when you appeal to his love of this genre and flirt with him through text making obscure references. The more esoteric your quotes, the better for an Aquarius man.

An Aquarius man’s texting habits can be as unusual as he is. You can have entire conversations with him quoting his favorite movies. Your Aquarius man has his favorite shows, and films memorized and refer to these quotes regularly.

3. Don’t Act Romantic

Women make the mistake of pursuing Aquarius men according to the rules of courtship and romance. But Aquarius men are not emotional. They are uncomfortable receiving sentimental texts.

If you want to make an Aquarius man fall in love, flirt with him in ways only he appreciates. Your Aquarius man finds quirky things romantic. He’s turned on by your intellect, not your feelings.

Instead of complimenting him and opening your heart, impress him and take an interest in his hobbies. Aquarius men feel amorous when you read their favorite authors and learn about their interests.

The key to your Aquarius man’s heart is in his intellectual interests. Aquarius men are rule breakers, and they don’t follow the rules of flirting and romance. You must redefine what you consider romantic.

Aquarius men have a definition of flirting that differs from other men. You can’t expect him to respond to your sensitivity and affection. Instead, shock him and show an interest in taboos.

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4. Minimize Emotions

Your Aquarius man can be intense and electrifying, but when it comes to emotions, he shuts down. Don’t approach an Aquarius man with your heart on your sleeve.

Flirting with him through text requires a subtle appreciation for his unique nature. If you come on strong emotionally, your Aquarius man gets scared. He can be overwhelmed by any emotions, even appropriate romantic feelings.

Focus on your intellectual connection. Inspire an Aquarius man when you flirt with him through text. Encourage him to fantasize about you. Downplay your emotional attachment.

An Aquarius man testing you may withhold his feelings and act distant. You can’t get him to open up by chasing him. You must flirt with him by minimizing your feelings and appealing to his other senses.

5. Be Erotic

An Aquarius man can’t resist erotic texts. He is not threatened by sexual texts the way he is when you are too emotional or sentimental. You can flirt with an Aquarius man through text by turning him on.

Focus on his kinky desires. Make sexual references and innuendos. Your Aquarius man responds to texts that encourage his sexual desires.

You may wonder if he is only interested in sex because an Aquarius man avoids emotional conversations but is responsive to sexual flirting. But for an Aquarius man, sexuality is part of how he expresses his flirty nature.

Don’t be discouraged if he is eager to send sexually suggestive pictures and messages but doesn’t pour his heart out. When you focus on sexual desire, you are flirting with an Aquarius man within his comfort zone.

You may wonder, will an Aquarius man text me every day if he is in love? Surprisingly, he remains aloof when he cares about you. The best way to get him to open up is to flirt with him by playing up your sexual interests.

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6. Be Spiritual

Your Aquarius man loves anything spiritual. He is attracted to new age and esoteric spirituality. When you want to flirt with him through text, tell him you had a dream about him.

Let him know you’ve seen signs that make you think of him or that he came up in your Tarot reading. Your Aquarius man takes spiritual and occult text messages like this as an invitation to flirt.

Message him about the past lives you spent together. Tell him you can sense his aura when you want to flirt with him through text. Be playful and suggestive but speak to his higher interests and sense of purpose.

Do Aquarius guys ignore the girls they like? If an Aquarius man likes you, he runs hot and cold. You can get his attention when you show him you have a deep, spiritual nature.

7. Share Inside Jokes

An Aquarius man sees humor as a way to diffuse anxiety in social situations. You can use humor and inside jokes when you flirt with him to help him open up.

Never make jokes at your Aquarius man’s expense. When you flirt with him through text, refer to funny encounters you’ve had together. Bring up a joke he told the last time you were together.

As with all things, you can effectively flirt with an Aquarius man when you let him know you understand him like no one else. When you flirt with him through text, remind him you understand his quirky sense of humor.

For an Aquarius man, text messages are an ongoing link to his heart. You can keep him interested in you if you flirt with him by telling jokes and lifting his spirit. Humor goes a long way when you flirt with an Aquarius man.

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8. Speak To His Interests

Your Aquarius man is attracted to all things bazaar and unusual. When you want to flirt with him through text, show him you are paying attention to his interests.

You can melt his heart by embracing his obsession with UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Flirt with him with insinuations about how you want to learn more about his hobbies. Make innuendos related to his fascination with ancient civilizations.

You can get an Aquarius man to trust you when you send flirty texts accompanied by gifs of scenes from his favorite television shows. Aquarius men love flirty texts interspersed with trivia about their favorite topics.

If you wonder what to text an Aquarius man in the morning when you first reach out, the answer depends on his specific interests.

No two Aquarius men are the same but they have many commonalities. Give him a wake-up text related to his favorite sport or hobby.

9. Be Kinky

You don’t have to be demure when you flirt with an Aquarius man. It counts against you. You can make an Aquarius man notice you when you show him your kinky side.

Go to extremes and push boundaries when you flirt with an Aquarius man. Send scantily clad selfies. Text him about your fetishes and introduce him to new kinks.

Your Aquarius man likes testing the waters. When you show him you are confident and comfortable with your sexuality, he falls in love.

Flirt with your Aquarius man by texting him shocking messages that tease him and you can keep him on the edge of his seat.

Knowing how to flirt with an Aquarius man over text takes confidence and assertiveness. You can’t be shy or you’ll miss your opportunities. Text to encourage his kinky fantasies about you.

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10. Show Passion

Aquarius men are uncomfortable with feelings but passion can be your secret weapon when you flirt with an Aquarius man through text. Arouse his desire and stimulate his interest in you.

You can make an Aquarius man fall in love with you when you text him with urgent messages about your lust for him. Flirt with him by showing your passion for shared intellectual interests.

Aquarius men love it when you compete with them over intellectual matters.

Mastery of trivia, especially related to pop culture, shows him you are passionate about your interests. Flirt with him while showing off your command of pop culture minutiae.

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