Your Aquarius Man Became Distant? Here’s What To Do!

Updated August 17, 2023

A distant Aquarius man is incredibly common and isn’t always a sign that something is wrong.

Sometimes, your Aquarius man wants space. Many are naturally distant. Do not overreact if you think an Aquarius man is acting more distant than usual.

Remain calm if your Aquarius man is acting distant. He might need some time alone. He may also not realize he’s acting more distant than usual!

Aquarius men tend to be emotionally distant. It can be difficult for them to open up, and it’s natural for them to pull away when they are upset, stressed, or busy.

Do not be pushy if your Aquarius man is acting distant. Remain positive. Do some things by yourself and live your life. Keep communication open. You can try to make plans but don’t overtext or reach out too much.

Don’t Overthink

An Aquarius man acting distant is not always a cause for alarm. Don’t overthink or jump to conclusions when your Aquarius man is acting distant.

You can consider why he might be acting distant but don’t overdo it. If there’s not a quick answer, there’s no use making yourself feel bad by considering all the potential possibilities.

Sometimes, an Aquarius man wants space. Many Aquarius men like to be by themselves now and then, even if they also enjoy spending time with their loved ones.

Do not assume it’s your fault when an Aquarius man is suddenly quiet. He might be busy. He might want some alone time.

Even if it is something you’ve done, he should talk to you about it if he wants you to do something to fix the issue.

Overthinking will make you feel bad. It will also cause you to jump to incorrect conclusions. Don’t do this if your Aquarius man is acting distant!

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Remain Calm

Try to remain calm if your Aquarius man is cold and distant. While this could indicate something is wrong, it’s not always a reason for concern!

It’s best to remain calm if you try to talk to your Aquarius man about why he’s being distant. If you reach out to him, be calm and try to be understanding too!

You’ll make things worse if you get upset whenever an Aquarius man is distant. If he’s just being distant because he wants time alone, you’ll freak yourself out for no reason.

Getting upset will also push an Aquarius man away more. If you always respond angrily when he acts distant, he’ll likely act more distant. He’ll start to think you’re clingy or controlling, and he won’t like that.

Even if you’re upset, try to act calm. Take some time for yourself if you need to so that you can be calm the next time you interact with your Aquarius man.

Give Him Time Alone

Why is an Aquarius man emotionally distant? It’s natural for them to be distant. They aren’t usually that in touch with their emotions. Your Aquarius man might need some time to himself when he’s acting distant.

If your Aquarius man acts distant whenever he wants time alone, you should talk to him about this. Let him know that he can ask for time to himself and that he doesn’t need to distance himself without telling you first.

An Aquarius man who knows you’ll give him time alone will be less likely to act distant. He’ll know that he can safely have alone time without upsetting you when you just give him the space he needs.

Sometimes, giving an Aquarius man alone time is all you need to do to fix his distant behavior. He’ll take the time to himself, and he’ll come back once he wants to socialize.

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Don’t Be Pushy

If an Aquarius man is ignoring you, pushing him to talk to you will make things worse. Whether he’s ignoring you on purpose or not, try to give him his space and don’t act pushy or controlling.

You can contact your Aquarius man, especially if you’re concerned. Don’t continuously message or call him, though.

Reach out once to let your Aquarius man know that you miss him, ask to make plans, or express concern if you think something might be wrong. Let him know that communication is open and you’re there if he needs you.

Also, let your Aquarius man know you’ll give him space if he wants. Once you’ve reached out and said what you need to say, give him space. Wait for him to reply, and don’t push too hard.

If you push too much, you’ll push your Aquarius man away. He’ll continue to distance himself instead of coming back to you.

Be Positive

Try to remain positive, even if your Aquarius man is acting distant. Don’t let his behavior get you down!

It can be challenging to remain positive if you’re prone to anxiety or think something might be wrong with your relationship. Don’t upset yourself, though, especially if you have no idea why your Aquarius man is acting distant.

Tell yourself that your Aquarius man will talk to you when he’s ready. If he acts distant when he’s busy or stressed, remain positive so that you can be a source of comfort for him if he does need it.

Your positive energy might attract an Aquarius man to you when he’s feeling down. If he’s distant because he’s going through a hard time, seeing you so happy might cheer him up and make him stop acting so distant.

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Do Some Things by Yourself

If you’re receiving an Aquarius man’s silent treatment, take time to do things by yourself.

Doing things by yourself can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Your Aquarius man likely won’t talk to you about why he’s distant until he’s ready, so there’s no use sitting around waiting for him!

You can make yourself feel better by doing something fun, even if your Aquarius man is acting distant. You can’t make him talk about his feelings or stop being distant if he doesn’t want to.

Practice some self-care. Don’t let your Aquarius man’s actions bother you too much if you can help it. Go hang out with friends, or take yourself out for a night on the town!

Doing something alone will also show your Aquarius man that you’re independent. If he genuinely isn’t trying to be distant and needs time alone, you’ll show him that he doesn’t need to worry about you if he wants time alone.

Try to Make Plans with Him

The key to understanding a distant Aquarius man is understanding that he’s not always trying to be distant! Sometimes, he will respond well if you reach out to him.

You should never overtext your Aquarius man or bother him too much, but you can reach out! One of the best ways to do this when he’s acting distant is to try to make plans with him.

You can reach out to your Aquarius man when he’s acting distant, but you have to be strategic about it. Instead of accusing him of ignoring you or getting angry, say that you miss him and would like to make plans.

Asking to make plans is an excellent way to ensure an Aquarius man replies to your messages in general, even if he’s not being distant. It’s usually a good idea to offer options of things to do or let him know what days you’re free.

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Continue Living Your Own Life

You might not always know what to do when an Aquarius man goes silent. If he’s acting distant and nothing you do will change that, try to continue living your own life.

Your Aquarius man wants to know that you are independent and can take care of yourself. Continuing to live your life, even when he’s distant or ignoring you, will show him that you are not overly clingy or reliant.

If an Aquarius man is pulling away because he’s lost interest or wants to end your relationship, you should still continue living your own life!

You can’t put things on hold for him, especially if he won’t talk to you about what is wrong.

You can talk to your Aquarius man about how he’s acting later. He will come back to you or let you know what the issue is. Until then, do what you need to do.

Keep Communication Open

Keep communication open with him, even if your Aquarius man is hot and cold with you. Sometimes, he’s distant without meaning to be. You’ll ruin your relationship if you completely cut him off whenever he’s distant.

An Aquarius man might be distant because he’s busy or stressed. If you get angry and ignore him, you won’t be able to fix anything.

Most of the time, your Aquarius man will either stop acting distant or he’ll explain himself.

If there’s an issue with your relationship, he’ll talk to you about it eventually. If he didn’t mean to be distant, he’ll return and start hanging out with you as usual.

You can reach out to your Aquarius man to let him know that you miss him and that you’re there if he needs to talk. Sometimes, this will clue him in that he’s acting distant, and he’ll reach out to fix things with you.

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