Are You Chasing a Sagittarius Man? Will It Work? Well…

Updated May 18, 2023

Chasing a Sagittarius man often doesn’t work how you want it to! Many Sagittarius men don’t like to be pursued.

Usually, a Sagittarius man is the one doing the chasing. If you chase him instead, you have to be careful not to overdo it.

Should you chase a Sagittarius man? Most of the time, the answer is no. You should usually try to make him chase you instead.

Sagittarius men love the chase. They like a challenge and prefer to take on a dominant role in relationships. Chasing a Sagittarius man might make him feel like you’re trying to control him.

If you chase a Sagittarius man, only do it long enough to show interest, then back off a bit. Give him a chance to chase you, and you two will have a much better time.

He Prefers To Chase

Do Sagittarius men love the chase? Many of them do! A Sagittarius man might not mind if you chase him a little, but he’ll want to do most of the chasing.

Chasing a Sagittarius doesn’t work most of the time because he doesn’t want you to chase him. He wants to feel like he’s in control, so he’ll prefer it if he can chase you.

Sagittarius men prefer to do the chasing for many reasons. Some Sagittarius men might have fun if you chase them a little bit, but they’ll pull away if you go overboard.

Sagittarius men love the chase because it makes them feel dominant. A Sagittarius might be turned off if you chase him or try to dominate him early in your relationship.

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He’s Incredibly Independent

The best way to chase a Sagittarius man is to make it seem like you’re not chasing him. Sagittarius men are highly independent and like to do things for themselves. You want him to feel like he’s chasing you, even if you are chasing him a bit.

A Sagittarius man will likely want your relationship to be on his terms initially. He might feel like you’re threatening his independence and freedom if you constantly chase him.

Your Sagittarius man doesn’t want you to think he’ll give in and do what you want because you bring him gifts or flirt with him constantly. He still wants his independence and to make his own decisions!

Chasing a Sagittarius man might make him feel like you’re taking his ability to make a decision about you away. Let him decide to pursue you instead of going after him.

He Hates Being Controlled

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t chase a Sagittarius man most of the time is that he hates being controlled.

Some men might see that you’re interested if you chase after them. They’ll feel flattered and be willing to play that game with you.

If you come on too strong, a Sagittarius man might feel like you’re trying to take control of things.

Sagittarius men might give up some control over their partner later in a relationship, but not in the “chasing” stage! If you constantly go after your Sagittarius man, that will turn him off.

It’s better to show interest in your Sagittarius man and let him take it from there. Even if he’s not entirely in control of the situation, it’s better to let him think that he is if you want to snag him.

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He Loves A Challenge

How do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you? You need to be a challenge for him. He likely won’t be interested if you’re too easy to get!

If you’re chasing after a Sagittarius man, he might think you’re desperate or clingy. It’s better to play hard to get and make him go after you instead.

Attracting a Sagittarius man is easier when you present a challenge to him. If he knows that you’ve got many options and that he’s just one of many men, that might be enough of a challenge to make him go after you.

Instead of chasing your Sagittarius man, show him what you have to offer. Make yourself seem like a catch. Show off how attractive, talented, and interesting you are.

Once your Sagittarius realizes that you’re a catch, he’ll want to chase after you. He’ll love the challenge of going after someone with other options in her life.

He’s Dominant

Many Sagittarius men prefer to take on a more dominant role in a relationship. They might ease up on this once they trust someone but are unlikely to early on, especially with someone they are just flirting with.

Your Sagittarius man might not want you to chase him. He may want to pursue you instead because he prefers being dominant.

If you’re chasing after your Sagittarius man and it doesn’t seem to be working, this is likely why!

Pay attention to how your Sagittarius man acts around other women. Does he always take charge? Does he seem to prefer women who are less dominant than he is?

Pull back from your Sagittarius man a bit. If he’s interested and doesn’t want to seem submissive, he’ll start chasing after you once you back off.

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He Has A Strong Personality

Sagittarius men often have incredibly strong personalities. They know what they want, at least at the moment, and they aren’t afraid to get it.

Chasing a Sagittarius man might not work because you cannot make him interested in you if he genuinely isn’t.

If you’ve been chasing after your Sagittarius man for a while and it’s not getting his attention at all, it might be because he’s not interested in you. You won’t be able to make him bend to your will no matter how much you chase him.

His strong personality and pride may also keep him from allowing himself to be “caught.” If it’s apparent that you’ve been chasing him and trying to be more dominant in the relationship, he might ignore your attempts to get his attention.

He’s A Flirt

You might be chasing after your Sagittarius man because he showed initial interest in you, only to pull back. He might be playing hard to get, but that isn’t always the case!

Many Sagittarius men are flirts. They flirt for fun, and the way they interact with people, in general, can sometimes seem flirtatious even when it is not.

Chasing after your Sagittarius man might not work because he genuinely has no interest in doing anything more serious than casual flirting.

If you’ve stopped chasing your Sagittarius man and made attempts to get him to chase you instead, and he’s not doing it, he might have just been flirting for fun.

There is also no sense in chasing after your Sagittarius man or trying to get him to chase you, if you’re jealous. He will likely keep flirting with other people, even if he is interested enough to go after you.

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He Doesn’t Want An Easy Catch

Does a Sagittarius man like being chased? Many of them do not. If you’re constantly chasing after him, he’ll feel like you’re too easy of a catch.

Instead of chasing your Sagittarius man, it’s better to play hard to get. Show him that you’re not an easy person to go after, and that might be enough to make him chase you.

Can you make a Sagittarius man chase you? As long as he doesn’t feel like you’re trying to make him do anything, you probably can!

Don’t give in the second your Sagittarius man goes after you. Play coy a bit. Tell him you’re too busy the first couple of times he asks you out. Post pictures of you with other men.

A Sagittarius man will want to know that you’re interested, of course, but sometimes he wants someone that he can’t catch right away.

He’ll love knowing that he had to work to “get” you, even if you were really the one who wanted to chase him all along.

It’s Better Not To Chase Him

Will a Sagittarius man chase you if you give him the opportunity? He will! If you want to catch his eye, it’s better not to chase him. Try to get his attention, then let him come to you.

Most of the time, it is better to avoid chasing a Sagittarius man. He loves the thrill of the chase. He often wants relationships to begin on his terms as well.

If a Sagittarius man is not interested and you try to chase after him, he’ll disappear. He won’t give you the time of day, and you might ruin any future chance you might have had.

If a Sagittarius man is interested and you chase him too much, he’ll be turned off. He doesn’t want someone who is entirely uninterested in him, but he also doesn’t want someone who is too interested too soon.

Should you text a Sagittarius man first? You can do so sometimes. It’s good to show a little bit of interest so that your Sagittarius man knows he can chase you. It’s better just to let him take the lead most of the time, though.

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